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Prop Killing 101|And Helpfull DarkRP Tips
By |CEG| Renz and 1 collaborators
This is a basic guide of how to propkill efficiently, and some cool tips (cheats) for DarkRP. Feel free to rate and favorite! Last update 12/15/2013
What you will need
You dont NEED anything. But this does come in handy. Falco's Small Scripts PS I dont own it.
The Basics
Here are some basics
1. Prop killing is killing others by throwing props with the Phys Gun.
2. Props don't kill people unless they are released by the Phys Gun.
3. The heavier the prop the better (I like the stove)
Two ways to prop kill----
1. Move the Phys Gun around quickly and release (The lame way)
2. Scroll the mouse forward quickly and release the prop. (The good way)
How to get really good
Now, if you do what I said to do ^ up there then you can already prop kill pretty good. But what makes you better than the rest? Well first practice. The better the release the more speed meaning the better the kill. You also need good aim. But honestly, who wants to practice. The things I found that makes the huge difference Falco's Quick scripts. The link is in the first section. Once you add this addon you simply type lua_openscript_cl autorun/client/FalcoUtilities.lua in the console. It will show you where everyone is through walls and their health. Now the final trick I have is Phys gun Speed. You simply type physgun_wheelspeed # but instead of # you type a high number. (To reset defaults type physgun_wheelspeed 10)
Great props to use
There are many good props to use. The stove is my personal favorite. But the problem is the time it takes to hold Q and spawn a prop. Instead use this command to instantly spawn props! bind (key) "gm_spawn "model name" Ok I know that is hard to follow so here is an example bind z "gm_spawn models/props/de_tides/gate_large.md" This is actually a good one to use, its a big prop and light weight so it flys. Here are some other good ones! bind z "gm_spawn models/props/cs_militia/skylight_glass_p9.md" This one is so heavy if you simply put it above someone it will kill em. Great for prop killing. bind z "gm_spawn models/props_phx/cannonball_solid.mdl" This one explodes if shoved into doors!
More info on Falco's Quick Scripts
Now of course this addons can do more than simply show where people are, how far, their money, and health. If you want to find more commands simply type falco in the console. Then push your down arrow and options will start apprearing in the console text box! Im not sure what they all do but the one that is really helpful is falco_spectate. This allows you to basically free fly around the map and see what people are doing, and what they have to steal! Another really helpful command is falco_xray. This makes every prop, entity, and player have a wireframe look that you can see through walls. Very helpfull for finding hidden players and knowing before hand if people have good things in their base to steal. I know its hard to see but below it shows the options as you push the down arrow.
More info on Phys Gun Speed
Not a whole lot to put here. Just remember that the default number is 10. Setting this speed can also help with building if you want more precise movements. Im pretty sure the highest number is actually 5000 but Ive been wrong before :)
Thanks for reading!
Please dont use this to minge servers. This is intended for educational purposes only. I will update this with videos someday! Join my group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Aureangaming
I am not writing this to ruin peoples server and create spammers. I am an admin on a server and wondered what made people so good at prop killing so I looked into it. Here is what I found. Please dont go out and be a prop killer. It just ruins servers. As for the helpfull DarkRP tips, im warning you that you will get banned from servers if you are caught doing this. Don't go around braging that you are a hacker or you are just going to get yourself into trouble. Easiest thing to do is. DONT DO WHAT THIS GUIDE SAYS ON PUBLIC SERVERS. USE FOR FUN ONLY! I do not own the title picture either. Im not sure why I spent time on the disclaimer but I felt it neccesarry. Thanks again for reading!
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backspace Jun 26 @ 9:48pm 
im a monster because of this xD best review evah
|CEG| Renz  [author] Apr 29 @ 6:31pm 
If they are ghosted than it has anti prop kill and it isnt going to work.
Kale Apr 27 @ 4:41am 
what if the props are ghosted when you move them?
|CEG| Renz  [author] Jan 4 @ 2:58am 
This guide is officially one year old. Thanks for all of the views and favorites. These 30 favs have made me one step closer to that 1000 fav achievment.
|CEG| Renz  [author] Jan 3 @ 9:42pm 
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Thank you for this! This is a very good guide!
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Yea it didnt make much sense
Mikhail Rosen Oct 28, 2014 @ 5:28am 
I literally have no clue what you just said. English please?
|CEG| Renz  [author] Oct 27, 2014 @ 3:41pm 
That made perfect sense.
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