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Extended Timeline
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Jan 17, 2014 @ 12:29am
Nov 20 @ 12:46pm
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Extended Timeline

The Extended Timeline allows you to start at any date between the year 2 and the present day and lets you continue playing all the way to year 9999. Every start date in the timeline is fully functional with historical countries, rulers and religions allowing you to play for example as the ancient Roman Empire or any modern world nation.

- Playable timeline extended to 2-9999.
- Over 500 new countries, each with historical territories and rulers at any given date.
- Added over 100 new provinces removing all wastelands.
- Dozens of new religions, most of which have unique mechanics and decisions.
- New cultures, technologies, units and buildings.
- Hundreds of new events including the fall of Rome, the birth of Islam and the great schism.
- Hundreds of new decisions.

- Europa Universalis IV version 1.23.X
- 64bit operating system. (Not an absolute requirement. See the first post of Tech Support discussion for details)

- Compatible with any combination of DLC. No DLC are required.
- The mod supports English, German, French and Spanish languages.
- Not compatible with most other mods. Only use with other mods if you know what you are doing.

To download, click the subscribe button above the description and the mod should download automatically. If you want to use direct download instead, it is available in the mod's thread at the Paradox forums.[] Unfortunately I can't add a direct download link here, since that would be against Paradox's rules for user mods.

- Septimentus, Tyalas, Leiche and Reloader for the German translation
- Zebenji for the French translation
- Devillris for the Spanish translation
- Veritas et Fortitudo mod for some national ideas
- Serenissima Italia mod for some national ideas
- Extended Vanilla Experience mod for some national ideas
- firesoul and stefan.berbece for some of the personal deity systems
- firesoul and Flavius Aetius for some of the new units
- Cirvane for the VCP package adding flavor for Norse and Slavic pagans
- Het for some flavor for Ukrainians
- anthraxus899 for Texan flavor events
- Challenger2008 for many of the dynamic province names
- SaintDaveUK for some flavor for Britain
- zdennis96 for flavor events for pagan religions and Muslims
- firesoul for Roman and Assyrian flavor
- Adtriarior for the European Union
- firesoul, Gojira and several others for national ideas
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Update on the BC mod?
< >
Maerkk 7 hours ago 
moden time is not accurate refugee crisis is also a conflict
[ 1teLMI ] HR 9 hours ago 
geil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skeere J 11 hours ago 
I'm currently unable to colonize despite having the right tech levels and colonists. It keeps showing a message stating that I need dip level 78 to colonize, despite my dip level being 80.
GSG9.Pionier (Passi) 13 hours ago 
The latest patch messed with some nations.

Thank you very much for your effort!
I really enjoy this mod.
victre.kanale Nov 23 @ 2:00pm 
Fara is where frisia should be...
☭endygaming☭ Nov 23 @ 1:11pm 
does the ideas list get bigger by the years?
Rambam2016 Nov 23 @ 12:04pm 
that gives national unrest +10 and -3 stability
7 once russia has max war exaustion a big revolution should rise up with 100k troops wo are socialistic and there leader is lenin
8Once Austria peaces out of the war there should be an event that devides austria in austria hungary chegoslovakia etc
9 France should get an event once they are 10% occypied with gives the the same as austria
10 Germany should be more powerfull so once they are at 75% of war exaustion they get an event that loses all there war exaustion gives -10 national unrest and gives 100000 manpower
so thats it hope you at this and it would be sad if it was inpossible
Rambam2016 Nov 23 @ 12:03pm 
Hey maybe there can be some inprovemeds at the ww1 bookmark i dont know anything about about modding so if things are inpossible i am sorry
1 Britain and France should have some troops in serbia
2 if you play the day before ww1 there should be an evend the assasination of the Austrian Hungarian heir that declares war on Serbia
3 Germany and Austria should be historical friends
4 There should be evends that gives you more manpower and manpower recovery speed at the start of the war called war enthuisasium
5 there should be a trench building that you can build with tech 70 that is biuld in 2 days and gives an bonus to defenders
6 Once Austria has 25% of their terretory occiepied they get an event called low war enthuisiasum
allfortheloveofgod17 Nov 23 @ 7:05am 
i cant plaay this mod anymore what happend?
@snookcat, do you have over 50 EU4 mods that you are subbed to? Cause for me if I sub to over 50 EU4 mods, the new mod won't download itself unless I unsub until I have at max 50 subbed to mods. I have confirmed this to be how it works for me, but I haven't confirmed if this max thing also effects other people.