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Doc/Revzin's Puppet Script!
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Jan 14, 2014 @ 1:31am
Sep 27, 2015 @ 12:51am
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Doc/Revzin's Puppet Script!

Tired of how pasting animations from one model to the other messes things up?

Do you want your TF2 sniper to move like a Injured survivor?

Want to make the pyro pow?

Do you want to make a entire flash mob but don't want to animate every character?

Then Try Out Doc/Revzin's Puppet script. With this script you are able to bind one character to the other. Allowing for you to transfer animations over!

To Use:
Name your master something followed by a number. Example: Bob1

Then name your puppet something using the master's name at the begining and the same number Example:Bob_by1

Run the script

the puppet's Animationset will become hidden.

Move the master and the puppet will follow

Comes in Three Types

Alpha: Same model Animation transfer. (For when you want a dozen of the same class to dance without editing each one)

Gamma: Cross Class script! (use this to animate with in the same universe/bone type) Characters MUST be facing the same the same direction and in the same pose in order to work.

Delta: The Cross Universe Script! Works ONLY WITH VALVE BIPEDS! (use this to animate cross universe) Characters Must be facing the same direction and in the same pose to work perfectly.

Tutorial videos on how to use are included above!


Revzin:Bone detection and binding versions alpha and gamma
Doc_ock_rock: Bindings in alpha gamma and delta. Delta's Rebuilt detection system.

Updated again because doc put BETA in instead of Gamma.

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Pocahontas Apr 16 @ 6:16pm 
I want this to work with coach but it doesnt
Doc_ock_rokc  [author] Feb 19 @ 7:32pm 
could you link me to the model? I am away from my sfm computer at the current moment but i'll look into it when i get back home.
Rebel-Scum Feb 18 @ 4:57pm 
keeps crashing when importing sequence, if it don't crash ir does this instead
rapidly losing the will to keep using sfm
Rebel-Scum Feb 9 @ 4:01pm 
Also, can'yt get any animations from the workshop to work, using a starkiller model as puppet btw and ryoku from blade symphony as master but just got lots of red and yellow in the set window
Rebel-Scum Feb 9 @ 3:46pm 
hi Doc, followed your tutorial on youtube, worked like a charm but I have no Beta rig, used Delta instead and "robert's your father's brother" lolol, I wanted to use blade symphony anims but it seems there is no anim folder for it, is that the case by default?
sonicdudeatdawn Feb 4 @ 6:46am 
alright thanks a banana bunch! you my friend have made my life easier
Doc_ock_rokc  [author] Jan 24 @ 7:24pm 
theoretically delta is compatable with everything as long as you have the same number of bones and the same order in both bones and groups.
Mythic VI Jan 7 @ 1:38pm 
Are these compatible with completely other models like a Ea battlefront stormtrooper?
StickyFingazFo20 Dec 15, 2016 @ 5:04pm 
It works now, no idea what i did wrong before tho.