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Markarth Undercity
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Apr 3, 2012 @ 7:25am
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Markarth Undercity

"Markarth Undercity" adds several hours of quality playtime and is a mod of extensive addon-like size.

-Adds a huge network of areas under the city of Markarth
-Adds an epic main quest guiding you through the depths of Undercity
-Adds several side quests of different length and complexity
-Adds several new, learnable recipes for weapons of surperior quality
-All enemies had a complete overhaul with adjusted abilities, hitpoints and overall strength. You will only encounter completely custom made enemies!
-Adds dozens of new items, like potions, ingrediences, weapons, armor, staffs, ammunition, spells and jewelry
-Adds pages after pages of background story about the excavation of Undercity
-Adds three new merchants
-Adds two new followers
-And many more for you to discover

-This mod is balanced for higher level characters. Master will now be truely masterful, only recommended for very well equipped characters. Adept will work for most high level characters with decent gear and appropriate tactics. (please don't forget to use shouts, potions and poisions) Novice might be appropriate for mid-level character with decent gear.

-New weapons and armor are very good but not better than highly tweaked crafted gear. Any new buffs are rare consumables with temporary effects only. Therefore, this mods does not harm Skyrim's balancing
-Quests are oftenly started by reading notes, journals or books. Any keys you might need are easy to find or highlighted by questmarkers
-Sheyla and Qadarji have rare artifacts for offer
-Added a playthrough to answer all your questions

-All areas and quests are finished for now, tested and as far as I can tell free of bugs. However, an area like an underground city can always be extended with new, optional areas, new side quests, new items, area overhauls and voice acting. Stay tuned!

-My goal is to add mods which don't feel like mods. The new content should flow with Skyrim like its suppost to be there
-Please like if you enjoyed playing the mod for a representative rating
-If you like to donate to appreciate my work follow this link
-For those who prefer Nexus:
-A special thanks goes to hellcat5 (check out his Steam files and his Youtube channel for CK tutorials as well: and all people at the Bathesda forum who helped me to solve problems

-As all mods, it might conflict with other content adding mods
-Due to the well known "navmesh bug" of patch 1.5 some savegames might crash with this mod.Try loading different savegames or untick other mods for the time playing Markarth Undercity. However, there isn't much I can do at the moment but to wait for Bathesda's next patch. Fixing this problem entirely can't be done in the boundaries the Creation Kit offers. Please be patient if you're encountering any CTDs.
-Please don't comment about known issues
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Mr. Monday
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Terminal 7 Brain Cancer 20 hours ago 
Great mod, was a lot more than I was expecting and actually gave my level 115 godlike-warrior an actual challenge at times. (I played on legendary.) Near the end I was feeling like it was Dark Souls, evading an enemy and waiting for an opening to attack. Those potions you find in the dungeon are there for a reason. I'm just wondering if I found all the crafting recipies. I don't have all the materials, but I can always use console to get more if needed. One issue however, the room where you find the guy who sent for your help to begin with (The 1st room with red lighting.), it likes to crash whenever you try to save after talking to him. Other than that I had fun, we need more mods like this! (Nothing is a challenge for my 115 now, need to throw him weaker weapons just to make it so enemies don't die in a few hits. Got a 1-hand that does over 600 damage.)
ghostmanof501 Sep 23 @ 6:56pm 
This is a really good mod, just finished going through the whole dungeon and absolutely loved it. Bit of a question: Say, since I finished it, I wish to return underground with enough money to purchase the rest of the rare enchanted items (Currently RP as an artifact collector, so collecting them is a must in my characters eyes). On the way down, there was no way back, and the only way out was via a scroll found at the end of the dungeon. Is there another way back up without use of console commands?

Other than that, I loved this mod. May have been my other mods causing this, but the difficulty spike was great, the collectable weapons, armour and everything else is pretty game friendly, perhaps even lore friendly dare I say, the enemies were challenging (though there were some places where they couldn't go, thus allowing a bunch of easy sniping), and the story was well done too!
mcschuerfix Sep 3 @ 2:12am 
Top! Super Mod!
youdontgetthis Jun 11 @ 2:51am 
Viel zu schwer für meinen Level 25 Character!
mindweavers Jun 5 @ 1:10am 
A super mod. I wish there was a way to go back in numerous times. Keep missing things while looking over my shoulder. Anyone know how to return and get back out again without messing up the game?
LWJ5573 May 24 @ 4:25pm 
死と破壊 Apr 18 @ 8:56am 
how do you get there? is there any secret entrences
predatorworld Feb 20 @ 5:44am 
do not missunderstand me pleaser, I love this mod, its awesome. My problem is the fact to be overpowered. I got now unbelievable 250.000 damage bow and some like 25000 heavy armor and need a mod which is increasing the level the creatures and opponents . About 100 x or higher.
Actually lvl 52, healing rate and health 5000 % high....i can stand on Lava with 100 enemies hitting me without loosing health. Any mod out there to increase enemies power ?
predatorworld Feb 19 @ 7:46am 
After this mod i am God......
LarryJ5573 Feb 18 @ 8:49pm 
another example of a brilliant effort but no updates no new quests etc. play it once and then uninstall.