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Wilson's Cabin
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Dec 24, 2013 @ 11:23pm
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Wilson's Cabin

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Wilson has grown tired of his tiny mud hut,and has moved on to bigger and better things.He has been working very hard to collect the proper resources to construct a cabin.At this point he has built and furnished himself with a bed,table ,chair,chest,log suit,football helmet,backpack,spear ,lantern,beefalo horn and fridge.Although these things are none clickable.I thought it would be cool if when close enough, you were able to gaze in to see all the work he's done thus far.

Very tempting to make "Wilson's House With Light and Wilson's House" mods little more than a tent, I won't. To many people use them as is! So for those of you In need of a more balanced home,I give you the chance to do just that with Wilson's Cabin.

-Wilson's Cabin uses at the moment =

-Wilson's Cabin sleep times before perish = 100
-Wilson's Cabin light = infinite fuel, with auto light switch on near/off far distance to cabin
-Wilson's Cabin calories/hunger boost on sleep = 37, this is why there is food in the recipe.Besides who comes home after a long day and doesn't eat? How much? "Comments welcome!"
-Wilson's Cabin sanity gain on sleep = 50
-Wilson's Cabin healing on sleep = 60

-Wilson's Cabin TUNING = dont starve\mods\workshop-207754436\modmain.lua


-Recipe = 60 logs, 10 light bulbs and 5 meaty stews "Suggestions welcome!"

-Meaty Stew Recipe Info =

Update 1.1

Webber can now sleep in the cabin.

-Note: Light bulbs perish very fast,I suggest you put them in frige,freezer or lunch box along with stews

Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome
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Dr.GrungeLove 2 hours ago 
All your mods are great btw lol
Dr.GrungeLove 2 hours ago 
Can it be destroyed by Giants? If not is there any structure or wall mod that protects from giants? lol love the storm shelter mod but thought I'd be able to go inside.
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Plase do it work in SW u,u
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can't compatible with SW??
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if you do not know how to make this then your blind as a bat
Redlilycat Jul 12 @ 10:00am 
I always wondered why DS didn't have something like this, even if just for cosmetic reasons.
萧潇夏曦 Jun 5 @ 8:51pm 
Mr.Honsey Apr 14 @ 6:09am 
Its compatible with shipwreck ?
858700360 Feb 23 @ 11:10pm 
【翻译】 Afro1967收集51件物品 描述 威尔逊已经厌倦了他的小泥房,并转移到更大更好的东西。他一直努力工作来收集适当的资源来构建一个小屋。此时他已经建造和装修自己的床上,桌子上,椅子上,胸部,日志西装,橄榄球头盔,背包,长矛、灯笼、皮角和冰箱。虽然这些东西都是没有一个可点击的。我认为这很酷如果足够近的时候,你能够目光看到他在做所有的工作。 很诱人”威尔逊的房子与光和威尔逊的房子”插件多一点