Age of Empires II: HD Edition

Age of Empires II: HD Edition

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The Lost Forest (no onagers)
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The Lost Forest (no onagers)

Screenshot ~Traffic Jam~ credit Oldage @ Reddit.

Notes about the No Onagers edition:
This is a variant of The Lost Forest V3. In this version, players do not start with Siege Onagers or a Castle. This edition was requested by Zombiexm, with the goal of forcing players to advance before being able to begin creating forest paths with Siege Onagers or Trebuchets. IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended you play with all techs enabled or use civilisations that are able to build Siege Onagers!

The Lost Forest is an advanced "no rush"-style map. Players start in large clearings within thick forests and must cut their way through the trees to create trade routes and attack enemies. Each player also receives two Siege Onagers to enable them to assist with this task. Starting resources are plentiful, but explorers are rewarded with bonus resources and relics hidden in forest clearings. Tread carefully, however - cut too deeply and you might just open your base up to attack from other players also exploring the forest...

Key random factors:
-5 unique forest variations, including Tropical, which will place the forest on a single large island
-4 different water distributions that have a chance of combining in interesting ways
-A chance of there being a secret island with bonus relics, along with 3 other secret areas - can you find them all?
-Groovy Mode: very rarely, forests may look somewhat more radical than usual...
-All random factors, apart from forest variations, can occur at the same time, creating unique combinations

AI Behaviour:
The AI will not use their Siege Onagers to create paths. Also, they sometimes respond poorly to the limited initial space they have. In general you can play against far more difficult AI than you usually can. Lastly - due to their poor exploration - they often lack gold and stone in the late game. AI are good for practise only in The Lost Forest.

Water distributions affect the gameplay in this map quite heavily. Feudal Age rushes are occasionally possible due to the island-style variant or rivers that connect players. Explore swiftly to ensure you can defend any breaches. More often you'll be surrounded by forest on all sides. Establish paths to allied players using your Siege Onagers, and widen them and wall them off when possible. Hunting and fishing are occasionally viable food options. Take advantage of the Siege Onagers large line of sight and ability to attack trees to explore for nearby and hidden resources. In the late game, a gunpowder-based navy can be devastating if there's enough water. Choke points develop naturally, so use your limited space creatively and don't let your armies get trapped by ranged units.

If you wish to develop your own random map scripts, there are links and comments inside the .RMS file.

About Random Maps:
Random Maps are different every time you play them; the script defines rules about the environment and units etc, and the game engine randomises the placement of terrain and units based upon these rules. It's a new experience every time!

To play this map:
1. Open the Single Player or Multi Player game lobby
2. Change Game to Random Map
3. Change Type to Custom
4. Change Map to The Lost Forest V3

V4 Update notes:
-Fixed a bug with Island-style variant - it would occasionally be 50% water!
-Added proper support for LudiKRIS map size (thanks to Delta for noticing the "ludicrous" player area size)
-Improved resource distribution

V3 Update notes:
-Increased player starting area size
-Added Scout
-Removed Walls
[All of the above improve AI performance]
-Fixed some terrain being the wrong type
-Adjusted clearing size and quantity, particularly in how this is adjusted against water quantity
-Fixed tropical birds being around in Autumn!
-Further improved Relic spawning and distribution
-Further improved "surprises" in how reliably they spawn
-Added Deer and Wolves/Jaguar
-Removed Sheep/Turkeys as they do not spawn reliably within every base, resulting in unfair starts

V2 Update notes:
-Fixed relic distribution
-Fixed secret island
-Islands can now have rivers
-Other terrain fixes
-Streamlined code (using constants to replace large IF statements)
-Added four new "surprises"
-Added some new resource links to the source code
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