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FGMW: The Gray Quarter (Dragonborn)
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Dec 24, 2013 @ 3:44pm
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FGMW: The Gray Quarter (Dragonborn)

It's seven in the morning - one hour before opening times - and Ambarys, having finished to refill the shelves with drinks, leans on the counter with a feeling of self-congratulation. Things have been going well for the Cornerclub lately, thanks to the many generous patrons who frequently visit; and as their numbers grow, so do the coins gather in Ambarys's secret money jar. He steps on the loose end of one of the planks on the floor - which one it is of the many, only he knows - and takes the jar from underneath. It's almost full. It will not be long until he can leave this dirthole in high style, just like he always wanted.
He muses over this thought. Hire a ship, no less, and ride into New Gnisis on the back of a Silt Strider like a lord, leaving this shameful pit by the same name with all its old, rotten furniture to Malthyr to manage it however he wishes.
Now that he thinks of it - what's up with all this snowback furniture anyway?
Most of it was left over from a time when this place was still called the Snow Quarter - and they pretty much look like it, too. He was about to get some new stools, because the old ones were in danger of crushing in under the next dancing drunkard's feet any moment now; he had thought of a carpenter at the other end of the city who works fast and cheap... but now he's completely revolted by his own idea. To support those Nords with his own coin?! That's completely ridiculous. He runs his eyes through the shabby pub and all he sees is Nord shelves, Nord seats, Nord chandeliers... even their sight makes him feel sick. No Dunmer in their right mind could ever feel at home in a place like this.

The idea that struck him was not more than a passing thought, but it's enough to set his imagination blazing alight and he needs to sit down a minute. Close the Cornerclub for a few days... three-four at most. And when the door opens and his fellow mer come back again, their jaws would drop open at the sight. ....But - first he would need to write to some people.

As if in a fever, he quickly grabs a paper roll, tears it in half, and scribbles a message on each pieces. One of them is for an old friend who stayed in the homeland. He hasn't talked to her in decades and doesn't know what have become of her since, but there was a time once when she had the best alcohol to touch Dunmeri lips in all of the known world. The other message is for Sadri: he knows some Dunmer merchant from Riften with good connections. Having finished, he stops, playing with the quill in deep thought. He folds the sheets - will try to find a courier later - and takes the jar into his hands. Once this venture is over, its content will vastly decrease. One more year in the Nord prison. But his feelings of resentment begin to dissolve in a vision of warm lanternlight and sparkling smolders. He hides the jar in its proper place and kicks the loose plank in as well.
"Malthyr." There's no response. "Malthyr! Dagon take you, are your ears on your feet or what?!"
"I wish they were. What now, boss?!" comes a croak from the upmost floor.
"We used to have some old banners. A whole box of them, somewhere laying around."
"Yeah? What with it?"
"Move your gods-damned♥♥♥♥♥and get it over here. This instant. I've got a job for you..."

The mod has been sitting around near-ready for some time now and it is no coincidence that I present it to you exactly today. I would like you to think of this as a Christmas/[what you celebrate, if anything] present for all of you. On the one hand, it was created from a feeling of gratefulness for the overwhelming positive response and encouragement that my first mod has received; and while I always only tinkered with the CK for my own enjoyment, now thanks to you I feel very confident about coming out of the modding closet. To make a Gray Quarter overhaul has been requested by many people independently, and I obliged. (Know it that because I spend far more time modding this game than playing it, prior to making this mod I had never visited Windhelm - thus I have made a conscious sacrifice by having a large area of the city spoiled before its appointed time. Bask in the beauty of the place in a minute of silence contemplating my selfless act as you walk the streets.) It is also a thanks to the modders to whom I owe a tremendous amount of fun in the past two years which could have never been possible without them, and who have all contributed making a legendary game series, without doubt, the best in the world. Thanks all people of Tamriel, and merry Saturalia!
That all sounds very sweet, but what does this mod do?
Here are the many changes that this mod does:

THE CORNER CLUB - The Gray Quarter has put every effort together to create one little corner of Skyrim feel like home. The furniture is shiny and new, but modelled after the ones they craft in Morrowind, and praises the work of immigrant carpenters. Every surplus banner and rug from the family collections ended up here. Decorative braziers heat the freezing Windhelm air and fill it with thick smoke. Unless you are a Dunmer yourself, better prepare your lungs - this is not Kyne's fresh air from High Hrothgar! The Dunmer of Windhelm no longer seek anyone's approval but their own. Remember: you can get in, if you CAN get in. Decoration aside, Ambarys has renewed some long-lost connections from the homeland and thanks to them, he will now stock an amount of Morrowind food that may largely vary between 3 and 15 food items or beverages (each).

SADRI'S USED WARES- The interior of this shop has been vastly redecorated as well, so that you can really feel like you've just bought some♥♥♥♥♥♥from the thrift shop, whenever you visit. Other than whatever he normally sells, he is now
10% likely to sell 1-2 spell tomes,
50% likely to sell 1-3 pieces of enchanted weapons, 1-5 pieces of unenchanted clothes or weapons, 1-10 potions and 1-30 ingredients,
75% likely to sell 1-12 pieces of crafting material and 1-20 books,
and will always sell 2 pieces of Dunmeri clothing.

THE ROOFTOPS - An area which had not been used before is now open for the public to access - if they dare. The following furniture has been added:
~ a Cooking Pot
~ a Cooking Spit
~ a Wood Chopping Block
~ a bedroll for anyone to use
~ quite a few places to sit.

DUNMER HOMES - The interiors of Dunmeri houses are modestly decorated with as little as they managed to save from the home country. Just like their inhabitants, they stand tattered and weather-worn, but proud, clinging onto what is left - a memory of old glory.

THE DUNMER OF WINDHELM - Certain characters now decide to express their culture by their clothing as a form of silent resistance in oppression.

THE STREETS - The Dunmer have been having problems with keeping the streets clean, especially since some vagrants started to deliberately litter the place. If you decide to help them clean, no one will give you a sweetroll; however, doing such a selfless good deed is a reward on its own. (And you can never know what you might end up finding. One mer's trash is another man's comeup...)

THE GUESTBOOK - It lays on a table in the Cornerclub. Don't forget to sign it!
It turned out that with my little bedtime story at the beginning, I have exceeded my portion of freedom of speech granted to me by the section. I copied the rest of the description into a discussion, you might find relevant information there. Thanks if you read!
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Jan 5, 2014 @ 3:18pm
PINNED: Second half of description
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mica608 Sep 18 @ 5:26am 
Very Nice - spot on Morrowind furnishings - 2 THUMBS UP
MacTireLass Dec 12, 2016 @ 9:10pm 
That's seriously amazing looking! You put so much thought into this. Dang man good realism.
ChaosPriestess Dec 6, 2016 @ 8:06am 
This has to be one of the best mods I've got yet - And I've tried a lot of them well known, big shiny and fancy mods! Reading the Guest Book especially made me smile. So much thanks!
Rlyeh'rl-tr'phahhgn Jun 9, 2016 @ 7:15am 
This mod is probably one of the best I have ever picked up here to be honest, the detail, the lively feel it brings, it makes the Grey Quarter feel alive now.

Excellent work, Muthsera.
treiben seele Apr 13, 2016 @ 9:30am 
I'm really liking this mod. This goes very well for my Dunmer character. I had tried Tel Nalta II home mod and it kept crashing or corrupting my save somehow so I was looking for another mod with a Dunmer feel, and this one has that in style. Thanks man.
Evil Nosferatu Jun 13, 2015 @ 5:24am 
I just want you to know I have both your mods and have for a while. I may not have said anything until now, but your mods are great. I love the love for the Dunmer. FURTHER. It seems rather realistic. The way you execute with the somewhat tattered remains of furniture and decorum that the fleeing Dunmer would have brought. You really can tell you care about your dark elves, friend.

I would love to see more from you as you go.
The Supriser Mar 21, 2015 @ 9:12am 
The interior looks great, btw the bug with brand-shei doesn't seem to be fix-able for me.. Might just keep the mod for looks 'tho heh.
laury_yilong_liu Mar 21, 2015 @ 7:50am 
This mod works fantastic! Looks really good with the other great conversion mod Windhelm industrialized, Love your roof top areas. Windhelm ghetto nightlife looks amazing from there! Feels like a ghetto rat in the steampunk capital (with sound of whirring and hissing in the background and smoking exhausts overhead :D )
felroki  [author] Mar 20, 2015 @ 9:14am 
@aurelavida Thank you for all the kind words, I'm really happy you were satisfied and I hope your Dunmer will feel at home in the Gray Quarter. It was really important to me to give the Dunmer a chance to express themselves... so that the GQ is a place of beauty too, not only that of suffering, even in spite of its poor state.
@TheSurpriser Thank you. I am working on a player home as we speak. I'm about halfway through this project, the house is up and standing but I want to make a small quest for the player to acquire it.
Right now I've got an errand to run but when I'm back I will upload some screenshots so you can see how far it has come. I will also look into your Brand-Shei bug immediately after.
The Supriser Mar 20, 2015 @ 8:48am 
This is just fantastic, love it. Btw is there any playerhomes hidden behind these doors in the Greyquarters? I'd love one, simple and small with some chests placed on shelves (for storing ofc haha.)