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Imagine Nations
Nov 20, 2013 @ 3:21pm
Oct 31 @ 12:03pm
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Imagine Nation's Stats and Skill Overview
Stats And Skills

This post will focus on one of the newer systems being implemented into the game in preparation for the early access launch. We will go in depth on the conceptualized stats and skills we are aiming to move forward with. Prior to hooking this entire system in, we would love to get input from our backers on whether its a good approach.

First, some programmer art (we will have the more finalized graphics as soon as the art team completes them, so bear with my wonderful *cough* art skills):


The above view is the initial projection of all stats available for all entities (player and otherwise) and how they would be presented on a character screen. The overall process of character generation involves creating a character (or the system spawning one) at mean values (currently some range around 50). From there, stats are adjusted only from skill usage, with each skill having primary/secondary stats associated with it. The above graphic found in the character screen would expand from the middle outwards showing progression in each stat and an easy to read format, while highlighting the primary stat (say Body) would show the values of each secondary stat inside it for those that need specific data. The above example would predominantly be someone that has focused on combat, particularly melee.

The stats system, from a design standpoint, is broken down as follows (direct from the design document):

    The core wellness of the entity
  • Strength
    Measure of physical strength.
  • Dexterity
    Measure of agility and flexibility
  • Endurance
    Measure of the ability of the entity to persevere through physically demanding tasks.
    The overall intellect of the entity
  • Learning
    The ability to acquire new knowledge and to refine existing knowledge.
  • Perception
    The ability to see patterns and connections around the entity.
  • Willpower
    The ability to endure mentally challenging tasks.
    The vitality of the entity
  • Presence
    The ability to convey a person’s bearing, especially when it commands respectful attention.
  • Charisma
    The ability to assess the mood of people and to influence their mood.
  • Faith
    The ability to look beyond present circumstances to see a positive outcome. This also represents a tolerance to failure.

Continue on with the series by reading the links below.
Stats and Skills Part 1[]
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Stats and Skills Part 3[]

- The Imagine Nations Team

Support Imagine Nations and gain early access []to the Technical Preview 2a and future builds for $15.00 on our website.

State of the Game: Autumnal Equinox Edition
  • Two competing cultures in two separate towns that are working autonomously to accomplish their defined goals
  • Basic research trees utilized by both cultures to expand their technology based on the culture’s personality (militaristic, economics, magic/religion)
  • Research driven by a basic trial and error approach based on the current research topic
  • Trade route established between the two cultures
  • Town leader directs the town’s expansion via the central building
  • All NPCs following proper behaviours, with their actions directly affecting the town (i.e. goods being manufactured require finite materials, and the goods are used by the town)
  • NPCs have needs (such as food, socializing, etc.) that must be met via various locations in the town. They will work at their defined profession, buy food/water at the market, socialize with others at inns, etc.
  • NPCs can have children which grow up and eventually move out, expanding the town along its roads defined by procedural “floor plans”
  • Player beginning in one of the two cultures’ towns and defining that culture’s race
  • Player able to interact with NPCs to start general dialogue, start/end missions, buy/sell goods, and hear rumors that could lead to possible treasure
  • Missions driven by the town and/or NPC’s needs (such as a desert town needing a supply of wood to accomplish a new town project)
  • Procedural missions that can generate locations in non-visited areas to accomplish some pre-defined goals
  • Missions accomplished by NPC adventurers/parties
  • Basic supply/demand driven economy
  • Creatures found in the wild, with defined “lairs” supporting their population
  • Player able to interact with the game through various genre-driven features:

Rest of the notes can be found on this news post.[]

As a reminder, the first build (pre-Unity transition) is available for all backers. We will be expecting an update using the new Unity changes hopefully in the next few weeks (vacations slowed things down a bit). The Unity update shouldn’t have too much changed content, but will be much more stable. We will then continue to add the above content as its finished and backers can continue following our development via the developer feed.

- The Imagine Nations Team

Get Imagine Nations for $15.00 [] and gain access to early builds and Backer’s Access to private forums for Backer’s Only.

Release date: December 2015
We are targeting an Early Access launch Early 2015. More Information can be found on our website.

We've all played that game that left us hanging. You begin going down a path and are suddenly wishing that <insert content or feature here> was available. You feel let down. But fear not, for with your help, Imagine Nations will resolve that dilemma.

You will be able to enter a sandbox game that is catered to your play style. In Imagine Nations, you could:
  • Explore a vast procedurally generated universe, from your starting planet to the stars beyond!
  • Research new technologies that help both yourself and various cultures advance through the ages.
  • Go out and build creative and elaborate constructs from duct tape and guano (or whatever else is lying around on the ground).
  • Engineer and pilot a new jet, ship, or even a state of the art spacecraft.
  • Build and run a successful town, growing it to heights beyond just a planet, but into space itself.
  • Fight creatures and find awesome loot in dangerous locations, only to sell it to some sucker in a nearby town.
  • The opportunities are as endless as your imagination.

Imagine Nations is a sandbox game that defies genres by allowing you to play the game using the features that interest your play style the most. Once you've created your character, you are dropped into a voxel universe (think games like Minecraft and Cube World) that will let you do as you please, for better or for worse.

The center of Imagine Nations is the various cultures that can be found on planets throughout the universe. You begin in one of these towns, with a culture that looks similar to yourself. These cultures act with or without your input, growing from humble beginnings as hunter-gatherers to massive empires spanning a galaxy filled with space-age technologies. You are free to support the towns directly through various means, or let it grow naturally.

From the beginning, the choice is yours as to how you want to progress. Do you support the cultures directly by helping to gather resources, building new buildings, settling down with your own home, and maybe even starting a family? Or do you work indirectly, completing various missions offered (which may send you off to dangerous and exotic locations) that have the potential to impact on how well the towns function? Or maybe you simply don't care about these people, and go off on your own and rough it?

However, be aware that the universe is ever changing. You may find yourself caught up in events that are far reaching even if you could care less about the people around you. These are times when the universe is looking for a hero, and the time for someone (maybe you?) can step up and be that person.
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Jan 1 @ 11:09am
I wanna buy this game :D
Cookie Monster
Dec 16 @ 6:52am
is this gonna be like a rts of civilization??
Jan 3 @ 3:56pm
Guys, please help fund this game.
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DiabeticDinosaur 12 hours ago 
or you could get minecraft
Vodka.For.yOu Oct 14 @ 8:33am 
nice game! beautiful
mbhahn  [author] Oct 10 @ 2:50pm 
@AlexDaEpix We have some big plans for multiplayer but we need to get the base game ready first.
AlexDaEpix Oct 10 @ 10:52am 
You should add muiltiplayer
AlexDaEpix Oct 10 @ 10:51am 
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Valve ░░░ █
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░Add This░░█
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mbhahn  [author] Oct 3 @ 7:19pm 
Lots of new screenshots posted on the website at
mbhahn  [author] Sep 15 @ 12:16pm 
@Omar McTableCrafter, Thank you, we are working hard. We hope to have another build out soon.
I hate hype. I never get hype for any game most gaming companies shit out.
With that said, Greenlight game are the only games I get exicited about and I have never been more bloody happy to see this coming out soon.
mbhahn  [author] Sep 12 @ 1:44pm 
@Pepperoni Cheesecake We are still working on building the game. Right now, all you see the world where we can dig and place blocks and the land. We are hard at work building the cultures and other features that will distinguish ourselves.
Pepperoni Cheesecake Sep 11 @ 10:55am 
Cameron, gtfo. If you don't like the game, make one comment, don't spam it.

I said before, this game showed potential. By now, it looks like a bad rip off of Minecraft with mods in it. And I doubt you want your game to be a clone of Minecraft.