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Wind Destruction Magic
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Wind Destruction Magic

Wind Destruction Magic

Adds wind as new type of destruction magic. Besides dealing the same amount of health damage as the other destruction spells, wind spells have a chance throw enemies away from the caster upon impact. The chance to fling enemies away is dependent on the spell being cast. This mod includes 8 new spells, 3 new perks for the destruction skill tree, one new weapon enchantment, and modifies one existing spell. Wind spells typically cost a little more to cast than their shock spell counterparts and move as fast as their frost spell equivalents.

Requires Dragonborn



Gust - A burst of wind that does 8 points of damage per second to Health. Chance for enemies to be flung away is 5% per second.

Whirlwind - A burst of air that does 25 points of wind damage to Health. Chance for enemies to be flung away is 15%.

Wind Rune - Cast on a nearby surface, it explodes for 50 points of wind damage when enemies come near. Chance for enemies to be flung away is 25%.

Tornado - A fierce cyclone that does 40 points of wind damage to Health in a 10 foot radius. Chance for enemies to be flung away is 20%.

Whirlwind Cloak – This spell has been modified to make it behave more like the other destruction cloak spells. Originally, targets only had chance to be thrown away upon entering the effective range of the cloak. With this version enemies within range continually have a chance to be flung away. 8 points of damage per second are also dealt to enemies within range. Chance for enemies to be flung away is 5% per second.

Tempest - A burst of air that does 60 points of wind damage to Health. Chance for enemies to be flung away is 25%.

Wall of Wind - Sprayed on the ground, it creates a wall of wind that does 50 points of wind damage per second. Chance for enemies to be flung away is 5% per second for both the hazard and the direct spray of the spell.

Cyclone - A fierce whirlwind that does 75 points of wind damage to Health in a 15 foot radius. Chance for enemies to be flung away is 50%.

Ash Cloak – Enemies in melee range are encased in harden ash for 10 seconds. This spell replaces the original Whirlwind Cloak as the reward for the Wind and Sand quest. If your character has already learned the original whirlwind cloak spell it will be automatically replaced with this spell when you load the mod.



Augmented Wind, 2 Ranks – Wind spells do 25% more damage per rank(Does not increase the chance for the knock back effect).

Gale Force – Enemies will always be flung away when their health is low.


Weapon Enchantment

Wind Damage - Chance for enemies to be flung away is 10% per strike, also deals wind damage to enemies.


Misc Spell Information

The chance to fling enemies away for Gust, Whirlwind, Tornado, Tempest, and Wall of Wind, is increased by 2.2x when dual cast. (Only the spray from wall of wind, not the hazard, receives this benefit.)

Enemies like dwarven automatons and mammoths will not be flung away if the secondary effect activates, but they will stagger.


Spell, Staff, and Enchantment Acquisition

Spell Tomes for wind spells can be obtained as loot or from any vendor that normally sells destruction spell tomes. Weapons with the wind damage enchantment can also be obtained as loot. Weapon vendors also have a chance to carry weapons with the enchantment. Items are leveled, so characters at low level won't be able to get the new higher level spells until they have the a sufficient destruction skill level. Staffs for some of the wind spells can be obtained as loot or crafted at the staff enchanter in Tel Mithryn.


Future Versions

In future releases I plan to add enemies to Skyrim that use wind spells, a wind atronach spell, and if possible add a Resist Wind Damage enchantment.



Q: How do I get the spells?

A: Refer to the above section entitled Spell, Staff, and Enchantment Acquisition

Q: Will you make more types of destruction magic, such as earth, wind, etc?

A: You can get my water magic mod here: I am currently in the planning phases for earth magic but I'm not yet sure if I can create an earth magic mod that I would be happy with.

Q: Is this mod compatible with my other spell mods or overhauls?

A: This mod was created with vanilla Skyrim in mind and compatibility with other mods was not a concern. I will not be going out of my way to make this mod compatible with SkyRe or any magic overhaul mods. However, you should still be able use the spells, they just probably won't benefit from any other mods you may have installed.

Q: Why are vendors not selling the spell tomes for the new spells?

A: This problem is most likely caused by a mod conflict. A simple solution is to place the esp file for this mod lower down in the load order, below any other mods that add spells to the game. Load up your game and the tomes should be in the inventory of any vendor that sells spell tomes. Purchase and use the
tomes for the spells you want, save your game and quit and then return the mod to wherever it was in the load order previously. The new tomes will disappear from vendors' inventories again, but you should still be able to use the new water spells.

Q: I have installed this mod along with your Water Destruction Magic mod, but I can only find spell tomes and weapons at the vendors for one of them. How do I fix this.

A: At the moment there is a conflict between my two magic mods. You can still use both types of spells at the same time, but you can't purchase both types of spell tomes from the vendors simultaneously. I am going to release a mod in the future that contains both the wind and water spells in one package, but for now you can get around the problem by applying the solution outlined in the previous question

Q: When will you release the combined mod?

A: Hopefully within the next 3 months.My plan is to include earth magic in that mod as well, so the release date of the combined mod is dependent on how long earth magic takes to complete. Be aware that the combined mod will require the Dragonborn expansion, because the wind spells use several assets from it.
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