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The Quick Start Guide to Everything Starbound
By Kwаtа X11
I've decided to wait until the game is out of "Early Access" before i touch up the guide some more. for now, even with all the changes. the content in the guide still seems to be accurate enough to get you easily started and more.
Basic Controls
Bare in mind everyone, this sadly is my first guide to anything, and it may be a bit wonky to get used to, but i'll try and keep everything brief and full of easy to understand and digest content.


Controls and You
In the game you can bring up the Library menu with the L Button this will let you get a few quick select guide options ingame that the developers have provided with you.

The pictures below are the screenshots of the basic controls from ingame, for those who cant read the pictures and or cant see them at all, below under them is a re-telling of the controls, and in a bit more depth.

Movement - WASD (Basic Movement, go figure)

Jump - SPACE (Press it to Jump, Again, go figure)

Interact - E / Middle Mouse Button (This works for Consoles, Chests, Teleporters, Shops, etc, etc.)

Select Objects in the Background - Left Click (This is a bit confusing, I have no idea what to make of it to be honest unless its for trying to get into chests and such which then its just mouse over the item you wish to get into first)

Crafting Menu - C (Press C to bring up a basic Crafting Menu for basic goods, This will be an extremely useful command)

Quest Journal - J (Brings up your quest log, also shows you current, completed and failed missions)

Inventory - I (It brings up your inventory, go figure eh ?)

Investigation Cursor - N (this is to inspect different things, it comes up with some quick witty and unique dialogues for each race for each item and NPC)

Hide HUD - F1 (This hides your entire GUI and such so you can take a screenshot of just the game itself no menus or bars or anything to get in the way)

Options/Quit - ESC (Pretty Straight Forward, hit ESC, change your video options and or quit your game with it, as expected with almost every game now)

Select a single block - Shift (Default block placement size is a 2x2 square, Hold square
and you can change it to a single 1x1 square [As a bonus, Just hold Shift to walk as well])

Throw - Q (Press Q to throw your currently held or selected item [by having it left click so you can move it around, dont just hover over it])

Toggle Held Items - X (The same thing has having it selected and Left Clicking, It uses the item)

Swap L/R Items - Z (Items in your L and R button slot on the hotbar will change hands, doesnt work for 2Handed weapons and items)

Hold Hotbar Item - 1 - 0 or use mousewheel
Split Item Stack - Right Click (This is the only way to split stacks, I Have not found a way to currently select the amount of items you wish to split, so if you need only one, have fun splitting from what you have down to one)

Pan The Camera Around - Left Ctrl (Hold down Left Ctrl and move your mouse, your camera will pan around the screen)

Going Down Steps / Platforms - Hold S and Jump (just as said, if you cant figure out how to get down steps or the little platforms and such, Hold Down on your movement and then jump)

Check your Hunger - Left Alt (hold down Alt and your hunger bar will appear where ever when ever to tell you if you're hungry or not.)

Emotes - Arrow Keys (Press one of the arrow keys on your keyboard for some emotes)

Attack (with weapon equipped) - Right Click [This is false, you can attack with Left Click as well as Right Click, only when your one handed weapon is in the R hotkey will Right Click be solely used as the Attack button)
Getting Started Ingame (Quest Line) Part 1 / 2
This section will Explain the Quest bit of the singleplayer / multiplayer aspect, as it currently stands, the quests are a tutorial mainly and they end after you reach the point of making your Distress Beacon. without further ado, let us continue onward !
When you first get ingame, you should be treated to the following screen, (Of course this is after character creation)
This is the begining of your journey through Starbound, and i will be your guide right up to when you finish all that can be done (By the quest log silly im not going to be there all that long mind you. so long as you follow this guide)

So your first step is to Hit D and shuffle on over to this fancy lookin do-dad on the wall here
This, Is your personal Storage device, every ship has one, so why shouldnt your's ?, Lots of room with a 64 slot box, store what ever you wish inside, but for now, we'll be taking things out of it, so hit E like the original quest objective said to do, and take a look inside,
This here is what your looking for mainly, this is what the quest calls for, but you should still really grab the rest of the things as well, there's a sword some torches, some snacks and a few seeds, snag it all and drop it into your inventory, with your sword either on a hotbar number 2 or on your L or R button , depending on how you wish to play.

After you've grabbed the things in the chest, you should then be treated to the following message after you've clicked on the finish button for completing the last quest.
So now you've gotten another quest, what will you do now ? well according to the quest you just gotta get down to the planet. But how do you do that ? well i'll show you how to do that, quick follow me !
Now, This is the telepad, you'll be using this A LOT throughout your adventures, sometimes more then you would think. now hit E while standing on top of it and having your mouse somewhat over it, and you should be whisked away to the planet below.
Welcome to the planet surface recruit, There are many like it, but this one's your's, get used to it, or not, really it all depends on how much you like it, or how much the RNG God's like you, every single planet you encounter will be random, and theres an infinite amount of them all randomly generated as you encounter them. so if you dont like this planet, unfortunitley you'll have to (at the moment) create an entirely new character to find a better planet (just for this part, you can spess all you want if you just follow along)
OKAY~ now, since we're on the surface, the quest wants you to make a Crafting Table, Seems simple enough right ? well, lets bring up our Basic Crafting Menu with the C button (default button) and look what we need to do
Well all you need are some wooden planks, go figure huh, well now, how are we supposed to get these. all we have is a sword some snacks and seeds, and this weird gun lookin thing, Well, we're Space Travellers and have super magic tools that do our bidding, and so we'll put them to good use, now go equip your Gun Tool Matter Manipulator Ma Jig and go find yourself a tree and fell a few of them
After you've done destroying what little forestry the planet has, you should have enough Raw Wood to turn that into some Wooden Planks, Now open your Crafting Menu again and Turn enough of them into planks to get you going, (it has a 1-3 ratio, 1 Raw for 3 Planks, you should really only need to turn 15 or so raw logs into planks to get you started)
Now after you've made your crafting table, You should be treated to yet another Quest Completed Message, and another new quest is added to your list, this one will be a bit trickier to do, so follow along and i'll get you through it no problem.
Okay, now we have to get some... Alien Meat ? okay, seems promising, now, how are we going to get meat with our gun and sword tool, everything you've killed so far has just exploded into Pixels (Money) or has just killed you in general or done nothing, hmm, okay, i got it, lets go primite and make ourselves a Bow, That'll do it, Now, quickly, go find some of this stuff
It may look slightly different, or you can find it in a giant Viney Tree looking thing that has some bells on it, but either way, get your Magic Spess Gun out and take them down, They will explode into some plant fiber, which you will need shortly, now, if you've cut down enough trees from before and got enough fiber, go and place your crafting table down somewhere and use it, you should be treated to a plethora of new crafting recipes that you can make now, including a blue outlined Hunting Bow, (primitive i know)
Now that you have a bow, try it out for a few shots before we get going, get a feel for it, its much different then your sword (for obvious reasons, im brilliant arent I)
Now, you may have noticed as you're pulling the bow back it glows briefly, thats the brief moment of opportunity you have to land a Critical Strike, It does more damage and has a slightly higher knock back then normal (From what i've noticed anyway) try to always hit with them, it'll work out better in the end for you.
Now that you have your bow, head back on down to the surface, (or if you've placed it down on the surface, go run around and find things to shoot) and go hunt you some meat, All creatures have a chance to drop Alien Meat so long as they are killed with the Bow, they also have a chance to drop Leather (I have no honest clue as to what its used for, i've found nothing to use it on in the entirety that i've been roaming the galaxies)
Once you have your meat, The quest doesnt pop does it ? Hmm, OH RIGHT, COOKING~ almost forgot about that, Now, You'll have to create a Camp Fire, Open up your Crafting Menu again, and you should have the materials on hand so long as you kept your torches, to make a Camp Fire, 1 Torch and 5 Raw Logs should net you a Camp Fire
Now, Plop that Campfire down on the ground and Hit E on it, you should be treated to this screen now.
Now, Drag your Raw Alien Meat over into the left empty box in the window, and hit Cook, wait a few seconds and you should then be treated to this
Simple Right ?
Another Quest finished message pops up, and now you're treated to another new quest
Okay, Now we get to play in the dirt for a bit it seems, Time to pull out your Magic Gun Tool again and find some Cobblestone.
Getting Started Ingame (Quest Line) Part 2 / 2
That is what Cobblestone looks like, somewhat, it will probably be a different colour on the planet you have, but that general rockish texture is what your looking for, break it down with your gun and snag a few pieces, I'll just give you a hint and tell you to get a few more pieces then needed, but you should open up your Crafting Table and check the amount you need to make the furnace (get 10 more pieces then you need, you'll need it for the next quest following)

So after you've collected your stone, time to check where it went,

What !? where did it go ?! this is outragous the game just stole my stone !! Wait no, Wait what's that other rubbish pile lookin button i have on my tab's above the seeds and such and beside the backpack icon right below the character model ? lets click it and find out
AH HA~ there it is, Yes, the game has 2 fully functioning Tabs for items and equipment and the like, and this second tab likes to steal your building blocks and place them here so they are out of the way, so if you have the problem of not knowing where your stuff went, and you wanted to use it for things besides crafting, thats probably where it is, Don't worry, this tab works just like the regular backpack tab as well, you can place what ever you want in it and have that much extra space, just it has the added bonus of keeping the mess in that tab and out of your main front tab.

So, Now we have enough for our Furnace, lets go to our crafting table and make it, You should have checked what you needed before as well, and luckily you should still have your torches from the start, if not, you can always make more by finding some Coal and using Unrefined Logs to make torches

Now that you have that done, you should be treated to another quest

Hmm. we have to find and smelt some Iron Ore into a bar, 2 ore for a single bar, Remember this, thats the common ground for ore to bar ratio, 2-1 always and forever (or until they change it or add different ores and recipes etc etc)

Now that shouldnt be too bad, lets go find us some iron. you may have seen it in the ground already, it looks like this,

No not the plant again silly, the weird miscoloured block above it, thats what Iron looks like, it'll always look that colour over any block it's touching, all you have to do is go mine it out, Grab your Gu... wait a moment, i almost forgot, Your Magic Spess Gun cant harm iron Gah Fah. Gah Fah, and no im not kidding, magic matter manipulator's apparently cant break iron... so you'll have to go get primitive again~ remember that extra cobblestone i told you to go get ? get that and some wooden planks and talk to your crafting table again, you should be able to make a Stone Pickaxe, as well as some other stone tools as well, feel free to make them as you wish they each have other properties that are useful. but for now, the important one is the Pick,

Grab ahold of it and lets go get some iron, once you do and you get it, take the ore over to the smelter and drop it in just like you did with the Alien Meat and then hit the Smelt Ore button and in a second or 2 you'll have an iron bar, and another finished quest.

Whats this, a Distress Beacon !? we were Standed ? but we have a fully functional ship, its just... okay maybe we are a little stranded... just maybe. okay okay so what do we need for.... HOLY COW SERIOUSLY !? WHAT DO THEY THINK WE'RE MADE OF !? MATERIALS AND FREE LABOR !?

Yea, That's a lot of headache, but don't worry, this is the final stretch of the Quest Line that is currently available for the Beta, its a doosey but we can do it, you know what the iron looks like, you've probably seen copper, if not it looks like this
Sadly the Silver i wasn't able to get a picture of to show you where it can be found, but suffice to say, the ores look like the colour they're supposed to be, and it's located further into the planet then on the surface like the other ores, so you'll have to do some sploring to get you the silver, but once you've managed to get ahold of all those materials, you need to get... Pixels ?

Oh right, I may have said it once before much earlier on this walkthrough guide kinda thing, but Pixel's are the games Currency, you get them from murdering things, so murder away till you cant murder no more ~! but do be careful, when you die You lose from what i gather about 30% of your current total Pixel, which sucks when you get to the higher tier's but we wont worry about that now, for now, go beat some helpless monsters into the dirt and steal their money, what do they need it for.

Once you've managed to scour enough supplies up, you can make it~

But be warned, a terrible evil will befall you once you activate it, Feel free to place it down and admire all your hardwork, but unless your ready to face that which is all the evil of the world, dont hit E until you're geared up and ready to go~

Quest Line Compelted~
and look it gave you all your money back. Congratulations, you've beaten the game~ just kidding, but you have compelted the Introductory Quest Line missions and all the quests that the Beta has to currently offer

The distress beacon is actually nothing like what its called, its a Boss Trigger item, that summons some level 10 baddies to mess you up, and mess you up it will, Fiddle around and get to know the crafting system a bit more,

Getting off world and starting out on your own adventures
Now, this section will probably be the smallest of all the sections i have layed out, it's pretty straight forward, and will still have some pictures to help those out who get lost somewhat. Now lets get straight into it shall we ?


First thing you'll need to do is find your ships Fuel Container.

This is where you'll stuff Starship Fuel into your ship to get it to go cruising,

And by starship fuel, I mean coal, because what else would power your intersteller planetary ship ?

Hard time finding coal ? turn unrefined wood into coal for a ratio of 10:1 really, just struggle around finding coal, its much easier then wasting valuable unrefined wood on coal managment. but the options there for you.

Coal: to a Ratio of 2:1
The following below this are found in much later planets in X sector and the like, don't worry about findind them when you first start off, they're here to show you the different ratios for the fuel.
Uranium: to a Ratio of 4:1
Plutonium: to a Ratio of 6:1
Solarium: to a Ratio of 8:1
Where as the first number is the amount of fuel you gain per piece of each item.

Go out to the world and find yourself some coal and stuff it in the container then hit fuel

You need about 1-50 fuel depending on the distance from planet to planet in the same solar system so we'll go with a bit more then that for now. You may only have the one planet you started on, but dont fret I'm here to show you an infinite selection of stars and planets to choose from.

Now hop on over to your captains chair and lets go cruise for another planet.

When you activate this console with the E button you'll be treated to this screen.

Doesn't look like much right ? But hey theres a couple of planets but no you want more right ? You want the BIG leagues amirite ?

Well OF COURSE YOU DO why would you want to be stuck with this trifle amount of space exploration so all you have to do is RIGHT CLICK to bring you up to this handy dandy screen.
Okay now we're cookin with gas our giant of a star doesnt seem to have all that many small clusters of planets around it hmm... This isnt looking to good. But wait if you act now with another right click I'll throw in this even better looking ULTRA MAP

And so it begins the greatest space trip you'll ever have.

Okay, So now your starring at this here Galactic overview map and wondering what the heck am i lookin at? Well good Sir/Madam what you are looking at is a bunch of red and blue lights, all of which can be clicked and ALL of which are solar systems with a bunch of planet clusters around them that can all be explored and if you notice at the top bottom left and right of this galactic overview map you see arrows yes you can pan around to see what else is there.

Now on a more shocking note, do you happen to also see the X and Y Cordinates just above the bottom right of the map ? yea that's where that section we're currently in is. You can guess from that point do the math on that and figure out just how massive this universe is oh and wait, this universe (ranging from Positive numbers all the way down to Negative) is only the ALPHA sector so basically add another same sized map to the end result on planets able to be explored for different sectors. When they said Infinite planets, they really weren't kidding around much. you'll be searching new planets till the day you die and you still wont be near completion.

Now here's a bit more of a Fuel usage ratio you can look at to see what you'll need to do what,

Planet - Planet : 1-50 fuel
System - System : 100-200 fuel
Sector - Sector : 200 Fuel

200 fuel to my knowledge, is the most you'll ever need to expend to get from point A to point B
Weapons / Armor Defined
So with the new update it seems they broke the way how weapons and armor worked and by that I mean they completely changed it so it's apparently much easier to understand. This I doubt, but none the less I'm here to help you figure out what all the new stuff means and how it works. Let's get started shall we ?

This is how the new weapon stats look like.

DPS: Damage Per Second,
Weapon Speed: The speed at which it swings, Higher numbers mean faster swinging action
Damage Per Swing: The average amount of damage you'll output each time you swing the thing.

Okay, now you're probably asking why they have two sets of DPS stats. Which is good because I'm asking the exact same thing. But from what I can tell from how this looks to be working is that the DPS is exactly what it is, Damage Per Second, The higher the DPS the more damage you'll output on your unsuspected foes. Granted they completely changed the Damage Per Swing as to kind of output the damage as well. So they've given us two sets of the same thing but basically defined both. all you need to worry to make it easy on yourself. is that higher DPS = more murder fun time

They also took out monster levels and supposidly replaced it with something else like a "Easy Medium Hard" range or something, but honestly I don't ever see it when ever I'm hitting things. So i'm going to assume it's been forgotten or they just simply left it out.

They kinda kept in the planet difficulty, but only for different sectors. so Alpha is threat level 1,
Beta is 2
Gamma 3
Delta 4 and
X 5-10 which is the Tier'd difficulty system, which still doesn't help you figure out what you need for what, but if you played before the update remember what you needed to get into the next sector and you'll be fine, everyone else, ill tell you quickly what you'll probably have when you try to leave the sector

Alpha - Silver
Beta - Sparrow *** (this is an avian armor your race equivalent is what you used gold armor to upgrade it into)
Gamma - Quail *** / Makeshift
Delta - Quail *** / Makeshift
X - There is no exit to X sector yet, maybe a rename down the road, but Threat level 10 is the highest it goes. Read below in Ore and Crafting to see what you'll find and such and where it's found.

Here's what the new set of Copper armor stats looks like, I haven't managed to get end game yet since the patch decided to come out at like 2am this morning. but I'm slowly making my way there now that I have to get used to this entire new system of things. Takes a bit of time you know ? Well, okay enough complaining, here's how this new stuff works out

Energy+ : Im assuming this boosts your maximum Energy/Stamina from the default 100 you have, so you have a higher amount.

Energy: Like before, this will increase your regen with Energy/Stamina higher amounts = quicker regen.

Defence: Like before, this soaks of damage from monsters, I haven't tested it out completly with this new system, but im assuming its working as a soak value wherein it'll take out that much damage before you receive the rest as in if you were hit for 15 and your average armor is 5 you would soak 5 of that damage and only take 10.

Heat: Just like before, this lets you last outside in cold conditions longer.

Health Increase: This is just a straight boost to your max HP, your starting shirt will boost this as well, as far as i can tell, Only the chest will boost this, back items may do this too, but i haven't found any yet to confirm deny.
Ore's and Crafting - Part 1 / 2
I'm going to refrain from posting the armor's in this section, ill post them in the later half after all the ores have been updated and such. so far it looks like nothing has changed really but the armor's so I'll have to re-picture all the armor graphs so you know what armor does what, there is also a bunch of new items added in for tools and such i'll try to snag some of them as well and add them in after the guide.

The basic of basic ores, you need it to get yourself started on your way, grab some from the surface and smelt it away, you'll probably want to use a Stone Pickaxe to mine it out, it'll be faster and then you can upgrade it to a copper one after you mine out your copper ore and smelt it into bars.

The second ore you'll be searching around for on the surface, you'll wanna grab yourself a decent stock of this so you can craft yourself an Iron Anvil as well as another Armor Upgrade if you want, or you can wait it out and upgrade right to Silver and skip a stage, i don't recomend this personally though.

Third in the series of ore that you'll be grabbing, nothing new nothing different. it's a bit harder to find in the ground the most other ores. but do your best and you should be able to find some.

The lustrious gold ore unfortunitley not much bling can be made with it other then some fine lookin armor and some upgrade tools but keep it in stock where ever you go because it can also be used in the refinery to get yourself a quick stock of pixel.

same as always you can upgrade some tools, and it looks like they've actually removed the platinum armor, or at least moved it up a few tiers, dont quite have it unlocked yet, but gimme a day i'll have it sorted out.

Steel is a combination of Iron Bar's and Coal Ore use it to create some new weapons and soem armor upgrades as well.

Just like before you gotta jump into Gamma sector and loot around to find some Titanium to be able to start crafting fancy armor and weapons its quite common to find along the surfaces and such so its not all too bad to get your hands on just watch out for birds.

most of these bars are identical as the last. combine a bar with coal get result, you'll need the MK4 star map to use Durasteel though, which you can get after beating the 4th boss by using the Monster Lab to create the next boss spawner item, looks like a cardboard box and something to do with peanut butter I don't know. was weird. didn't take a picture didn't seem important.


Found in the X Sector on level 5 & 6 planets, gotta get yet another crafting table upgrade to use the next set of upgrades same old news nothing really new here other then the armor stats and such

combine both Aegisalt bar and Coal to get yourself some Ferozium. got it good onward to the next ore same deal as before nothing seems to change much with these ores other then location location location dont forget to get another 40 bars to get the Ferozium upgrade to unlock...

find it in X Sector planets lvl 7 and 8 quite the abundance of flavor ores in these higher end planets finding all the rare hidden ore as if it were copper. more to come after this stay tuned as always use 40 bars of this ore to unlock...

second verse same as the last like 4 combine previouis bar with coal ore to get new bar and new armor and weapons. now get ahold of, you guessed it 40 bars of Violium to be able to get the next crafting table upgrade and unlock the ability to use

X Sector level 9 and 10 is where you'll find these, tough monsters even tougher grinds. things actually got difficult trying to get ahold of these but you should know that now since your at the end of the current set of stages in the game all thats left is upgrading your crafting table again with more upgrades, and as always 40 bars of rubium will unlock this upgrade so you can get yourself your impervium armor back. (its really good, 500hp op)

you guessed it, combine the rubium bars with coal and whammo more Impervium bars, get enough to fully outfit yourself with deliciously overpowered armor and then... i dont know go out finding vanity items i got nothing really.

Plutonium found in meteors and asteroids way the hell up above planets and apparently now in the earth on higher end X Sector planets was thinking it was some random purple ore thats new but it was just plutonium oh well, at least now we dont have to build four thousand blocks high to get ahold of it

Ship fuel each piece add's 4 to fuel including the Rod. nothing shows up for blueprints so its probably not quite added yet but its all over the place

theres plenty of it everywhere now not just in chests so get on down to the X sector planets and start mining you some diamond

It's more ship fuel to a ratio of 8 fuel to 1 piece of solarium rods included as well and like always as far as i can tell there are no blueprints that call for it so its just glorified ship fuel like the rest of it.
Ore's and Crafting - Part 2 / 2
Okay, now that we've told you about all the Ore's lets get into the crafting bit of this section. like the old version of the guide, ill post the armor's of each of the ore's in order of asending value and tier, starting with Copper of course as well as the old guide I'm still using an Avian, so you'll have armor that looks different then what most of the armor posted will look like, but the resources to create them are going to be nearly identical if im not mistaken.

I will post which are the Avian race armor's with an Asterisk beside the name ( *** ) so you know what to relate to your own races armor equivalent. Resource's are still going to be the same so no worries.

Another thing that is consistant for all armor's is the amount of Bar's you'll need to create things,

20 for the helmets
35 for the chest
12 for the pants

I will still place them below the armor as always, but this is basically how all things are going to be. so do take note that you'll need in total 67 minimum bars of the material to make just the armor alone. Weapons like before, I won't be posting, there are just to many to have to turn into a picture guide, especially if they plan on completely changing the stats for the umteenth time.

Now, Get yourself a basic Crafting Table and Anvil and set it up on your ship or home planet or really anywhere, and let's get started into craftin things shall we ?
Helm: 20 Copper Bars
Chest: 35 Copper Bars
Pants: 12 Copper Bars

Hatchling ***
Helm: 200 Pixel - 1 Copper Helmet - 20 Iron Bars
Chest: 350 Pixel - 1 Copper Chestpiece - 35 Iron Bars
Pants: 150 Pixel - 1 Copper Greaves - 12 Iron Bars

Helm: 20 Pixel - 20 Silver Bars
Chest: 30 Pixel - 35 Silver Bars
Pants: 10 Pixel - 12 Silver Bars

Sparrow ***
Helm: 500 Pixel - 1 Silver Helmet - 20 Steel Bars
Chest: 1200 Pixel - 1 Silver Chestpiece - 35 Steel Bars
Pants: 400 Pixel - 1 Silver Greaves - 12 Steel Bars

Helm: 200 Pixel - 20 Gold Bars
Chest: 500 Pixel - 35 Gold Bars
Pants: 100 Pixel - 12 Gold Bars
Now I'm going to break into this section a little, because now you have to have an upgraded Anvil to continue crafting your armor and weapons, and here's what you'll need to continue off of your base anvil and crafting table
This little addition is an upgraded anvil and will let you smelt together bars and coal to create better upgrades your first step after this is to create your Starmap MK2 upgrade which will then unlock more blueprints which will let you continue on your armor and weapon upgrades, quickly get yourself some pixels and iron bars and create the upgrade and then return back to your new station and let's get another upgrade.

quickly get yourself one of the following upgraded crafting tables.
You'll have had to defeat the second boss to get your hands on the processor you'll need to create a giant robot to be able to craft the next set of armor's and weapons because you need his item drop to create the next starmap upgrade which will then let you find new ore mainly titanium ore which will then allow you to create some new armor, as well as other better ores which will let you surpass your titanium armor upgrade in strides. put him together and then jump into the next sector Gamma
Quail ***
Helm: 650 Pixel - 1 Golden Helmet - 20 Titanium Bars
Chest: 1400 Pixel - 1 Golden Chestpiece - 35 Titanium Bars
Pants: 600 Pixel - 1 Golden Greaves - 12 Titanium Bars

Helm: 200 Pixel - 3 Steel Bars - 5 Matter Blocks
Chest: 500 Pixel - 10 Steel Bars - 12 Matter Blocks
Pants: 100 Pixel - 5 Steel Bars - 7 Matter Blcoks
Next you'll want to build the new Starmap MK3 upgrade that comes with this table to unlock the Gamma sector, once you've done that you'll wanna get your hands on a Decoy Princess
defeat the third boss and get your hands on the special item drop he has the Dragons Bone to be able to create the Starmap MK4 upgrade which will unlock the Delta Sector, and the durasteel upgrade, combine some Titanium with Coal to create Durasteel, sadly there doesnt seem to be a Durasteel armor, but you can get weapons, now you'll also need to create a monster lab to be able to craft the next boss summon item
get your hands on one of these
and then be ready for another fight, after you kill him you'll get his item to be able to create the durasteel upgrade through the crafting table. Do this and you'll unlock the next set of armor.
Please keep in mind, After each upgrade in armor, you WILL need to unlock the next Tech Upgrade, Take a look at the above image of the Durasteel Tech Upgrade, They are all basically the same, just take out the Boss item for all the ones After Durasteel, so for Aegisalt, Ferozium, Cerilium, Violium, Rubium and Impervium, you will need 40 of the previous bar to make the tech upgrade, the next upgrade is unlocked by using the previous upgrade, so now with that said i won't break up the next set of armor's but just remember to upgrade to be able to make them. they will also all be made at the Crafting Table instead of the Metalworking Station. only your weapons and Bar's will be made at the Metalworking Station now
Toucan ***
Helm: 20 Aegisalt Bars
Chest: 35 Aegisalt Bars
Pants: 12 Aegisalt Bars

Macaw ***
Helm: 20 Ferozium Bars
Chest: 35 Ferozium Bars
Pants: 12 Ferozium Bars

Peacock ***
Helm: 20 Cerilum Bars
Chest: 35 Cerilium Bars
Pants: 12 Cerilium Bars

Flamingo ***
Helm: 20 Violium Bars
Chest: 35 Violium Bars
Pants: 12 Violium Bars

Phoenix ***
Helm: 20 Rubium Bars
Chest: 35 Rubium Bars
Pants: 12 Rubium Bars

Raven ***
Helm: 20 Impervium Bars
Chest: 35 Impervium Bars
Pants: 12 Impervium Bars
Tech and you
This section will cover in brief about the various tech's you can get and use ingame. controls and all. Some pictures may not be available because I've simply forgotten to get them before i've used the blueprint, or because i haven't found them again since the wipe.
So Tech, Tech are various different Techniques you can learn by finding blue prints all over various planets in "High-Tec Chests" normally green ones, at least my findings they're more commonly found in green ones, but they again could be found anywhere, its a random chance but higher chances in the High-Tec chests, Now, when you get them its a blueprint item,

When you use those Blueprints you dont get to use it without jumping back to your ship and talking to your 3D printing station machine and choosing Tech in the menu instead of the 3D printer, when you've done that you'll see that your tech is now in the list, click on that, and then click on one of the LOCK IN buttons on the right, thats how you activate the tech to your character, you can only ever have 4 activate techs on your character, and only 1 of those at a time can ever be used at once, there is no quick swap to them aside from hitting I to bring up your inventory and then clicking on the different tech you have.

Now for a brief explanation of the different tech's that i've found, most of the controls seem to be about the same or variations of on how the Tech works,

This is performed by simply Double tapping either Left or Right direction defaulted to A and D keys on your keyboard, either on the ground or in the air, You can cover more ground by being in the air and repeatadly hitting the direction as to basically infinitley stay in the air.

This is performed simply by double jumping, hit Space Twice and you'll jump a second time, use it anytime throughout your initial jump, maximize your height by jumping at the peak of the first jump,

Done in the same way as Pulse Jump, Hit Jump a second time and hold it to keep Gravity Neutralizer activated. it lets you maintain the height your at indefinitley until you let go or run out of energy/stamina

This took me a little to figure out myself, since its not a jump technique or anything of the like, i had to just play with the keyboard till i hit something that worked, and that key is F
hit F to spawn this juggernaught of a useless thing and then stomp around shooting things for nothing. this thing is next to useless. needs to be updated or something to make it actually useful.
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Anyone wondering where stuff is and stuff this guide is out dated.
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whats the spawn command for the creature capture station?
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Hunger isn't a thing anymore.
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+Dragon601 cores are found underground
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wait i got the mech tech but i cant spawn in the mech