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Cue Club 2
Nov 21, 2013 @ 6:52pm
Apr 1 @ 10:32am

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Cue Club 2 Released!
Answering Questions...
Release date: 4th July 2014
*** OUT NOW ON PC - Available from on download and CD-ROM ***

Cue Club 2 is the sequel to the classic top-down Pool and Snooker game for PC.

Featuring 8-ball, 9-ball, 6-ball, Speed Pool, Killer and Snooker games, Cue Club 2 simulates the game in amazing detail with a highly accurate physics engine, allowing you to swerve the cue ball just like the pro's do and perform some incredible shots. It's very easy to play too, with control entirely through the mouse (or by touchscreen input), with simple controls for setting power, spin and cue angle.

With trophies to win in Tournament mode, and a brand new 'Bar Challenge' to progress through to unlock each of the 15 stylish opponents, along with Practice and 'Slam' modes, there's plenty to keep you going. Also included is a wide selection of table designs, baizes, cues and ball sets too. You can even customise the rules!

An 'Achievements' section lets you record and replay your best times in Speed Pool, your highest breaks in Snooker, and your favourite trick shots too.

The game is very true to the original and retains the same authentic club feel with cool Jazz soundtracks to accompany play in the background. The HD graphics create a feast for the eye with beautifully rendered tables and ultra-realistic balls, complete with shadows and reflections.

Supporting Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8, full HD in 1920 x 1080 and Touchscreen monitors, Cue Club 2 will run happily on all modern PC's, and even older machines with a decent graphics card should cope well. We're going to make it tablet friendly too, so you can play on a Windows Surface, or similar device running Windows.

Bulldog Interactive are delighted to finally bring the sequel of this classic game to the Steam Network, and hope we can rely on your votes to get it through Greenlight!

Cue Club Website:
Developer Website
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Bulldog Interactive  [author] 9 hours ago 
Guys, we really appreciate the continued support - thank you. We're still really keen to get onto Steam so please keep the up-votes coming! Edo - we get asked about a Mac version quite frequently and it's something we'd like to do, so definitely a possibility.
beebskadoo Mar 29 @ 12:36am 
Loved the first game! Hope to see this one on Steam soon!!!! Yes Yes Yes
[LFLD](-_-)GLADIATOR Mar 20 @ 5:44am 
I look forward to testing this game, I hope it will Greenlighté very quickly.
I voted yes
thank you
edo Feb 9 @ 7:44pm 
As a fan of Cue Club 1, this game looks great, still lacks the support of others OS (Linux and Mac), but I hope the devs are open minded about it. This is one of the games than I want the most to be greenlighted
ʇuǝɔıɟıuƃnɥʇ Feb 6 @ 12:46pm 
Yes man, i played a lot of the original cue club back in the day. GL to you developers and hope you get greenlit soon!
Bulldog Interactive  [author] Feb 5 @ 3:33am 
Thanks for the comments. WooshaQ - we are working on a multiplayer version and it will be a free upgrade to all owners of Cue Club 2!
WooshaQ Jan 30 @ 3:23am 
Please add online multiplayer, cc1 was so missing this option, local multi was fun but when you dont have anyone around internet gameplay would also be cool!
Maxxx Jan 25 @ 8:20am 
Nice game.
†_zmaster_† Jan 20 @ 8:19pm 
Maybe all we need is a litle bit more publication outthere! :)
Bulldog Interactive  [author] Jan 20 @ 5:11pm 
Thanks for the continued support guys, let's hope we can get it voted through! We've just added 3 new videos, including 1 speed pool demo (human player) and 2 snooker breaks (computer players).