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New Cooking Recipes - Hearthfire
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Dec 3, 2013 @ 8:30pm
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New Cooking Recipes is a mod I add to now-and-again when I think of things. This was just a fun mod I wanted to do to add a little variety and make me want to cook more. Recipes and benefits are considered with lore in mind.

Please rate it up^ if you like! :-D

Requires Hearthfire DLC!

Nexus version here[www.skyrim.nexusmods.com]

I'm open to suggestions and inspiration for future recipes! Also, if anyone would like to help by doing some new meshes that are unique for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. I am only beginning to make simple textures, but I can't do meshes, least not yet :(

Breakfast Foods:
French Toast - uses Hearthfire mesh
Omelette - new texture

Soups and Stews:
Meat Chili - Beef, Chicken, 2 Tomato, Garlic
Vegetarian Chili - Carrot, Leek, Mammoth Cheese Bowl, 2 Tomato, Garlic
Clam Chowder - potato, slaughterfish egg, spiky grass, leeks, clams
Herbal Fondue - Ale, Goat Cheese Wheel, Frost Mirriam, Garlic
Seafood Stew - Clam Meat, Horker Meat, Salmon, Garlic, Spiky Grass
Hearty Swamp Gumbo - Flour, Alto Wine, Leek, Garlic, Mudcrab Chitin, Swamp Fungal Pod
Woodland Stew - Nord Mead, Bleeding Crown, Pheasant, Rabbit, Garlic, Lavender

Teas: Besides the ingredients below, you'll also need a Tankard, and Water (added in this mod, there is a "Water Barrel" right next to the well in the center of Whiterun with 10 Waters in it, and it respawns).
Battle Tea - Dragon's Tongue, Hanging Moss, Luna Moth Wing
Lavender Tea - Lavender
Mage Tea - Jazbay Grapes, Moon Sugar
Wildflower Tea - Red, Blue, and Purple Mountain Flower, Tundra Cotton

Sailor's Grog - Ale, Slaughterfish Scale, Spiky Grass
Hunters Courage - Ale, Spider Egg, Mora Tapinella, Purple Mountain Flower

Sweetroll (existing dish, now you can make it!) - Flour, 2 Chicken Eggs, Sugar, Honey

Personally I just could not believe Hearthfire didn't include regular sugar as a food ingredient, and calling for the same old SALT in the SWEETROLL recipe. There is nothing sweet at all in it! Why call it "sweetroll"? My recipe is an alternate, which makes the same food item. I didn't alter the original, it's still there, you can choose.

New Ingredients Added:
Maple Syrup - new texture
Small Milk - new texture
Large Milk - new texture

How to Cook:
- Three recipe books are on the front table of Breezehome
- Go up to any cooking pot and they will appear.
- COC to the special test cell, "NCR_TestCell" to find recipe books, cooking pot and oven

Baked Goods must be made at the Hearthfire Oven:
Sweetroll (both vanilla and my recipes make the same food item)
French Toast

How to get New Ingredients:
- Certain food or ingredient barrels has a chance to have them.
- Most (not all) innkeepers have a chance to sell them.
- 2 new ingredient barrels (flour and sugar) on a wall shelf in Breezehome.
- Sugar, Flour, Milk, Honey ingredients have been added as random world loot.
- COC to the special test cell, "NCR_TestCell" to find several respawning barrels.

LItem Lists Modified:

- Recipes for Clam Chowder and Sweetroll, as well as flour, sugar, and milk are NOT same as those in Hearthfire, they are specific to this mod.
- NO, I will NOT be making compatibility patches for RN&D or any other food mod. I have no interest whatsoever in getting that mod, much less examining it in CK and spending time figuring out how to make mine work with it.
- If anyone else would like to make a patch, feel free, just give proper credit and link back to this mod.

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Saranchan Jan 1 @ 9:39am 
Also, small milk.
Saranchan Jan 1 @ 9:36am 
Can't find enough syrup. Did you add that item to random world loot as well? Or am I missing a barrel full of them?
Anduniel  [author] Dec 30, 2014 @ 9:49pm 
Ha. You're right. I'll prolly fix that... sometime.
Frikster Dec 30, 2014 @ 8:29pm 
I liked until I found out that... I'll need to keep getting new tankards every time I want to make more tea? :/ um... It's not like I need a new bowl each time I make more stew. Am I missing something?
[Versace] xXxDankMasta420xXx Dec 8, 2014 @ 6:13pm 
Exactly the type of mod I've been looking for, thanks!
CoraxSA Jul 15, 2014 @ 2:21am 
My apologies. I can see you changed the colors in some of the things. I personally just like items that are completely unique. Having five soups that still look the same, if slightly off in shade, gets confusing when I make food to make my home look better. (because goodness knows you dont EAT the food.) Dont mind me though. I have no idea how mods are made so I really cant judge too much.
Anduniel  [author] Jul 14, 2014 @ 6:38pm 
Um... meaning what, exactly? I DID change some of the textures... Did you not read either???
CoraxSA Jul 14, 2014 @ 6:20pm 
I wish you would have changed up the textures. Then I would have downloaded this in a heartbeat.
General Moon Jul 10, 2014 @ 10:46pm 
I think the textures are great, they keep the "Nordic" feel to the items but still change them in a good way. Well one thing i have to say is that the Omelette should've had a little darker colour so it looks like it has been cooked in a cooking pan, but great work with this mod.
Balto Jun 29, 2014 @ 7:59pm 
There's a difference between picky, and trying to overall imporve the mod. I did not see that, so sorry.