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Aircraft Guide
Platforms: PC
Players: Single-player
Jan 2 @ 1:15pm
Sep 24 @ 12:12pm
A combat flight simulator with strategic world map.

Begin in industrial age in your home country. On the round based world map build factories, platforms, research centers to increase your production. Get in alliance with other nations. Attack enemy countries with your combined forces. Research new technologies to reach the future age and win the game.

The research of each nation is not equal, so also happens, that there are fighting WW2-airplanes against jetfighters.

WW1: ♥♥♥ker Dr.1, Sopwith Camel
WW1-2: Heinkel He-51, Hawker Fury
WW2: Bf-109, Spitfire, P-51, Zero, Jak-9
WW2-end: Me-262, Gloster Meteor
Cold war 1-2: F-86, Mig-15, F-100, Mig-19
Cold war 3-4: F-4, Mig-21, F-14, Mig-23
Modern 1-2: F/A-18A, Mig-29, F-15E, Su-33
Modern 3: F-22, Sukhoi T-50, Eurofighter

Other units: warships, carriers, tanks, bombers, infantry, AAA, SAM.

- random generated world map, 4800 x 2400 km.
- missions: air to air, anti-tank, anti-ship, anti-sam, factory bombing, bomber escort.
- all weapons: gun, missiles, bombs, counter measures.
- carrier landing.
- map exploring.
- build cities, build units, build factories.
- change alliance.
- unique units for nations.
- free flight unlimited on whole world map.
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Tazned Oct 8 @ 9:27pm 
if you guys really hated this game you wouldent even comment......
[49thIC.NCO] Chuh Sep 11 @ 4:26pm 
Wow guys. Stop complaining about graphics. If you want good graphics, go play CoD. What's more important is GAMEPLAY... Idiots.
∞ UK_Widowmaker Sep 7 @ 11:28am 
H.A.W.K.S is utter shite
[mizfitz] ☭ben82nite☭ Aug 17 @ 1:39pm 
i would love to play this. would totaly buy
7u/\u4 /_\ sWQxA Aug 9 @ 2:26am 
Is it truly nice simulator?
Buck Jul 26 @ 11:52pm 
which game do you recommend?
PepperKilo Jul 6 @ 2:49pm 
Honestly.. just go buy Tom Clancy's H.A.W.K.S. you'll get the same if not better experience
Zarphos Jul 4 @ 6:37am 
The flight mechanics looks like your moving in 3 dimensions, not really flying.
iDisOrder Jul 3 @ 12:37am 
so did you guys greenlight a really sh1tty flight sim or a thrash metal video??
smh...u goddamn blind herd!

@game dev..
save the rest of your time and money.
I think people just got click happy with the 'yes' vote button.
you won't sell enuf of this cr@p to justify the costs.
Tilt to Not Die Jun 26 @ 7:34am 
This already happened. We already have a shitty flight simulator game Greenlit.