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Rust Performance Fixes and Console tips
By Blackjack4800
This guide features console commands, performance fixes, and some things most people don't know about.
Latest Fixes
FacePunch has recently sent a patch out to fix the DDOSing issues Rust has been having. Keep fingers crossed...

P.S. Thank you for viewing this guide, I hope it helps! Rate up if you wish!
Supercharge Rust Performance (NVIDIA Users Only)
It is very simple to give your game a boost by pushing it to your graphics card.


1. Locate your Nvidia Control Panel

2. Get inside your Nvidia Control Panel then select Manage 3D Settings, then make sure everything looks like my setup. (Assuming you know where to look for rust's exe file when prompted.

Now you will have a very fast Rust!
Remove Laggy Grass (Anyone)
It is simple to remove laggy grass. Press F1 in game, and type "grass.on false". You should gain close to 10 FPS or higher.
Downgrade Quality (Anyone)
This one is easy, but you will have to sacrafice some quality... Go to your Options in Rust and make the Graphics slider 50% highlighted. You should get close to 30 FPS from that.
For the people who love caveman junk
I never use this, but there are people who love caveman junk. Go into console in Rust and type "censor.nudity false". Your welcome.
My Computer Setup
I have an Alienware x51 with the following components:

Nvidia Geforce GT 640 Graphics Card

Intel Core i3 at 3.30 GHZ
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