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Jan 8, 2014 @ 8:00am
Jan 21, 2014 @ 1:09pm
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A Big Thank You to Our Kickstarter Backers and What to Expect Next
Thank You

Before saying anything else, we want to take a moment to offer our heartfelt gratitude to those who have seen the worth of what we're doing and translated that perceived worth into pledges. It gives us tremendous confidence to move forward with this project knowing that you saw the potential in what we're creating. To sum it up; thank you, thank you, thank you.


It is obviously a discouraging, disheartening blow to have come so far with this campaign and fallen short on our funding goal. Many of you pointed out that you believe this was largely due to a lack of exposure. This is a sentiment we share, however under further analysis we've come to a greater understanding as to why and how to correct it going forward. The biggest feedback we got from members of the press was simple: the creation tools look great, but there wasn't enough gameplay shown to prop that up and give reason for the tools to be used. We agree. This was a conscious decision on our part due to limited time and resources. We opted to show what we felt made this game the most special which is our community focus and simple, powerful suite of design tools. However we understood, from the first day I pitched this idea to a group of friends/game devs and invited them on this journey, that gameplay would be the top priority - that we would design engaging gameplay first and then design the rest of the game around that. That's been what we've striven for ever since and it's disappointing to find that we didn't show that sufficiently.

However, what's awesome is that this is something that is very correctable in terms of how we present the game going forward.

What Happens Next

Our next major milestone will making good on our promise to release Early Access content on Steam. We are shooting for a May release. We've outlined in a prior update just what that will entail, including a player-created mega-dungeon which will be used to test out our dungeon creation and persistent world systems.

In the meantime we will be transitioning to PayPal-based funding as we move from here to that point. We invite all who have backed this project to continue your support by transitioning your pledge to that platform. This will help us to make good on the promise of a May Early Access release by allowing us to continue to work full-time on the project and helping us to keep the lights on at the studio. The same pledge rewards apply (if you would like to specify a pledge reward, just put it in the message area provided by PayPal when making your pledge. Otherwise we'll just make sure you get the reward level appropriate to your pledge amount).

One of the true positives about the way this campaign has worked out is that we understand that those who contributed their pledge are those that truly believe in what we're doing. If you do, then we humbly invite you to support us by pledging via PayPal to You can also visit our campaign page on our website at

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support and good wishes as we move forward with Dungeonforge.

New Trailer - Creation Tools
Dungeonforge is a swords-flying, action RPG in the spirit of classic D&D where you, the dungeon master, drive and shape the gameworld and everyone has a chance to tell their own unique story.

You Are the Dungeon Master
In Dungeonforge all the action takes place in a massive, open gameworld. This world is your canvas; the place where you will tell your story as a dungeon master.

Through our in-game editor which we've termed "the Dungeonforge," you will be able to craft adventures rife with deep dungeons, dark woods, frosty mountain tops, and just crawling with the unspeakable legions of darkness. Your content then becomes part of the over-arching gameworld for all to enjoy. You can script quests within your adventure for players to complete, or even perform a "Live Telling" of your adventure, wherein you actively take the role of dungeon master, playing the part of NPCs and controlling monsters to shape the experience of the players dynamically, in real time.

Features of the Editor
  • Create and edit large outdoor areas - including adding towns and areas to encounter enemies - to form the overworld for your adventure.
  • Build complex dungeons into your overworld with a simple dungeon tool.
  • Script quests for players to follow with an easy to use interface
  • Script interactions with NPCs in your adventure, including branching dialog.

Get Rewarded for Creating Great Content
A token may be purchased in game that when used, gives the creator of the dungeon a tip, redeemable for real-world currency. The user of the token gains improved loot drops in return for their generosity.

Engaging Gameplay
Dungeonforge features a unique blend of gameplay concepts. We went with a top-down perspective, so the game shares the same simplicity in the control scheme as games like Diablo. At the same time, we love the engaging combat of games like Dark Souls. Thus the combat is driven by timing your mouse clicks to form combos, avoiding taking enemy damage by dodging and parrying, and positioning yourself well and waiting for openings to attack. We knew going in, with the idea of a game driven by player-made content, that the gameplay would have to be good enough for people to actually want to make content for our game. We think we've got a fantastic, well thought out blend of concepts that truly sets gameplay in Dungeonforge apart and makes it a can't miss type of experience.

First-Party Content
Dungeonforge will feature five playable characters to start with, each with unique traits suiting various playstyles. Each character will also have a unique back story which will be elucidated via first-party campaign-style content. Each character's campaign will contain around 20 hours of gameplay. Future playable characters will be released over the life of Dungeonforge, each with an accompanying campaign of similar length. Whenever there's an opportunity to improve the game via new editing tools, a first-party adventure will be released to showcase the new tool.

LAN and Same-Screen Support
Both LAN and Same-Screen multiplayer (using a mix of gamepads and mouse/keyboard) will be available to support that true, old-school feeling of playing D&D with a bunch of buddies in the same room.
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Feb 20, 2014 @ 1:15am
Not bad !!!
Jan 18, 2014 @ 12:21pm
O jogo
Aug 1, 2014 @ 1:02pm
Indiegogo Funding Campaign
Taren Skie
< >
Kuldiin May 16 @ 9:22am 
So any news?
Taren Skie Apr 7 @ 7:06pm 
I was able to get into touch with Mason ( the dev who set up the indiegogo etc. ) He told me that there have been setbacks, but they are trudging forward as best as they can. He hopes to have a demo of sorts up and available soon. He would also like to put out an announcement shortly, though I can't say how soon for either of these. For those of you who have been waiting anxiously, just hold on a little longer. They are doing what they can and I'm sure we will be ecstatic once things get rolling!
Does anybody have an idea of when this will be officially up and running? I need it to make maps for different D&D campaigns I'm running and this would be a very pleasing medium to build the maps in.
Grimm Feb 13 @ 12:08pm 
As much as this game looked promising, their lack of updates (even if it is to just say there is no progress yet) does bode well...glad I didnt give them my money and would love to be proved wrong on its current status!!
PghDrake Jan 19 @ 9:08am 
Been wanting this for a very long time, seemed like it was so close to being able to at least go to early access or something, but I've looked around and haven't seen anything from the publishers in a very long time. Their site times out now and It's been 6 months since they posted an update on their indiegogo site - and that was funded, so at this point I doubt they are even working on this any more. If someone knows better, by all please please say so because I'd love to see this become available.
TheHappyArsonist Sep 10, 2014 @ 5:27am 
Wifune Fraylessed Aug 23, 2014 @ 8:22pm 
Looks great!
Taren Skie Aug 1, 2014 @ 1:01pm 
The funding campaign made it! This is great news, hopefuly the devs will be able to give us information about plans for whats next - both for the company and the game.
Weisshail Jul 6, 2014 @ 10:46am 
Two months past May, and there's still no Early Access on Steam. The anticipation is killing me. I know you guys are working hard to get it to how you feel is ready for the public to see, but please never give up on this game. It is honestly the game I've dreamed about since I was a kid, and I'm truly looking forward to this. You guys are all already doing an amazing job from what I've seen. I'd buy it as is already, knowing the updates would come, and it would only get better. Best of luck to you guys.
Taren Skie Jun 25, 2014 @ 3:16pm 
Heads up, some funding for the game is up and running over at:

Anything you are able to donate would be great. Let's keep this game moving forward!