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Moon rider on the battlefield
By Blind Bandit
You can be a badass carry Luna. You will be a badass carry Luna. Don't go mid and stay on lanes, because you need all the farm you can get on the map. Without it you a deadman.

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折戟沉沙 Jan 5 @ 10:56pm 
very good
KungFuPanda Jan 5 @ 4:38pm 
Thanks. very helpful
小豪大人 Jan 5 @ 6:45am 
very good
Ghosty™ Jan 4 @ 10:32pm 
nice review
In ƒ ∞ Jan 4 @ 10:02pm 
ugh u should have one lvl of W
Opasnij Vasja Jan 4 @ 9:48am 
About QB... If you don't know how to last hit, don't pick Luna.
TOLBUHIN Jan 3 @ 3:29pm 
Overall great build, but I really don't see point in having Quelling Blade and Poor Man's there, since they are both terrible on ranged heroes. Also I would set Yasha as early game for max racecar :D
Blind Bandit  [author] Jan 3 @ 7:04am 
Thank you guys!
Means a lot to hear it <3
Pink Floyd Jan 3 @ 2:01am