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Egyptian Settlement
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English, French, German
Players: Single-player
Nov 21, 2013 @ 5:05am
Dec 3, 2013 @ 4:09am

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A long, long time ago in Ancient Egypt ...

An unpleasant prophecy by the ancient gods seriously scares the Pharaoh. He orders all his confidants to his court. Thethriving meadows, once reclaimed from the desert, are now threatened by desiccation. Worse than that, future harvests are going to be annihilated!
As one of the confidants of the Pharaoh, now is the time to show your skills. You are accompanied bysome more or less motivated consultants and architects who will do everything possible to stand by your side during your mission.

The Pharaoh commands you into an inhospitable desert. It is your mission to explore the land, to find oases and open up barren land.Colonize unused lands and protect the whole empire from a devastating famine!
Commandthe lively Egyptians in an extensive campaign,which is composed of many differentchallenges. Itwill be necessary to create thriving metropolises, transform deserts into fertile land,upgrade branches of production andprotect your settlementagainst natural disasters or unpleasant contemporaries.

Trade resources at your market, search for treasuries, build bridges togain access toremote places and provide your population with food as well as in good mood. By establishing a well-developed economy, your main goal is toprovide resources to the Pharaohs warehouses, sothe threat of a famine can be prevented!

An exciting and entertaining mixture of time-management and strategyalong with many teeming characters is waiting for you.

  • Challenging and entertaining fun
  • Trade resources at the market
  • Search for treasuries
  • Consultants and architects stand by your side with helpfull tips
  • Mixture between time-management and real-time strategy
  • Campaign and endless-mode
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Jan 19 @ 2:52am
I would actually like Steam to consider supporting 0 AD
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blume Oct 12 @ 5:03am 
sieht toll aus
sirrobim Sep 22 @ 4:38am 
SerPoz Sep 1 @ 11:39am 
Отдаю голос, люблю такие игры
xxmasta Jul 30 @ 7:59am 
Sieht interessant aus :)
adzub100 Jul 23 @ 1:17am 
voted yes, good game
Azork Jul 21 @ 5:16pm 
Please explain a little more. Lot of people are waiting for a nez Caesar, Pharaon or Zeus.... nothing is near yet.
Could it be????
sasammy Jul 18 @ 7:08pm 
Yeah, this looks fine, but it's disgusting that they whitewashed the ENTIRE egyptian race.
ygoloib Jul 11 @ 3:09pm 
If this game plays like pharaoh and cleopatra, definitely will consider a purchase
/Hun/-B3ast Jun 16 @ 2:19pm 
It looks like an oldschools strategy, like Zeus..I wait for it.
Dalek Supreme Jun 11 @ 6:47pm 
On a mobile device, sure. MOBILE.l