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Make Glitchy
Dec 8, 2013 @ 12:45pm
Dec 27, 2013 @ 11:22pm

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Release date: Already out in beta -
Make Glitchy is a tool to turn lame static images into rad magical .gifs. There are currently 20 effects (more added all the time) you can apply, each with multiple sliders to tweak and switches to flip. The effects can be applied to the image in any order giving you infinite possibilities of photo manipulating goodness. You can also export series of high quality .pngs if that's the kind of thing you are into. You can check out Make Glitchy in it's current form at

Some of the features currently in Make Glitchy include
  • Many effects like hue shifting, sine waves, static, halftone, tinting, mirroring and many more
  • Quickly get selfies with a built in camera utility
  • Import multiple images with layer control and see multiple images in the final gif with alpha, blend mode, and dissolve effects
  • Save as gif or as a series of png
  • Control the gif quality, size, fps
  • Save presets of effects so you don't need to keep typing in the same numbers on multiple images.
For more info on all the effects and features look here -

Some current planned features for future updates
  • Curve editor for animation
  • Animated gif import
  • Byte code manipulation
  • More weird effects to mess with the pixels
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Normal Evan 13 hours ago 
I have been looking for a tool like this for months. I want a program to do just this. I will keep you guys in mind. Thanks a lot for your hard work, and expect $5 from me at some point.
orseed Jul 12 @ 6:06am 
cool stuff ! When you release on steam. I'm gonna take it.
nicolai1401 Jul 12 @ 1:55am 
looks really cool for youtube videos
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creepdude23 Jul 11 @ 2:09pm 
it looks awesome :3
The driver Jul 11 @ 1:34am 
not so good if you have problems with fast-blinking lights... I'm lucky I'm don't have it... 3,5 points out of 5 points, just for the fast-blinking lights...
snowfag Jul 10 @ 6:11am 
idn what's that, but it looks funny :3
bk Jul 10 @ 1:49am 
Cool. :3
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it looks cool
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looks kinda funneh!thums up