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Genre: Adventure, RPG, Casual
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Nov 25, 2013 @ 5:10pm
Jun 13 @ 1:59pm

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Alpha Dev-Update #9 - Multiplayer Server Client
  • No. of connected players –
  • This area isn’t actually a button, it just shows the number of currently connected players.
  • Online/Offline –
  • To toggle the server online/offline simply press the globe. When Green the server is live, when red it is offline.
  • Lock/Unlock –
  • To toggle password protection on the server you click the lock. When the lock is shut a password is required. You can change the password at any time via the console.
  • Save Server –
  • Pretty standard, pressing the save icon saves all world data.
  • Kick Player –
  • Removed a player form the server
  • Add Player –
  • Invites a player to the server (Not sure how I’m going to implement this so it will most likely disappear)
  • Close Client –
  • This will take the server offline and close the client

That’s all that’s implemented for now, but as you can see there’s plenty of slots left for new options in the future. Also, everything that can be achieved through buttons can also be done via written commands. I’ll post a list of all commands nearer release as I’m sure they’ll change!

In order to host a server, you will have to either have all your friends on a Hamachi network, or port forward. There’s lots of resources about this online, and lots of games use the same process, so you should be familiar. I’ll be posting videos showing exactly how this is done closer to release.

There’s not much to talk about gameplay wise; it will operate the same way the story does except you will be online with friends. One thing I will mention is that Multiplayer probably won’t have all the functionality of Single player straightaway. Likewise changes to the game may happen to the story mode first and then followed through to Multiplayer.

… I don’t know. This is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. I want Samphi to be DRM free. That’s certain, but that means I’m open to piracy more. To combat that somewhat I originally planned to have a login to play online; much like the system Minecraft uses, you need a valid account to play online.

My only problem with that is that I don’t want to impede the player’s experience. What happens if my servers go down and no-one can authenticate their login? The back-end of this is written, in-place and working; whether I use it or not though I don’t know. Feedback from you guys would be great here. Would logging in (within the game client) to play online be too much of a nuisance?

I'm not sure if there will be another update before beta! Multiplayer and story were the last milestones and one of them is complete and in testing. I guess I might put another out once I've made progress with the story, but not 100% on that.

As always you can show your support and keep up to date with development by following me here:

Visit my websites
Greeny Games Website[]
Samphi Website[]

Follow me on Twitter/Facebook
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Until next time, ciao.

Samphi, Alpha Dev-Update #8 - Texture Packs, Multiple Chests and More!
Release date: Soon as Greenlit!

Samphi is a randomly generated survival/rpg set in a 2D sandbox universe. What will hopefully make Samphi unique from the other games in this genre, is the greater focus on RPG, world management and the story.

The story of Samphi is about travelling through memories to re-live a broken relationship before letting go. A recent comment hit the nail on the head in what i'm trying to acheive. "Terraria meets To The Moon. Interesting. Got my vote." That's just what i'm trying to do. It will be a while before the story is up and running (I'm a single-man dev currently at University as well!) so for now in order to drum up a community the game is out in alpha giving you the freeplay mode in which the world is yours; This is only 50% of the game :)

To add something new to this kind of experience all memories are set in randomly generated sandbox areas which gives a whole new level of freedom. Instead of just carting the player from A to B with fixed dialog I want you to be able to create your own worlds, play how you want and ultimately apply your own significance to the game. Also with the addition of RPG features such as character progression, skills and pets I hope to really immerse the player into the world they create around themselves making the experience much deeper.
  • The story behind Samphi is about the reflection of an ended relationship.
    The characters are 'boy' & 'girl'. They have no dialog, no mouths, just their memories.
    Experiencing these in a sandbox world allows you to follow the story in your own way.

  • Play as either 'Boy' or 'Girl' and travel through the memories of their relationship.
    Each memory will find you in a randomly generated area in which you replay the memory.
    Complete all memories in the timeline and their tasks to learn the story behind 'boy' & 'girl'.

  • Samphi's story is me sharing my own experience. Almost an interactive diary.
    The loose telling of the story will allow you to add your own significance to your experience.
    If that's not your bag there's always freeplay mode where there's no restrictions.

Since I've created a whole sandbox universe for Samphi, as well as a story mode there is also freeplay where this world is your own. There is no goal, just sandbox goodness.
Create your own world, live your own story, use your skills to survive and hone them to master the world around you.
  • Each world is made up of randomly generated areas. What you do in this world is up to you!
    Dig, build, gather and create your own world. Don't take too long; things go bump in the night.
    You have plenty of materials at your disposal so let's see what you can create with them.

  • Once you have gathered your materials you are ready to craft.
    Use what you have gathered to forge new items and equipment to help you build your world.
    To craft better items and building materials build yourself a crafting bench.

  • Now you have your items and a shelter its time for the final step. Food!
    There's multiple ways in which you can get food including gathering, fishing and farming.
    Time to get back to your house, rustle up a campfire and cook your spoils.

  • While doing all this you will be gaining experience and improving your skills.
    The more you hone your skills the more competent and masterful you'll become.

  • Accompanying you throughout your adventure is your own pet.
    As he/she accompanies you you will find your pet grown stronger alongside you.
    The pet is currently a dog but I hope to add more later!

Samphi is in its most infant form. This is the first real build of the game so there's lots still to implement.
The funds raised through alpha funding are going to allow me to dedicate more time to development and make the best possible game.
Here's SOME of the features that I have planned for future development.

  • A solid story based on the description above
  • Greater RPG elements such as character progression, skills and pets
  • Larger worlds with more biomes
  • Local and online multiplayer
  • Many, Many more items
  • More weapons and enemies
  • More features I don't even know yet!

If you like the sound of Samphi and would like to support development you can purchase the alpha at the following stores:

Samphi's Official Site[]
Shiny Loot[]
Indie Game Stand[]

If you do purchase the game now you get all future releases for free and the game on steam if we ever get Greenlit :)

You can show support by giving Samphi some social media love. Here's some links that might interest you!

Visit my websites
Greeny Games Website[]
Samphi Website[]

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YarPro3 Oct 22 @ 7:49pm 
nice dame voted

Scarabarada Oct 14 @ 12:58am 
Greeny Games Studio  [author] Oct 11 @ 2:18pm 
Quite a few of the previous comments have been comparing Samphi to Terraria so i'll quickly reiterate:

Yes they're similar. Not going to deny that. Samphi however is more focused on micro-management of the world, not exploring it, has a skill and level system and will feature a short, but hopefully powerful, story.

I'm just trying to bring another title to this genre with my own tweaks. :) Variety is a good thing.
av28 Oct 10 @ 3:46pm 
I like it! thumbs up
Haunter Sep 30 @ 3:24pm 
I'd rather play terraria.
maxym.m11 Sep 26 @ 3:41pm 
Plagiarism of Terraria.

Плагиат Террарии.
watabou Sep 21 @ 2:59pm 
You kidding me? This is Terraria.
|Zen| DueskallMS Aug 27 @ 6:11am 
Looks like Terraria/Starbound.
We don't need another thanks.
sirrobim Aug 25 @ 4:22am 
looks terraria
Tashrynn Aug 22 @ 9:42pm 
Keep being awesome!