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Transforming a Drum Loop into a Distorted Guitar Effect
By Dan Gonzalez [Cakewalk] and 1 collaborators
Learn how to take a simple drum loop and turn it into a heavy synth guitar sound by only adding 3 audio effects.
1. Insert SI-Drum Kit
  • Go to Insert > Soft Synth > SI-Drums
Once this is done make sure the following are ticked in the Insert Soft Synth Dialogue Box:
  • Simple Instrument Track
  • Synth Property Page
  • Synth Rack View
  • Recall Assignable Controls
  • Ask This Every Time
2. Select a Program from SI-Drum Kit
Once you have SI-Drum Kit inserted, it should appear. If it does not appear then double-click on the icon of a keyboard between the track name and number. (See following screenshot)

Click on the window below "Cakewalk", this will expose the list of programs you can load for SI-Drums. I have selected the program "Full-Throttle" for this guide.

3. Select a Drum Loop
The different drum loops are located in the browser on the left side of SI-Drums. From this list you have different genres to choose from. All of them will produce different results using this guide. I chose the HIPHOP loop from the genre HIPHOP.

Once this is done, click and drag the loop right into Music Creator 6 Touch and bring it to measure 1.
4. Add Tempo Delay Effect
Add the Tempo Delay effect to the FX bin. Once you do this set the effect to these settings:
  • Delay Mode - Ping
  • Tempo Sync - 1/32
  • Time Left - .09
  • Time Right - .92
  • EQ Mode - Wide
  • Low - 0.00
  • Mid - 0.00
  • High - -20.00
  • Feedback - 76
  • Mix - 52
  • Level 0.00

For reference, here is a sound example of where you should be at by now.

5. Insert the Mod-Filter
Next up, inserting the Mod-Filter turns this simple drum loop into a frequency sweeping gem. Set the settings to the following and you will begin to understand how this plugin works:
  • Filter Mode - EG
  • Tempo Sync - 4
  • Cutoff - 624
  • Reso - 14.5
  • Mod Depth - 71
  • Waveform - SIN
  • LFO Rate Hz - 3.15
  • Attack - 3.15
  • Release - 0.15
  • Overdrive - 100
  • Level - -6.00

For reference, here is what the Modfilter should begin to sound like once you have made these adjustments.

6. Add TH2 Creator
Since we are looking to create an intense distorted guitar sound, insert TH2 Creator.

In this guide I opened up the first preset that was available and began tweaking the guitar amp to the following settings:
  • Amp A - Darkface 65'
  • Amp B - SloDrive(US)
  • Set Amp to "Bright"
  • SLR - All the way to the SloDriver(US) side (Right Side)
  • Drive - Turned all the way up
  • Bass - Turned all the way up
  • Mid - 2
  • Treble - Turned all the way up
  • Volume - A little past 8

This should produce a rather crushing guitar tone. Feel free to jump to different presets within this plugin to get more acquainted with the sounds it can make. The heavier the better!

Here is the sound in it's final form. The distortion from TH2 Creator rounds out the intense frequency sweeping so that all the dynamics are even, just like a real distorted guitar.

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Lusty Argonian Dec 27, 2014 @ 8:00am 
Got this program a couple of hours ago, how do I get to the FX bin D:
Zav Aug 22, 2014 @ 4:19pm 
This is truly awesome, thank for the tip!