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Conspiracy Prophecy 2017
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Nov 26, 2013 @ 3:30pm
Jan 17 @ 1:14pm

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It's all true, every last bit. The Illuminati are real, Aliens are real, the New World Order is real. All governments are simply leading flocks of mindless Sheeple. They are puppets put in power by the Earth's real masters ... and you're in charge of the whole operation. Take the head seat of the New World Lunar Order Council Base and decide the fate of the world, one crisis at a time.

Conspiracy Prophecy 2017 is a game about resource management, minion management, decision making and humor.

You begin the game enjoying a moment of happiness, congratulating your advisers on having stopped the Mayan End Of The World prophecy of December 21st 2012. Suddenly, terrible news! You are visited by a Fourth Dimensional Cube Being claiming that the world will now end in 2017! Now it's up to you, and your advisers, to find a way to prevent or survive this new End Of The World before it's too late!

Through monthly meetings with your advisers you will solve crises, manage minion armies in the world map and take steps to prevent the End Of The World, from your base on the moon.

Manage Four Resources:

  • Sheeple: Gain through choices. The amount of people that do not believe in you worldwide
  • Stability: Gain through choices.
  • Resources: May spend directly. The amount of fabric, steel, gold, electronics,etc... that you have at your disposal
  • Thralls: May spend directly. The number of people that are directly under control of your mind controlling microchips

Build Three types of armies:

  • Enforcer minions are soldiers and secret police. Their mission is to re-establish order in one of the world's regions and raise stability. In doing so, however, they also reduce the percentage of sheeple that region produces since the combat is bound to have unintended casualties.

  • Spinmeisters are diplomats, reporters, politicians, lobbyists, and so on. Their job is to keep the population blissfully ignorant of all of your order's nefarious deeds, including it's existence! They increase the Sheeple percentage in a region, however all the media, gifts, bribes and escorts they have to hire end up costing their fair share of the resource produced in the region they are deployed in.

  • Resourcers' jobs are to gather more resources in a region. However, since they are essentially stealing wealth from that region, they tend to cause stability to lower wherever they work.

Save The World

Imagine the world crisis as a ladder that you climb to win. Each step is an objective that your Order must achieve, but how you achieve it is your choice. Each one of your eight advisers will have their own plan for each step, some of them will cost more resources other will cost more Thralls, others yet will be cheaper but have Stability or Sheeple percentage penalties. The more resources you have to spend at the End Of The World, the higher the chance of success. Not to mention, the happier the Council is with your leadership, the cheaper the entire plan will be. Ultimately it's up to you to manage the Council and make sure you prevent the worst from happening!

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Mr.Flash☮ Jul 28 @ 12:10am 
Gud game coz illuminati
adzub100 Jul 23 @ 1:16am 
voted yes, good game
awesomebillfromdawsonville Jul 10 @ 7:06pm 
much much random is needed to make this game great
Reggienator Jul 8 @ 1:52am 
It says add more
The Puppeteer Jun 26 @ 8:47am 
you should change name to "iluminati simulator"
wingzero5555 Jun 4 @ 12:10am 
I would love this game simply for the simpsons episode version of this. I hope it comes out
Nebuchadnezzer May 22 @ 2:25pm 
I love the idea of this game, and would definitely purchase it, I just hope for two things: One, that the game be replayable, such as multiple endings or different crisis, and two, that no playthrough be the same, have crisis's appear in random order to help with the game not becoming stale after the first few playthroughs. Definitley hopy to see this game in the store soon.
Time Turner May 20 @ 9:29pm 
Haha awesome
L. May 3 @ 4:48pm 
This is something i would buy; funny, intelligent, clever. everything i would want in a game
Kartochka Apr 29 @ 12:07pm