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Extended Timeline
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Extended Timeline

The Extended Timeline allows you to start at any date between the year 2 and the present day and lets you continue playing all the way to year 9999. Every start date in the timeline is fully functional with historical countries, rulers and religions allowing you to play for example as the ancient Roman Empire or any modern world nation.

- Playable timeline extended to 2-9999.
- Over 500 new countries, each with historical territories and rulers at any given date.
- Added over 100 new provinces removing all wastelands.
- Dozens of new religions, most of which have unique mechanics and decisions.
- New cultures, technologies, units and buildings.
- Hundreds of new events including the fall of Rome, the birth of Islam and the great schism.
- Hundreds of new decisions.

- Europa Universalis IV version 1.22.X
- 64bit operating system. (Not an absolute requirement. See the first post of Tech Support discussion for details)

- Compatible with any combination of DLC. No DLC are required.
- The mod supports English, German, French and Spanish languages.
- Not compatible with most other mods. Only use with other mods if you know what you are doing.

To download, click the subscribe button above the description and the mod should download automatically. If you want to use direct download instead, it is available in the mod's thread at the Paradox forums.[] Unfortunately I can't add a direct download link here, since that would be against Paradox's rules for user mods.

- Septimentus, Tyalas, Leiche and Reloader for the German translation
- Zebenji for the French translation
- Devillris for the Spanish translation
- Veritas et Fortitudo mod for some national ideas
- Serenissima Italia mod for some national ideas
- Extended Vanilla Experience mod for some national ideas
- firesoul and stefan.berbece for some of the personal deity systems
- firesoul and Flavius Aetius for some of the new units
- Cirvane for the VCP package adding flavor for Norse and Slavic pagans
- Het for some flavor for Ukrainians
- Challenger2008 for many of the dynamic province names
- SaintDaveUK for some flavor for Britain
- zdennis96 for flavor events for pagan religions and Muslims
- firesoul for Roman and Assyrian flavor
- Adtriarior for the European Union
- firesoul, Gojira and several others for national ideas
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Levelialist 2 hours ago 
@Helder I also did not get Tsardom government like you. And one more thing is I cant raise Cossack Cavalries from Third Rome. It just begins some regular cavalry construction at half cost.
JoeDavAlex 9 hours ago 
@Rob Boss:

My most Honorable Chairman "Rob Boss" Stalin? , I believe I have the answer you may be looking for. Currently, building a nuke is essentially a way to stack up Prestige + Morale Bonuses for your Miltary. (Granted you have the necessary amount of money, adm/dip/mil power, etc.) As of right now, there is no way to "use" them...and the way to find out how many nukes another country has isn't implemented either. Hope this helps.

Workers of the World, Unite!~ Kaiser JoeDavAlex.
CT Blitzkrieg 11 hours ago 
Why hasn't the mod updated for me and how can I fix this?
Rob Boss 11 hours ago 
How do I use these nukes?
Baldwin II 14 hours ago 
Excuse me, but why EXACTLY did you change south korean ideas from Korean ideas to National ideas? is it a mistake or were you trying to balance something???
Helder 15 hours ago 
Anyone else not able to upgrade government while playing Russia?
I started as Muscovy in 1444, and now I'm at 1620, formed Russia, and still am a principate. And it says I cannot change it manually.
Valhalla 18 hours ago 
can't relase any nations. Only adds cores and presitge
Sycoperson Jun 24 @ 6:34pm 
@Your Ever Faithful Medic I'm pretty sure you need to have admin tech 47 and entered the Discovery age to use modern idea sets
The Evil Chair Jun 24 @ 11:42am 
Add something like the UN, nationalist wars are everywhere in the world.