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"With This OMSI 2 review I hope to introduce you to the magical world of 1980s Berlin bus driving !

OMSI 2 The omnibus simulator also known as Omsi Der Omnibussimulator.

Omsi 2 is a hardcore bus simulator with the entire product focused around simulating multiple German buses in west Berlin from the 1980s.

Great effort has been made to recreate the vehicles as realistic as possible. So concerning handling and operation, the buses resemble their real-life counterparts to a very high degree. Especially functions like the gearbox control which simulates every detail of the original, the physical simulation of the air system, the fully working IBIS (Integrated Board Information System) and the extensive soundset (more than 100 single sounds per vehicle) create a high level of realism. Furthermore, the realistic and detailed scenery with dense traffic and animated objects contributes to the "omnibus experience" for everyone.

Route and vehicles

OMSI takes the player back to West-Berlin in the 1980s. The omnibus line 92 (today called M37) runs more than 11 kilometres through the Berlin district Spandau. The virtual bus driver will be provided with detailed models of the contemporary MAN doubledeckers SD200 and SD202 from different years of manufacture.

Living virtual world Generally spoken, OMSI simulates much more than only your own bus: There will be realistic and intelligent road traffic with changing density which is not only influenced by several traffic rules but also dynamically reacts according to the current traffic situation and of course your driving behaviour as well. You will meet other buses en-route, which are, just like your own bus, embedded in a realistic timetable and circulation system. All buses are equal and respond to the same principles. So you can take over any bus you want and hand it back again to the computer, too.

Weather and time of year are freely adjustable from Warm summer nights to autumn raininess and even freezing snowstorms. Furthermore, the virtual world follows a day and night cycle which also depends on the current season. OMSI even simulates the phases of the moon!
OMSI also includes a complex passenger system with many means of communication and interaction: From realistic ticket selling to complaints about the heating or your rough driving style."
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omsi 2 london coming soon
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Nice one... There are also some British maps which you drive on the left for :p
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제가 옴시2를 좋아하는데 같고싶어요 선물로좀 줘요ㅠㅠ
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You need a PHD to know how to open the door lol
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ETS2 is Better!
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