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Blackwake: Dead Marque
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Jan 11 @ 6:11pm
Mar 18 @ 4:34pm
BlackWake: Dead Marque is a multiplayer naval warfare game with team focused elements. It features destructible naval ships, first person combat, boarding, ship sailing and potentially up to 100+ players (our goal is 300) per match.

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11 hours ago
How I can join alpha tests?
Alin Alexandru
Jan 23 @ 2:00pm
How do you get this game looks awesome
Jan 18 @ 8:06pm
Game engine
< >
xandl-hofer 6 hours ago 
wow, I love naval and pirate games! don´t forget about proper harbours and taverns, and realistic fencing including some combo moves! arrh!
[RnD]Spawnreal (ITA) Aug 18 @ 1:29pm 
I can't wait for this.
Bitmaster Aug 16 @ 12:27am 
Wow this looks awesome
Kayvan Aug 8 @ 2:21pm 
Love it! Can't wait
RazorLordz Jul 1 @ 12:06am 
looks amazing :)
M.G **LORD-JAWA** Jun 6 @ 5:56am 
Continue all your good work just cant whait to play BlackWake
jeff Jun 4 @ 9:59pm 
i think if the game " hits it off " it should be around 10-15 dollars but now too much
jeff Apr 25 @ 2:59pm 
good job :)
ismaelassassin Apr 16 @ 6:20pm 
i think the game shoudl be cheap and not free because this people deserves that money but its an indie game so people would not take it too much attention if it cost like $15. so 5$ (or even 1$) should make the job to attract people. oh and go to the forum to see the discussion and things like that to see what has been asked or suggested to the developers
bosko0509 Apr 9 @ 10:00am 
There must be a singel player with bots it will make the game 20$ more expensive. look at black ops it has bot mode it costs still 50-60 on steam. And when wil it release toplay the alpha