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Wildlife Park 1 - Gold Edition
Platforms: PC, Mac
Players: Single-player
Dec 17, 2013 @ 8:37am
May 21 @ 6:57am
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"Wildlife Park"-series
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New languages russian, french and spanish
Release date: Immediately after getting greenlight
Wildlife Park - Gold Edition - the ressurection of a nostalgic zoo manager!
The "Gold Edition" includes the original "Wildlife Park" and its add-on "Wild Creatures" and will be available for PC and MAC!

Build the wildlife park of your dreams!
Provide optimal living conditions for your animals and observe pandas, elephants, apes and many other animal species in their happy, everyday lives. Watch them play, eat and sleep - you can even experience the birth and upbringing of their offspring. The add-on 'Wild Creatures' offers you an enormous amount of new possibilities: breed back extinct animals such as mammoths and dinosaurs in the research institutes and genetic labs. These rare, prehistoric creatures will surely attract even more visitors to your park!

  • 60 different elaborately animated and simulated animal species, from mammals to reptiles, birds, amphibians and prehistoric animals.
  • Diversified animal behaviour – each animal shows an individual social and sexual behaviour as well as births, ageing, aggression and trainability.
  • Complete over 20 missions at different locations all around the world, with varying plantation, climates and architectural designs.
  • Unlimited possibilities to design the landscape of your wildlife park: in different altitudes, with rich plantation, bridges, waterfalls and even man-made bodies of water.

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Jul 24 @ 2:49am
Why Wildlife Park 1 when we have Wildlife Park 2?
Dec 23, 2013 @ 3:06am
Support and complete the "Wildlife Park"-series
Jul 2 @ 10:09am
When will it be available for purchase?
Shakey Graves
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Küken Aug 25 @ 3:39am 
I LOVED to play this game as a child, and i would love to play it again now. Wasnt satisfied by WLP2 and 3, the animal behaivor was less realistic (my lions starved while although they killed some eatable animals -_-) and not this "classical" graphicdesign. I think- I know, looking the the comments here- that there are a lit of people like me wanna play that game again.. so please..
Otter the Great Aug 24 @ 2:09pm 
Can we please get this game...
clockworksdragon Aug 19 @ 4:40am 
Can we get an update for Wildlife Park 1 please?
Otter the Great Aug 6 @ 12:55pm 
So is this game going to come out soon? :/
clockworksdragon Jul 30 @ 1:32pm 
Is there anything I can do to help?
I really want WP1 I'll do anything with in my ability to help get this Title on a Store page.
can you give us an update an not a link to WP2 which most of us already have.
Krovoglaz Jul 19 @ 3:24am 
Первая часть намного лучше второй и третьей, из всех подобных игр уступает только Zoo Tycoon 2. Купил ее еще в детстве, остался диск, но очень жду в steam-е
Misha Jul 17 @ 9:20am 
any updates? WP2 is out... I want this one
Zilla Jul 6 @ 9:07pm 
@clock samee
clockworksdragon Jul 4 @ 11:47am 
I wish you good luck in getting past these obstacles. I'll be one of the first to buy WP1 and WP2 as soon as they are posted on Steam. I can hardly wait, and I'll be playing WP3 in the mean time.