This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Nov 23, 2013 @ 8:54pm
Jun 25, 2014 @ 1:13pm
So what is this game about?

Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme is a romantic comedy visual novel about a group of people who suddenly need to live their lives as the opposite gender. The game features a cast of 13 diverse characters going through their daily lives as a freak accident suddenly changes everything.

How does it play out?

At the start of the game the player chooses which of our cast they wish to follow in their daily lives and they proceed to make choices that lead to different outcomes, endings, and transformations.

Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme is a fun and silly game about some guys turning into girls, some girls turning into guys, and some of them transforming into other fun things all in the name of SCIENCE!

So Why Greenlight?

After a very successful run on Indiegogo we've completely overhauled the art and story. The game has been available via Desura's Alpha Funding for quite some time now and has been doing quite well. We hope to bring our game to steam so that our game can be made available to a much wider audience.

Current Status

Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme is still a work in progress. We currently have 4 completed characters out of our planned 13. We update the game as each new character is made available.

1. Yael is a bored university student with a boring part time job in a corporate lab locaed on campus. Just when Yael was about to resign himself to a mundane and uneventful future, his entire life is flipped upside down by the lab accident.

2. Ben has been asking for a raise for a while now. The pay just isn't enough for the ammount of work he does! And it sure wont be enough to compensate for the lab accident!

3. Liam, the lead scientist at Abbadon Pharmaceutical's campus division is having a hard time keeping the lab in check. Things are about to get more out of hand than ever before.

4. Derek has been having trouble keeping his experiments under wraps. How is he going to explain all this spending to the higher ups? From a gender switch serum to a genetic infusion chamber, Derek is about to have the fun of his life.

5. Stephanie has been working for CDG Security for a few years now, she knows the drill for dealing with shoplifters, but she's never had to deal with someone as troublesome as Dina. And troublesome doesn't even begin to describe waking up as a man.

6. Dan, the resident tech expert at Abbadon pharmaceuticals never expected to have to put on a bra in his life. Unfortunately for him, fate and a few other culprits couldn't let that happen. Pop stars, water parks, and brightly lit stages are only a few of the things Dan will have to learn to put up with!

(Currently working on) 7. Zeke owns a local game shop, but sales haven't been doing too well lately. Lucky for him, Lynn seems to know exactly what his business needs to pick up again!
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Dec 31, 2014 @ 12:03am
How the hell did this got greenlighted?
Sep 22, 2014 @ 9:32am
Why all the hate?
Oct 12, 2014 @ 9:35am
Belongs to a niche market just like Skyrim
< >
Cell22 Feb 23 @ 12:08pm 
Bad art, bad voice acting, stupid premise, man Steam lets anything get greenlit.

People who made this should feel ashamed for wanting money for something this lousy.
Brotza Feb 23 @ 12:07pm 
tumblr cancer
Moro Feb 2 @ 6:34pm 
On one hand, the maker of the game clearly makes some sort of attempt to reach out to actual trans people, and not just fetishists, with the occasional bit of almost-emotional dialogue. On the other hand, the blatant objectification of women and idiotic obsession with large breasts makes any sort of trans narrative fall flat on its face, and instead puts this "game" (visual novel is more accurate) firmly in the category of poorly-made fetish fuel. The concept had some potential, but the product is completely lacking in substance. Disappointing. The characters seem to have no emotional depth beyond lust, and the "shock" male characters have at their sudden change in physical sex is more in place as a way to add some tiny quantity of credibility to the fetishistic "story" than to add actual emotional depth or character development to this shoddy excuse for a game. I'd expect this shit from an amateur artist on DeviantArt, but coming from Steam Greenlight this is disgraceful.
Xantoina Jan 28 @ 9:31pm 
I agree with MetalMouthZilla. Don't comment unless you like the idea or game. Its just a waste of your time. I can't wait to get this game myself.
MetalMouthZilla Jan 16 @ 7:12am 
Hey,if you don't like what they are creating, why did yiu even bother to click on it, or even waste YOUR OWN TIME with posting a comment and trying to make the creators feel bad just because you don't like it ?
Metalstar Jan 4 @ 4:19am 
The ale Pyro Dec 31, 2014 @ 12:04am 
hang yourself, oh my fucking god, please humanity does not need more 35 year old redneck basement dwellers playing this shit
Geosin Dec 15, 2014 @ 6:38pm 
Nigger weaboo shit. Hang yourself for making this.
{HR} Ninjaneer Dec 15, 2014 @ 6:01pm 
this is a fucking stupid game i will never buy this gmae even if its for free, so i will find whoever made this stupid game and shoot the people who made this retarded game
lennyS Nov 2, 2014 @ 11:53pm 
One word. DeviantArt .