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Kingdom: Espionage
Dec 4, 2013 @ 11:04am
Dec 15, 2014 @ 5:31pm
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Spells and Powers Concept Art
We are now on Kickstarter!
Kingdom Espionage: An ambitious multiplayer game set in fantastical medieval world where you must defend your castle while attacking others to gain ranks!

Check us out at KickStarter to help make Kingdom: Espionage a reality!

Imagine an experience that combines strategy, action, adventure, and RPG elements with the deep plotline of a massive single-player campaign and the 'fun' of multi-player co-op play! :D
Yeah, it's pretty unique, we think so too :)

=====The FUN Parts!=====
In Espionage, you don't just defend your castle with traps, units, and environmental hazards, you also have to attack other player's castles with your own troops, counter-traps and spells to make it through! This unique gameplay is the first of its kind that we know of...think of it as Tower Defense meets Tower Attacks in a real-time-strategy setting, but requiring FPS level flexibility and RPG level character development! Whew!

Wait wait it gets better yet :D
You can play with other players in co-op mode to attack castles together with both of your band of units, complementary spells and gadgets and all sorts of different strategies! BUT, be careful, because if you lose a lot of units in a particular attack, your co-op partner might take the opportunity to now attack your undefended castle too!

=====Single Player Schmancyness!=====

You know the best part about Single Player campaigns? The fact that you can create amazing plot and storylines...unfortunately something we see less of that we'd like!
Kingdom Espionage follows a beautiful plot that combines the the stories of 4 different characters in their 'righteous quest' to overthrow the current corrupt emperor. Full of twists and intriguing philosophical juxtapositions, the story is unlike what you're typically going to come across and is bound to make you think at a much deeper level about the world around us at economic, moral, and political levels!

While that's all awesome, solo-play also offers a variety of fun modes to play in, including the 'Horde Mode', where you must survive against waves of incoming monsters to give enough time for your units to escape. Or the exact opposite, 'The Crunch' where you must attack as quickly as possible and take down all of the enemy's runners before they can leave the castle!

All in all, it's FUN!!

======Oh My Gosh! It's an Ogre!!========

What's a fantastical world without some awesomely fear inspiring creatures? Werewolves, HammerTusk Wolverine, Tank Ogres, Dragons (babies to teens!), Runefairies and other creatures roam the Lysterian woods, and are often tamed to provide protection to castles! Use your wits and the right strategies to take down these ominous creatures in time before they tear through your units when attack, or traps when defending!

======EPIC BOSS FIGHTS!======

What do you do when finally defeat a man-eating plant just to discover it's but a flower-bud on a MASSIVE all-consuming underground fungus? Well you KILL IT WITH FIRE of course :D
Or when you've finally taken down the last of the baby dragons only to discover you've angered the mama?

The bosses in Kingdom Espionage are planned to be not just massive in size, but require realistic strategies and teams of units to defeat them! And if you're stuck, just team up with a buddy in co-op mode to get ahead (though we warn you it's still no walk in the park!).

======The Future?======

Kingdom: Espionage is but the beginning of the 'Kingdom' universe, with 2 other installments planned based on the support and success we see with Espionage!
So support us on Steam and Kickstarter with gusto if the ideas presented here carry the freshness with them that you've been longing for ;)

=======Who We Are========

All of us here at DreamHatch Studios are really really nice people (we really are!). And obviously, all of us are intrigued by the astounding media that gaming has become. To us, gaming represents the 'new media' overshadows movies and shows in its ability to provide an experience and invoke deep thoughts. So for us the 'Kingdom' series of games represents a chance to share an amazing story, deep philosophies, and an incredible experience all wrapped up in over-sized packets of FUN! :D

Please support Kingdom Espionage by pre-ordering by supporting our KickStarter, liking us on Steam Greenlight, and sharing what we have here with your friends and other gamers on Facebook/Twitter and the like :)

=====Some More Info=====
Your goal as an ambitious Lysterian is to make your way up in the society. You do so by amassing available land - either by purchasing it, or by stealing it from other players. Your primary currency is Daric, which is used to purchase more land, units for your armies, traps and contraptions to aid in defense, or upgrades for yourself and your units.

As you gain more land, your status goes up from a Serf to a Knight, to a Noble and so on, and you receive more tributes from your total owned land as well.

As you grow, you will need to learn how to defend your land against other invaders. You do this by setting up defenses within your Castle using different traps, units, and environmental hazards.

Players can attack each other to try and take over the land and money from other players. If you successfully invade another player's castle, make it past their defenses, and get your units into the inner chambers, you will be able to take over some of their land. However, you need to plan out your attacks and strategy to make an attack successful - any units you lose during an attack are lost permanently - you will need to buy new units to make up for the lost ones. And, you have a limited time in which you must make it past each castle.

Getting your units through the traps is challenging - you can issue commands to your units like Stop, Follow, Charge, or Retreat. Then you must time their movements while at the same time disabling different traps using your counter trap gadgets or similar strategies.

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