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Sinister City
Dec 12, 2013 @ 6:07am
May 10 @ 2:09am

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Release date: At the end of 2013
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In search of his kidnapped bride the main character John arrives to mysterious Sinister City full of horrible rumours and inhabited by vampires. He finds out that his bride-to-be’s kidnapped by the most powerful and terrible vampire in Sinister City count Orlok. Prepare to travel to the astral plane, ancient castle corridors and many other places! Different characters will help John to overcome all the difficulties to achieve his goal: a strange hotel clerk; a renowned film director, the Luis Lumiere's great-great-grandson; a noble transylvanian and count’s wife.

Help John save his bride in this creepy and terribly cheerful vampire adventure!
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Version Linux
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[BlackXS] Aug 29 @ 4:40am 
i like this game, and very like puzzle game's like this, voted YES!
SUPER-ACGUY Aug 16 @ 1:20am 
!ΚЯдуΖεЯ! Aug 3 @ 8:34am 
fretulka Jul 31 @ 12:43am 
gimme gimme !
wutoupal Jul 27 @ 6:13am 
Captain Black Jul 26 @ 6:04pm 
nice idea for an point and click game
Figueiredo Jul 23 @ 3:57pm 
A very good adventure.
r_romerodc Jul 23 @ 12:37pm 
I like this type of game ^^
Ducklord Jul 22 @ 2:47am 
Here's a vote for keeping the adventure spirit alive and kicking.
shurcanario Jul 21 @ 8:41pm 
Voted. I love points and click.