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Yin the Spirit Fox - Spring2014
Non Hero: Courier
Utility: Imported
Special: Spring2014
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Jan 15, 2014 @ 1:31pm
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The Fox Spirits
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Dire version.

Yin is shy and a complete introvert, as opposed to Jin. He prefers to hide in the shadows, where he can't be seen, and watch without being watched. Agile and intelligent, cunning and stealthy, he prefers solitude and will always avoid fighting if he has the chance.
He will faithfully serve those few he considers worthy of his help, the intelligent and capable.


Huli jing in Chinese mythology are fox spirits that are akin to European fairies. Huli jing can be either good spirits or bad spirits.

It is believed that they can adquire immortality, provided they receive sufficient energy in the form of essence from the moon and the sun.


We refined the flying animations and added a groud rare idle. We will update the video asap!