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Mamma told me NOT to come

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This is the craziest party that could ever be. Don't turn on the lights cause I don't wanna see.

Almost nowhere to die (almost). You'll just wish you were .... well, let's don't go there.
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dire.fcs Feb 2 @ 9:57am 
Excellent map and excellent ending!!!
kimist108 Jan 28 @ 2:55pm 
Had to go away and come back because at first I couldn't figure out how to get that second cube. Cute.
stormsend  [author] Jan 28 @ 12:29am 
SkyRoots Jan 27 @ 12:25pm 
Great puzzles.
I too especially liked the sphere/fizzlers/funnels puzzle.
I solved the turret/cube puzzle in an unintended way. I was able to jump up onto the orange floor and run to the turret (while hiding behind the cube) and then I grabbed the cube and knocked down the turret. How did i get up there? Here is a screenshot to show how it is possible.
vallibus Jan 26 @ 3:00pm 
Now that was NAUGHTY! When I finally got that second cube, I had to laugh.
mood3rd Jan 21 @ 5:13pm 
yes walking has been reduced :)
you say, the funel sequence will end as intended ?
does that mean the faithplate was there, in the previous edits ?
I never noticed it.
this time, the added fizzler, made me look more carefully, untill I saw it.
at 1st I thought the fizzler made it imposible. but no :)

I thought changing the wieghted button, for the pedestal button,
made it easier & less challenging.
but as you said final edit, I doubt you will change it back.
still a good map, with less wear on my shoe leather :)
funel room improved even more :)
stormsend  [author] Jan 21 @ 11:20am 
Ok. I have done the final edit. Walking is a thing of the past. And it's a different sequence so that most of the intended element usage should occur. A couple shortcuts were removed. Entrance to the exit area was greatly curtailed and the funnel sequence will end as intended. It's almost funny how you spend so much time in the map when you're building it that you soon get blind to obvious things that you'd see in someone else's map. I hope I've fixed some of the major problems Thank you all for testing and your kind crticism.
GraveNoX Jan 20 @ 3:51am 
OK, I made a run, video here First time I done it in a different way (used cube on the lowest button and many more).
mood3rd Jan 20 @ 3:35am 
now improved
the portable area I did not notice when I 1st played this map, was the panel.
to aid noticing this essential part of the map.
you could have both panels deploy in exactly the same place,
but from the opposite side of the wall.
& move the portable areas in line with it.

the funel room looks more visible now.
my room lighting is different this morning.
so maybe that also helps ?

the reduction of the glass helps reduce the walking.
but what I ment, was to reduce it the other side, nearest the ledge, where we land.
then move the portable area in line with it.
also removing 1 square of glass on the other side, to keep it's symetrical design.
thankyou for the update :)
stormsend  [author] Jan 20 @ 2:06am 
Almost left out the important part.
As always, thank you for playing and leaving such good constructive comments.