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Pro Riders Snowboard Extreme Edition
Genre: Sports
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jan 9 @ 12:49pm

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Pro Riders Snowboard By VTree Entertainment
Turn your PC/Laptop into the ultimate snowboarding experience with the new Pro Riders Snowboard Extreme Edition. Use your computer's webcam to control the game with your body. Swish and move as if you were on the real slopes. Use touch screen controls or your Xbox controller for those more relaxed moments. No matter how you play, you can be sure you'll always feel like You're in the Game!

Realistic settings bring you the fun of international competition while enabling exhilarating game play. Pro Riders Snowboard features include tricks, jumps and grinds to show off your talents by unlocking achievements. Play with family and friends in a race to the bottom of the hill or to see who can do the fanciest footwork.

3 Unique Tracks with More Coming in Future Patches
Perform Real World Tricks, Flips, Jumps and Grinds
Capture Golden Coins to Boost Your Score
Dozens of Achievements to Unlock
Race Against the Clock to Get the Best Time
Use Your Controller, Webcam or Touch screen for Realistic Action
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Apr 12 @ 2:26pm
Will you support Linux (SteamOS)?
< >
MostWanTed Oct 6 @ 5:11am 
Quantum™ Sep 10 @ 4:04am 
[UNAGI]West Aug 2 @ 4:32am 
Looks like some old playstation 1 graphics and textures. Pass
PSIX Jun 29 @ 1:14pm 
very good
asmith9211 Mar 19 @ 3:41pm 
This is a great idea. It's like the Kinect for the PC. This will be something new that I will have to try! Just hope that the webcam response is nice and tight and there is no lag to it.
▼BritishDoge™▲ Mar 9 @ 8:26am 
This game should be awsome on steam. Kinect + steam = AWSOME1!!
Szymmatrix Mar 1 @ 8:23am 
something new on steam
[Linux] TalonzX Feb 22 @ 2:17pm 
this game would be great on the steamos ... shame theres no sign of support ;[
ChazMan Feb 20 @ 6:53pm 
The PC is lacking in this market. Although the consoles have already done it, if this game gets some tighter graphics, make sure webcam response is clean, add some degree of multiplayer, and you could have a winner. Marginal Yes from me.
Boyling460 Feb 14 @ 3:37pm 
its a yes but the actors are CRAP!