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The Stomping Land
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Nov 25, 2013 @ 1:52pm
Jun 2 @ 4:49pm

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The Stomping Land is a multiplayer survival game about living in a world with dinosaurs. Form tribes, build traps, and hunt down Earth's historic beasts with the goal of becoming the most dominant tribe on the island.

Players assume the role of a tribal hunter with basic survival needs such as hunger and thirst. Using resources gathered from the environment, hunters can upgrade their core items, build campsites, and set traps to aid them in their hunt. Successful hunters will discover the ability to tame dinosaurs to use as mounts and other advantages.

Dinosaurs naturally roam the island on their own, looking for food, travelling in packs, and trying to survive just like the hunters. Most dinosaurs are too big or strong to take any damage from a hunter's bow. So in order to kill or tame them, a hunter must first bring the dinosaur to the ground. The fastest and most effective way of taking down a dinosaur is to cooperatively lasso the dinosaur to the ground. Once a dinosaur is down, a hunter can kill the dinosaur for food and resources, or feed the dinosaur to gain it's trust and use as a mount.

Friends who travel together can form a tribe, benefiting from each other's resources as well as strive to upgrade the same totem faster. Totems are the key component to every tribe's campsite, as it is what enables the tribe to tame bigger and more difficult dinosaurs to use for protection and hunting. This process yields a heavy pvp component, as tribes will invade each other campsites to cripple their opponent's progress and steal totem heads for their own benefit.

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Leomos Jun 22 @ 12:21pm 
INVISIBLEARR0W Jun 11 @ 12:35pm 
the games needs to not be laggy and make it bigger and people should not bealbe to break your house and its not fun when you make us restart our grate progress over and over agin
HombreFelipe Jun 8 @ 5:45pm 
Here is some gameplay if you're interested:
Sheepitaur Jun 2 @ 9:47am 
I Like Where Jake Higgins is going, Tepee customization and being able to bola SMALL dinosaur is a great idea, but being able to tame them after they have been roped up would make the healing herb not useful for small Dinosaurs.
SirEnd3r Jun 1 @ 5:08pm 
Is there lassos
SirEnd3r Jun 1 @ 5:07pm 
is there lasos
PirateRage Jun 1 @ 10:19am 
Please give me free game :)
jake.higgins564 Jun 1 @ 1:50am 
The foliage (leaves and bushes) shouldn't be so frequent in the centre of the island as it makes the game a lot more laggy and difficult to see where you are going. I recommend introducing some teepee customization options too. Also, there should be more large open grassland areas like in the prototype where stampedes occur... Also some really good features like being able to attach rope to a bow and create traps seen in the prototype were not in the alpha and should be in the final game. Finally, I feel that you should be able to capture dinosaurs with your bolas and be able to ride them that way too. Nevertheless, great game and if these features are implemented into the final game, we could be looking at one of the games of the year! (Copy and paste this into another post if you think it is a good idea)
INVISIBLEARR0W May 31 @ 9:03pm 
the game is a little laggy and the dinosors i dont think it should be a one hit kill it should be more real listic and not like dayz. And dinosors should not be aple to walk threw the house becuase you cant. Can you guys fix these things it will meake the games so much better.
Raziel May 31 @ 11:13am 
hey guys, do you have some trouble aswell trying to buy the game ?