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Drive to Hell
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Jan 9 @ 1:12pm
Nov 18 @ 4:57pm
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Drive to Hell has been Greenlit for sale on Steam!
Drive to Hell is currently Pay-What-You-Want!
Release date: OUT NOW!
-= Drive to Hell v1.5 Update! =-
We've made all kinds of updates to Drive to Hell! Besides bug fixes and balancing we've also redone some of the artwork, created a new Mirror Mode, and got rid of the black bars on the sides of the screen. No more gutters! Drive to Hell now features vibrant full-screen graphics regardless of your resolution!

Drive to Hell is an action-packed shooter where you'll take a ride through an army of monsters to exact revenge on the Demon King for destroying your favorite dive bar. Enemies assault from all sides, each with its own special personality and attack style. To take them down, you'll have access to many weapons and items as well as unique vehicles, special abilities and more!

Features Include:

- 5 Levels with 5 Waves apiece, each with its own unique look
- 4 Difficulty Settings, challenging beginners and experts alike
- Up to 4-Person Local Co-op
- Endless Survival Mode
- Mirror Mode
- Over a Dozen Powerups & Weapons
- Hordes of Deadly Monsters, including 5 Bosses
- Numerous Vehicles each with their own stats & special abilities
- Trophy System with a reward for completion
- Original Soundtrack
- 3 Control Options (keyboard/keyboard & mouse/controller)
- Customizable Options for Sound & Display
- Vertical Display resolution options

Drive to Hell will be releasing in early 2014 for both Windows and OSX. Linux is also on our radar so we'll be looking into what it'll take to get that ported as well.

Be sure to check out our website[] and hit us up on Twitter!

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Jan 13 @ 8:14am
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Araghast Nov 23 @ 11:15am 
FINALLY ! AFTER 2 YEAR and telling people to vote for this ! it coming
Ghost Crab Games  [author] Nov 21 @ 10:52am 
Woo hoo we're Greenlit! Release information will be coming very soon!
The Duckfather Nov 1 @ 7:13am 
I love vertical shooters games, but most on Greenlight look like poorer versions of older games. This looks like there are some interesting new ideas here too. Would like to see a Linux version to play through Steam.
[MG]Notice Oct 31 @ 3:33am 
Shafylus Sep 28 @ 4:27pm 
Wonderland's Guardian Sep 15 @ 7:43pm 
Bought on Indiegamestand and definitely upvoted. Good game, and very challenging.
a4440a Aug 15 @ 2:09pm 
Spyhunter for kinnygarteners.
syky_finisher Jul 27 @ 9:15am 
Oh, a vertical shooter on the steering wheel of a car!
Paratech2008 Jul 25 @ 6:25am 
Upvoted and purchased in IndieGameStand.
Cruchot Jul 25 @ 12:22am 
nice game)