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Unreal is Happening
Release date: TBD Late 2014
CubeZ - Destroy-the-brain-to-kill Zombie-slaying-FPS

Play our Alpha 3 build now at press alt Enter in game if main menu doesn't appear correctly

CubeZ is a low poly FPS Multiplayer Arena, MMO and Co-op game. CubeZ is the product of a 6-hour-made prototype made a year ago. The Minecraft style was unintentional as well as the name CubeZ but they've both stuck so far and find no reason to change them at this point. But at only an Alpha 2 state, nothing is final..

CubeZ features full model destruction inside and out, where the focus is, as with any good zombie lore, to destroy the brain. Currently we have a Single Player with waves & 8/16 multiplayer Arena version available to play at our website, and we also have a standalone build releasing soon. Our multiplayer currently features 8 & 16 player arena matches. We have 1 single player map we threw together mostly as a test as we continue to better our AI and fine tune our systems.

Oculus Rift support planned. We currently own 1 Oculus Dev kit. And plan on doing some interesting things with it.

Features in Alpha 3

  • Character Customization
  • 40+ Customization Items
  • User Accounts

Alpha X - MMO features

  • Open World(s)
  • Survival - from other players, creatures, environment, and yourself
  • Numerous Planets
  • Organic Class creation based on gear
  • Personal upgradable tent
  • More details soon..

Please note that we plan on having a unique pricing model when we start selling CubeZ which will still allow you to play for free. Hence why we checked CubeZ as "Free To Play" as one of our genres. We will release more details on this when we can.

We started a Google Spreadsheet for different language support, if you want to contribute to it, feel free and we will TRY to implement them in a future build. No promises though, only promise that'll we'll try to include all languages.
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Mar 14 @ 4:10pm
Alpha Development
Jan 25 @ 6:00am
Is the name final?
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Miricks 4 hours ago 
Alright, I got it :D
imaek  [author] 5 hours ago 
46 left..
@Miricks if you have a account which is a game account, you should have gotten an email, check spam maybe
Miricks 6 hours ago 
Wait, what email? I didn't get a steam greenlight email
Xesxow 6 hours ago 
I too got the email.
imaek  [author] 15 hours ago 
@Powerfool1 & @TheWolflover79 Thanks guys! 47 and counting!
TheWolflover79 16 hours ago 
Got the email, now we need 47 others to comment!
Powerfool1 17 hours ago 
Read the Greenlight email! Voted yes here a looong time ago :)
imaek  [author] 21 hours ago 
@C0H33D Thanks! That's 1 down 49 to go :D
C0H33D 22 hours ago 
Got the email, already voted yes on here.
chilecronox Apr 11 @ 11:55pm 
do not disappoint me