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Sharing Hull Templates on Steam Workshop
By TBTBuild and 1 collaborators
A step-by-step guide to sharing hull templates on Steam Workshop.
You can now share your favorite hull templates with other Steam players by publishing them to the workshop.
Saving a Template
Before you publish a template, you must save it. You can save your template in the [Customize Hull] screen. To save a template, click [Templates] > [Save] > [~New Template~]. You will then be asked to give the template a name; enter a name and confirm it.
Publishing a Template
Now that you have saved your template, the next step is to publish it to the workshop. To publish a template, click [Templates] > [Publish] > [NameOfTemplate] > [Publish]. You will then be asked to provide a short, optional description of the template; enter and confirm it.
Subscribing to a Template
You can browse Templates users have published while inside the Shop. To do this, click [User Templates] > [Archetype] > [Hull] > [Search]. This will retrieve a list of templates published for the hull you choose. To subscribe to a template, click on its listing. This will create a popup with the full description of the template and a button that will [Subscribe to Template].
Purchasing a Template
Once subscribed to a template, you can purchase parts from it, or purchase the entire template all at once. To do this, click [User Templates] > [Archetype] > [Hull] > [View Subscribed]. This will retrieve a list of templates you have subscribed to for the hull you choose. To purchase a template, click its listing.

This will create a popup that will allow you to [Buy Parts] or [Unsubscribe] from the template. Select [Buy Parts], and another popup will be created.

From this screen, you can purchase specific parts of the template by clicking on the item you wish to purchase. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase the entire template by clicking the [Buy] button.
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