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War of Omens
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Dec 9, 2013 @ 4:59pm
Dec 10, 2013 @ 12:23pm

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Open Beta
Backer Beta Live for War of Omens!
  • "Your Turn" and "Enemy Turn" effects
  • Board divider, that swaps based on who's turn it is
  • Contextual "hint" glow effect on cards, to suggest possible moves
  • Re-designed board (stone instead of leather)
  • Improved lighting
  • Improved fonts
  • Lighting on cards (in addition to environment lighting) to improve aesthetics and readability
  • Particles correctly move with screen scaling

Finally, we unveiled our first set of stretch goals for our Kickstarter. If we kill it this week, we can move into some really exciting stuff.

Thanks for all your upvotes and comments for our Greenlight campaign. We're really hoping we make it to Steam.

Please consider backing our Kickstarter![]! Remember, anything above $10 and you get instant beta access!

Release date: Released
War of Omens is a digital CCG/Deck-Builder hybrid card game featuring fast, strategic battles and three distinct, playable factions.

War of Omens is a strategic card game set in a dark fantasy world, depicting the evolving political and military struggle between three distinct, warring factions. War of Omens combines elements from CCGs like Magic: the Gathering, Tyrant, or Pokémon and Deck-Builders like Dominion, Thunderstone, and Quarriors. We call this type of game a Collectible Deck-Builder.

Players will be able to collect cards and customize their decks, just like in CCGs, but as they sit down to play individual games of War of Omens they'll be buying their cards from the bank each turn, as if they're playing a deck-builder. Opponents in War of Omens will have their own, separate deck; there are no public cards. Players will be able to use their victories to earn new cards, expanding their options, unlocking new strategies, and building their collections over time.

War of Omens features three factions: the Daramek, the Vespitole, and Metris. Each one of these factions is completely distinct: they look different, have different in-game mechanics, and have completely different, original storylines. Each faction also has three distinct heroes. These heroes differ not only in appearance, but in their special abilities that are utilized throughout gameplay. Even within a single faction, play styles and strategies vary wildly because of the differences between the three heroes. Some favor offense, while others favor defense. Each is designed to complement and enhance an aspect of their faction's overall style and mechanics.

Because players can only choose one faction per battle, and because the factions play and feel so different from one another, favorite strategies and emergent gameplay are commonplace in War of Omens.
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GuolinM Mar 29 @ 1:27pm 
I don't think I've ever had this much satisfaction fun with any single card game. The game is fast-paced, well-balanced, but at the same time the strategy is unique and deep.
myrzy Mar 28 @ 5:19am 
This is a very good ccg, both in terms of gameplay and the free to play/premium content model. Multiplayer lots of fun, deckbuilding varied, excellent responsive adn intelligent devs...this game definitely has a big future, great job guys good luck! :)
Bascule Mar 22 @ 8:26am 
Playing this on Kongregate. It's extremely good.
Shyy Mar 15 @ 12:42pm 
This game is fantastic. I used to play Magic: The Gathering, and currently play Hearthstone. Now I've added War of Omens to my list of regularly played games. It's fun, it's fair, and it's well polished. Love the work you guys are doing and I can't wait to see this move forward.
Skipants Mar 13 @ 3:31pm 
I love the strategy to this game. Play it frequently on Kongregate right now and I love it.
feelnfine23 Mar 12 @ 6:45pm 
...So far there are 3 factions, and each of them play very differently. The green faction plays a lot like Dominion, each of the cards you buy add a small thing, but they all end with "and draw a card" so they like to buy as much as they can to create massive chains of cards. Red plays with beasts and tribes in a life cycle chain, eat the small animals to grow the tribe to feed them to the larger beasts, all while trying to repopulate fast enough to keep up with them. Blue is unique, their cards are one shots, after you buy them, they destroy themselves, so you don't get to redraw them like the other colors. They get get to steal cards permanently though, along with other fun tricks.

This game plays fast and fun, when I discovered it I accidentally pulled an all-nighter. Try it out now, I haven't been this impressed by a new game since Netrunner.
feelnfine23 Mar 12 @ 6:45pm 
I've already sunk a lot of time into this game on Kongregate, there is a lot of depth and value in this game. I'm a regular player of MTG, Ascension, Dominion, Thunderstone, and BattleCon (I like cards) and this combines a lot of the best elements.

If you are unfamiliar with deckbuilders, at the start of every game your deck only consists of 10 coins. The part you construct is your bank (10 cards), four of which will be available from the start at the side of the screen. You play the coins to buy cards from the side which come into play, after they resolve or die, the get shuffled into your deck to be drawn again...

Riphawk [Bastard!] Mar 12 @ 6:13pm 
Jalavair: so catluck.. any chance we can get you to shave your beard like theo's if WoO gets greenlit on steam?

catluck (Gabe): yes, I will shave anything you want if you can rally enough votes to get us on steam
sodtiwaz Mar 11 @ 12:28pm 
If you've ever played Dominion you'll have a good idea of how to play this game. To me it feels like Dominion mixed with either elements or Magic Shandalar from microprose.
dr4gonb4ne Feb 25 @ 8:40am 
Too many card games... I'm never going to leave my laptop.