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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Tags: Utilities
Dec 12, 2013 @ 11:48am
Jul 13, 2015 @ 7:48pm
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Thank you for your support!
Release date: ASAP
Transform your windows desktop into a game channel with Desktop Live and watch games even when you are not playing! With Desktop Live you can turn your static windows desktop into a fully dynamic cinema screen.

For example you can adjust your desktop to one of your favorite Twitch or Youtube Channels, and continuosly be aware of the genres you love! Think you can watch a good match in Dota2 while sending an email.. Or even Starcraft II, Diablo, Dayz, Battlefield...

You can also display themes that you like, and chose from a wide variety of categories.

You can DEVELOP and SUBMIT your themes to the WORKSHOP, and even EARN MONEY ;)

The themes can be anything :
Game Contents, such as animated logos, video captures within games, wallpapers, Movie Contents, etc.

Simply anything you can think of!.... For example imagine that your desktop displays a slowly orbiting earth, and you can place your desktops icons above this beauty.

The themes can be packed with the same software and submitted via Desktop Live WORKSHOP on Steam. And the submitter will get a REVENUE SHARE from each sold theme! So all the 2D, 3D, and motion graphics ARTISTS are welcome to contribute their themes! This will produce a community, where you can submit and find fresh & hot products, since the content will be USER GENERATED.

Technical details: At the moment you can find similar products on the internet but they simply work by copying old Operation system dll's from Windows Vista, to your system. And then the software kills your windows explorer and restarts it! While you are using your computer, and this kills all your copying, pasting, etc all your tasks being run by windows explorer. And also they flicker your screen at the time of this bypass. Distributing Microsofts is another issue of them, that is to be considered by law. All the stuff explained above also happens when you stop that application. However, desktoplive runs just in a utility, and makes the job without this kind of mess. No dlls, no flicekering, no nothing. You simply can select your theme, and play or pause. No naive windows flickering will happen.

PS: The first release will include theme support and workhop, and streaming options will be included with the upcoming releases.

Future Releses:
We are also planning to embed 3D functionality, in order to render 3D scenes via desktop live. To give an example, think like a game like "Dear Ester" with automatic camera fly through, or a "Assasins Creed Black Flag, Ocean Scenery" being played on your background. These scenes will again be prepared in 3D levels editors, and submitted to desktop live.

Thank you for time.
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where's bonzi buddy?
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Very good.
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Goodbye, productivity.
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No just no
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Linguistic diversity should be a good software, but that should only be available in other languages like English a little by me for software ...
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I would think this would be slightly annoying. Also, couldn't this be done with rainmeter? Regardless, thumbs up