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The Gravity Ether
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 13 @ 9:05am

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Release date: Released for iOS Fall 2013, can release immediately for STEAM
Fly through outer space, where zero gravity is the norm and the force from a nearby planet is felt like a bowling ball, because it’s the only thing around. This is the world of our universe, shrunk down and brought to your screen in The Gravity Ether. Planets will drift aimlessly through the expanse of space, unless you control their motion by creating and destroying black holes with the tap of your finger.

The objectives are simple: break blocks, collect coins, force the planets into collisions or fling objects through space at high velocities. But you can’t tap or push planets directly, you can only move them by placing and removing black holes to manipulate the gravitational ether. Learn to manipulate the physics of gravity in this adorably simple simulation game.

The game also comes equipped with a built-in level editor. Make your own levels and upload them to the game server, for others to rate and play.

This game is intended for any kind of player craving a fun puzzle/simulation game, but specifically made for use by teachers in classrooms. We are committed to making this game a free and open-source learning tool. We want to change the way we educate our kids, and this game is one of many ways we are working to do so. Why can’t we make a game that is fun to play in its own right, and is also an amazing learning tool? Well we can, and for the most part we haven’t yet (with a few exceptions like Portal, SimCity, and Civilization). We believe that for games to change schools, we need to make tons of these fun-to-play yet very explicitly educational games. That’s what we’re doing here, with The Gravity Ether.

We are working to bring this games to teachers and classroom through outreach to our organization’s partner school. But we also want to bring this game to the Steam community, because a good game is a good game, whether or not it’s meant to teach.

This game was designed by Iridescent (a science-education nonprofit) and developed by Robot Super Brain, with graphic design by Ioana. We are able to make this game freely available with support from the Office of Naval Research and the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in The New York Community Trust. Check out the game's webpage for more info:
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Charli3 Mar 22 @ 6:58pm 
the dude in the video is puting up his middle finger.........................................
Charli3 Mar 22 @ 6:56pm 
why doesnt this game come out already?
Charli3 Mar 22 @ 6:56pm 
why doesnt dis game cum ote alrodys
Jimbos Mar 10 @ 2:04pm 
So you made a puzzle game for phones and tablets, and now you wanna sell it here. I've said it a few hundred times so far on Greenlight, Phone games are for phones.

You're not upgrading anything about your game while bringing it here to the PC market, which is another huge NO. If there were substantial improvements, and additional content, I would look further into it.

Doing these things just comes off as a quick cash grab (Even though this one is free to play, so consider it exempt from that note), to see if any poor idiots out there on PC will pick it up thinking it's something cool and fresh, when in reality it's been sitting in an app store for a few months to a year.

No point in having this, or just about any other game made for phones, on PC.
Reality Feb 28 @ 3:59pm 
Good for a variety of sim puzzles, but in my experience over reliance on community made levels requires investment in the game forums, in order to sort out good levels from ones made early, since people aren't conscientious to think of deleting their earliest attempts from when they didn't understand the editor.
karathesithlord Feb 25 @ 10:35pm 
i think its prety cool.
Hide|or|Escape Feb 24 @ 5:20am 
All that blue color is depressing.The game looks poor. No
๖ۣۜChriss1618™[ITA] Feb 23 @ 11:25am 
è orribile ! non lo pagherei mai ..
piggybankcowboy Feb 22 @ 2:36pm 
Note to kamman13: not saying yours is cookie-cutter, btw, just illustrating my point. Your game looks enjoyable, but honestly, I'd rather play it on my tablet, not my PC.
piggybankcowboy Feb 22 @ 2:33pm 
@Docdra an whoever else: It's not really about the difference between "hardcore" and "casual" gaming. I enjoy many mobile games, personally, but for them to be on Steam is pretty questionable unless you are presenting something absolutely magnificent with regards to it trancending the mobile/flash market. Take 'Thomas Was Alone,' for example. On the surface, yes, it's a tired old puzzle platformer, or whatever buzzword you want to throw at it. Then you play it or see the trailer. The story and narration makes you care about the characters. The responsiveness of the controls creates a pleasent tactile environment. The polish of the minimalistic graphics is appealing to the eye. It's all there, and it did well here. These are all categories where it breaks into the realm of "yes, this should be on Steam because it's really something special," as opposed to being yet another cookie-cutter mobile/flash game.