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Monster challenge Circus
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC
Players: Single-player
Jan 14 @ 3:00pm
Jan 17 @ 7:28am

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You are Dehon, Great Disciple of the Caste of the 40 000 Moons. You have slayed and then devoured your brothers because they lacked courage in front of the mysterious Evil that decimated your universe. Bravely fighting him in your fortress temple, you gradually lost your mind, and in a moment of lucidity you took your own life.
Your body and soul drifted through the spirals of time, going back to the origin of everything.
When you woke up in the temple of Evil, you felt your hate towards this Evil hadn’t faded.
You will have to follow an initiatory course that will lead you to confront this Evil, guided by your father and mentor Gommend.
Will you really keep the promise you made to yourself?

- An anguishing atmosphere for a real gaming experience.
- Game-play: access to powers never seen before
- Full-3D universe with dyamic cameras
- PC game
- Two game modes: Arena where you fight incessant waves of monsters or Adventure where you evolve in a storyline mixing action and adventure.
- Duration goes from 3 to 4 hours

CPU: 2 Ghz
RAM: 2 Go
HDD: 200 Mo
Video: carte compatible DirectX 9c / 128 Mo Vram

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Feb 23 @ 5:59am
Y el Español
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DELL4N Mar 17 @ 12:35pm 
great game :))
zinkerlink Mar 17 @ 12:31pm 
Damsel ✿ Mar 4 @ 6:43am 
Got the game from the Groupees bundle and couldn't remember if trading cards or achievements were planned after Steam greenlight?
Eqnx8TH Feb 26 @ 12:12pm 
Voted! great game!
AsteriCorvus Feb 25 @ 9:42pm 
Not bad,could get better,but not bad so far...
Vestrinex Feb 25 @ 7:43pm 
voted! can wait!
syky_finisher Feb 25 @ 4:13pm 
Interesting - voted!
☢ BETA ☢ Feb 25 @ 12:21pm 
Bought on Groupees and voted for :)
LadySky89 Feb 24 @ 9:53am 
A game centered over just fighting and killing monsters... I hope you will excel on the matter so... :) And that price won't be too high. It does have a few points to play it, specially when you need a game that doesn't ask you to think, excellent as an outburst, I hope fun aswell. :)
Gunter Wolfe Feb 22 @ 8:00pm 
Pure garbage.