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Mar 31, 2012 @ 8:05pm
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If you play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with an Xbox 360 Gamepad for Windows, you probably have noticed how difficult it is to access your favorites and use the quicksave/quickload features, especially if you are used to accessing hotkeys 1-8 on your keyboard.

Kontrol adds the ability to quickly select between 8 hotkeys on the d-pad of your Xbox 360 controller. This is accomplished by using the four cardinal directional buttons for the first four hotkeys, and then pressing & holding the "shift button" (LB or "Sprint" button) + the same four cardinal directions for the last four hotkeys. This mod also gives you the ability to quicksave or quickload by pressing a combination of buttons.

Key Features:
• Expands the default Skyrim D-pad hotkeys. Instead of only two hotkeys, you can use up to eight!
• Access eight of your favorite items, spells, shouts and powers with these new hotkeys.
• Ability to quicksave/quickload on the fly. No need to use your keyboard or go through menus!
• Take screenshots from the controller.
• Compatible with all official Skyrim DLC and other mods, except mods that modify the controller scheme.
• The controller buttons remain relatively the same from vanilla Skyrim -- no learning a completely new layout!

Essentially, instead of only two favorites being accessable by the default Skyrim client, Kontrol adds the hotkeys for favorites as such:

Hotkey 1: D-pad Up
Hotkey 2: D-pad Right
Hotkey 3: D-pad Down
Hotkey 4: D-pad Left
Hotkey 5: LB + D-pad Up
Hotkey 6: LB + D-pad Right
Hotkey 7: LB + D-pad Down
Hotkey 8: LB + D-pad Left
Quicksave: LB + A
Quickload: LB + B
Favorites Menu: Back
Wait: LB + Back
Auto-Run: LB + R3
Screenshot: LB + Start

When you subscribe to this mod, try adding your most used spells, shouts, powers, and items to favorites. Then, access your favorites menu (back button) and browse through your favorites. To assign a favorite a hotkey slot (you can have up to eight), simply press and hold the button(s) associated with that slot.

So if you have a favorite item such as a sword and want to easily access it by pressing LB + D-pad Left, simply open your favorites menu, browse to the sword, then press and hold LB + D-pad Left for a second until you see a number next to the sword (in this case, the number will be "8", as in "hotkey 8").

Changelog for Current Version:
-Changed "Wait" from [Back] to [Shift + Back]
-Changed "Favorites Menu" from [Shift + Back] to [Back]
-Changed keymapping documents and picture to reflect the changes

Troubleshooting & Help
+ If you are not noticing any changes when you subscribe to this mod, such as you still only have two buttons that use favorite hotkeys, or if you notice any problems after updating the mod, such as favorites/wait button(s) not working properly, then browse to your \steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\ folder and delete or rename ControlMap_Custom.txt to something else. If you still experience issues, make sure there is no controlmap.txt in \steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data\interface\controls\pc\

+ If you can't stop sprinting after pressing a combination of buttons, simply tap the sprint button (LB) again. This is an issue with using the sprint button as the shift for hotkeys and quicksaves/loads. So, for example, if you sprint and quicksave (LB + A) while moving forward, you sometimes may end up auto-sprinting without touching the controller. It's an issue I can't fix on the mod level, you just have to tap the sprint button again. But it's a really minor issue and not really noticable. This issue is probably why Bethesda didn't allow more than 2 hotkeys on the controller by default.

+ I will not do any personal requests for customizations. If you want to customize, then use a real controlmap.txt and learn how to customize it yourself (it's really easy). There are so many gamepad customization files on the Skyrim Nexus, it's a dime-a-dozen, so it should be easy for you to figure out how to assign keys to what you want.

Honestly, I uploaded this to Steam Workshop for my own personal use, but made it public because someone else might like these configurations. Enjoy!
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MadKingdom™ Aug 25 @ 9:05pm 
wow! truly helpful ...tired of searching and choosing with the 2 hotkeys given...THANK U!!
Deathbegrim Aug 12 @ 9:16pm 
what if your using a ps3 controller, like me?
VichyDunGoofed Jun 25 @ 4:02pm 
@GlitchyShadow129 if you have to emulated as a 360 controller then there should be no problem
DuckofInsanity May 30 @ 6:47pm 
What worries me is the future. I seriously cannot play this game without this mod. I really hope you make a similar mod for TES VI if it needs it like Skyrim did. My favorite part is the D-pad functions you added.
ZalrokChaos Apr 18 @ 8:42pm 
I have to disconnect my controller when i want to sell stuff or put stuff in chests, is there a mod for that?
glowaru Apr 18 @ 6:33pm 
This mod is a lifesaver. I played Skyrim for about a year and a half before I moved on to the PC version and I couldn't imagine playing an Elder Scrolls game with a keyboard. The LB combos took a little getting used to at first with the whole not being able to be a flowerpicking sprinter anymore due to the LB+A Quicksave but now that I think about it it makes much more sense that you'd have to slow down for that sort of thing anyway.
EricE Mar 16 @ 5:19pm 
does it work with a ps3 controller?
DuckofInsanity Feb 23 @ 7:32pm 
Best mod ever. I wish I had money so I could donate
DSyplex Feb 22 @ 3:50pm 
I don't use the hotkeys since I get confused trying to configure weapons and shields at the same time, as well as duel weilded weapons, but I LOOOOOOOVE the quick save and quickload buttons! They are extremely helpful while training pickpocketing, and there's also the autowalk and screenshot features which are fantastic. Thanks so much for this mod!
dorkinstine Feb 3 @ 7:54pm 
ok i'll try it. downloded the free graficks pack and and now I cant switch wepons or auto save.
I still use Xpadder for the other games tho.