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WIP - Flags of Victory 0.61
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Apr 7, 2012 @ 2:11pm
Jun 28, 2012 @ 10:00am
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WIP - Flags of Victory 0.61

Flags of Victory is a simple mod that aims to add more post-victory atmosphere to the civil war. After having won the Civil War, neither the Empire nor the Stormcloaks did much to celebrate their victory. Being somewhat disappointed at the outcome i decided to sit down and change that. For starters i've added a system of banners which will appear in the major cities depending on which side won the civil war.

For instance: If the player chose to help the Empire in the civil war, there will be Imperial banners in the "liberated" towns. The presence of banners will depend on the towns former loyality. When the Empire takes Windhelm there will be a large propaganda campaign and the Empire will fly their banners to symbolize the "liberation" of Windhelm and the defeat of Ulfric Stormcloak. Likewise if the Stormcloaks manages to kick out the Empire of Skyrim they will celebrate across most towns loyal to the Stormcloaks and promote celebrations in the former Empire loyal settlements.

Ultimately i aim towards making the endgame of the civil war feel more immersive and dynamic by adding small features and hopefully some events in the future. For now i'll focus on adding the "Victory Banners" to all cities, for both sides of the conflict.


- Fixed several instances where Stormcloak flags would appear even though no victory has taken place.

- Reworked several road-banners to look more casual
- Fixed several stormcloak flags that would appear eventhough the player had joined and won as the Imperial Legion
- Overhauled the Whiterun Dragonskeep (Jarl’s Throne) with more “stylish” flags than the ones present outside.
- Returned Commander Maro to the Imperial Outpost in Dragons Bridge again until I find another solution

- The Road between Whiterun and Solitude, Dawnstar and Morthal has been refitted with banner posts
- Stonehills Mine has been refitted with banners (Imperial and Stormcloak)
- Dawnstar has been refitted with banners (Imperial and Stormcloak)
- Morthal has been refitted with banners (Imperial and Stormcloak)
- Dragons Bridge has been refitted with banners (Imperial and StormcloaK)
- The Imperial Outpost in Dragons Bridge will now convert into a Stormcloak outpost when the player seizes Solitude from the Empire
- Stormcloak flags added to Solitude, although the area is still a work in progress

- Imperial banners now present in all of Whiterun
- If the Empire defeats the Stormcloaks, the Shrine and statue of Talos in Whiterun will be replaced with a shrine of Dibella at an equal size
- Battle-Born Residence now has two imperial banners outside their front door from the start of the game. They are removed if the Stormcloaks win the Civil War
- Grey-Mane Residence now also has two Stormcloak banners at their front door. Like the Battle-Borns they will be removed if the Empire wins the Civil War.

- Stormcloak banners present in all of Whiterun
- Stormcloak banners present outside of Whiterun
- The Stormcloaks will raise festival flags across Whiterun if victorious in the Civil War

Final Note:
Tree's present in the screenshot are not part of the mod, they are a fantastic addition made by Dette92 and can be found at the following link:
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HappiTack  [author] Aug 21 @ 8:01am 
The reason why it doesn't work with Civil War Cleanup, is because these flags use the script the trash uses, to appear.
Scout Trooper 164 Aug 10 @ 9:00pm 
Can you get this to work with the mod Civil War Cleanup?
Scout Trooper 164 Jul 31 @ 12:52pm 
Well, this mod no longer works because I used the mod "Civil War Cleanup" and now the banners are all gone.
IrishStronghold Jun 19 @ 12:28pm 
khahiit:LONE LIVE THE HI- Nord: Oh we meant freedom for us Khajiit Uh? *Gets locked up* *After battle* Legion: So you thought you were sooooo smart. Khajiit: LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE! Legion: That's better
Tiber Septim Jun 8 @ 9:38am 
@ ACTUALLY THAT BAD. The WET and COLD mod is a mod that makes Skyrim's temperatures have an actual impact on the environment and it's citizens. Frost build up on clothing and armor. Breath Condensation, Rain Puddles, Drips, Splashes, and if you have rain gear, NPCs will wear it. WET and COLD-ASHES is a DRAGONBORN mod for, Solsthiem's Ash-Fall from RED Mtn. Just like the rain, except it's Volcano Ash. Cloaks of SKYRIM really compliments all 3 of these mods, giving an awesome level of immsersive detail. If you don't have COT, GET'EM! COT is a Climate mod. STEAM has the lite version, but Nexus has the full version for all of 'em.
And I also think you should look into the SKYRIM CENSUS MOD.
Tiber Septim Jun 8 @ 9:23am 
@ ACTUALLY THAT BAD: I know where you're coming from on this matter, I wanted some recognition after defeating ALDUIN and The Civil War. Again, I was NOT looking Not for attention, but RECOGNITION! Look for the mods called "WET AND COLD"
"WET AND COLD ASHES" and "HOLIDAYS''. I think HOLIDAYS isn't working anymore, but there is a mod for Celebrations and HOLIDAYS, it's called "SPECIAL EVENTS OF SKYRIM" This is one of my ULTIMATE FAVS. It celebrates the entire TAMRIELIC HOLIDAYS! Oh yeah, it's that awesome! AFTER the defeat of ALDUIN, the date is entered into SKYRIM'S CALENDER, you can even add DOVAKIIN'S B-DAY!!!
Grim Reaper May 19 @ 6:13pm 
LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR! LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE! Do you rhink Ulfric really cares about Skyrim's independence or the welfare or its people? I promise you, he doesn't! He's nothing more than a barbarian renegade, whose lust for power has cost the lives of countless innocents
wizardkid97 Feb 23 @ 6:08pm 
Awesome mod! It finally seems like the war is over!
Tiber Septim Feb 8 @ 4:44pm 
Ognehod Dec 10, 2015 @ 12:11pm 
when will be next version of mod?