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Nov 17, 2013 @ 5:20am
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ANNOUNCEMENT: I will no longer update the mod here on Steam, since it's now larger than 100MBs on its own - and 100 is the size limit on Steam, whilst Skyrim Nexus limit is 5 GBs. Sorry, but if you want it, you must get it from the Nexus.

Mod BACK ON TRACK! I just need to re-construct the last-minute changes before the Mod got partially destroyed. Glad I know exactly how I am gonna place it all!

OKAY!... I've been working when I've mostly felt like it, but I've completely revamped the mod's landsapce - or rather, replaced and moved it over into a new worldspace, literally designed after THEE Northrend, so once it is updated, you'll just have to follow the Northrend Map of WoW itself to find your way.

I've completed most of Icecrown Glacier, downsized as everything else is, and added dozens upon dozens of more undead, I've designed portions of DragonBLight, both camps near the Wrathgate are finished, added respective Imp and Storm NPCs to it, navmeshed it, Wyrmrest Temple, countless Dragon Skeletons all over the snowy graveyard, and so much more. Crystalsong is under construction right now, but heavily altered due to size constraints.

Marrowgar is updated and remodelled, still CREEPY AS HELL and still hits like a bleedy truck on steroids. THe Force of Souls is largely finished and the boss will also be available, and he is also stronger.

The LICH KING HIMSELF is also going to be available, killable, and currently lootable, but I might change that. He can use every single solitary SHOUT as Miraak, and has 10 000 HitPoints, and his unique armour makes him the strongest motherfreaking NPC in the entire game, level 200. He hits like 100 trucks and can easily knock you down from the CItadel top, making him the ultimate boss in all of Skyrim, a true test to the might of You, the Dragonborn!

This and more will be available once I finally update the mod. The Navmesh is the worst part to finish up.

Once it is all updated, you'll have a lot to play with, and armies of undead to vanquish, not to mention an entire NECROPOLIS to clean out and more!

Until next time, I'll see you later! Ba-bye!

1: Frostmourne not getting displayed properly; as stated earlier, it is placed along the players direction when the area just above the skulls are activated. I had to fly above via cheats and place it from there, which is evident in the pictures on the mod site.

2: I forgot to make the Aldur'Thar gate openable, so it is closed for now. So just cheat your way through it. Careful though - I programmed the nav-mesh to let NPCs run to the edge and jump down to fight you!

3: Remember, THIS MOD WILL STRAIN YOUR MACHINE, on account of the many objects, expecially the Citadel Exterior itself, which is made of over 3000 objects now. The GAME ITSELF cannot fully handle it, hence the lagging you might get there. Will try to replace smaller pieces with larger though.

4: Mod will most likely still cause lagging on account of its size. But the lagging will only happen in the Skyrim open world. When inside interiors or in a city, or in Northrend itself, the lag-freezing should be gone. NOTE: Lag will come and go minorly around the Citadel - if I remove more objects, the detail work will be destroyed.

NEED HELP: Need help, I want to increase the maximal area view in the game so you can see farther away, otherwise I cannot get proper pictures!

I recommend you download BIGGER BADDER LICH KING too. Good armor and Frostmourne gear to be had. Plus, I use some of those models in this mod now.

The Citadel is a version of how it could look had it existed in Elder Scrolls Lore, using Skyrim objects.

Anyone who downloads this now have my permission to test out this mod in combination of other mods or none to check for bugs, glitches and incompabilities. Also, feedback would be appreciated on what else I could add to make this frozen fortress turn into a GOLDEN Frozen Fortress!
Thank you for your support!

This is my very first official mod to any The Elder Scrolls game. I've been at this baby for a few months, all vanilla objects so far. Several pictures are for you viewers to DROOL OVER while I try to finish up the rest of the citadel as best I can. It is NOT fully accurate to the WoW Citadel, since I never actually got into that danged place, but its pretty accurate exterior wise.

This will be your new home in Skyrim, so to speak.

I'll keep ya posted!

Skyrim (D'uh...) Latest version that needs the DLCs, but might as well have the latest version of Skyrim in overall, just to be safe
Update.esm (No doubt for the updates to the game)
DawnGuard DLC
DragonBorn DLC

Leveler's Tower issue FIXED; it is no longer needed, but it is still a good mod, so I still recommend it!

- People have complained of getting CTDs, and my guess is, you in that case have a mod that alters the area north-east of the Serpent Stone, which to is as far North-east you can get, aside from Jaspers Folly. (NOT AN ACTUAL TRAVEL LOCATION!) Anything related to a mod near that area will conflict with this, and cause CTDs at worst.
- Looking at the Citadel main structure will cause Lagging due to a rather extreme amount of objects, but I have reduced it by relocating the main interior of the building into an Inteior Cell.
- The Forge of Souls and the Storage Caverns are NOT COMPLETED, so be careful in there, as you could potentially.... fall forever if you go too far. Mind the gaps.
- The entire Layout of Icecrown is NOT copied from WoW, since I've turned the Wrathgate into the entrace for the glacier, and not the barred entrance to the Citadel - it would be a mess to align everything exactly like in WoW, so letting it remain as it is. But other than that, the Glacier is pretty accurate. A few gates or structures will be facing the opposing direction or be 'mirrored around' to match the map layout I've designed.

Currently available:
2: NEW Pit of Saron. Mining currently unavailable.
3: Forge of Souls - will add special items and script to feed it with captured souls/soul gems
4: Cathedral of Darkness and a tomb inside (will add ritual or recruitment.... stuffs)
5: A large courtyard around the Citadel - THE COURT OF BONES.
6: A ruined village in the vanilla Skyrim Region. Far North East on the map. Find the Serpent stone, it is also North-East of Windhelm
7: Harbor, and a few remakes of Warcraft 3 Undead structures
8: A damn nice set of NPCs. now hostile and FRENZIED against anything living or not loyal to the Lich King!
9: Halls of Reflection base hall and passage available. DONT FALL DOWN!
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Muffinman720 4 hours ago 
Props man. Nice work. It looks epic. Really brings the feel of it. +1
arcanamue Jul 9 @ 7:18pm 
cool no problem if you cant, i completely understand, it is still an epic mod.
DanRage47  [author] Jul 9 @ 4:16pm 
THAT is kinda NOT ALLOWED: Music and some armour stuff, thats OK. Adding textures and models directly from WoW without express permisison is a NO-NO. BIIIIIIIG No-no. Sorry. BUT... gonna check anyway to see if Blizz wont mind.
arcanamue Jul 9 @ 10:40am 
ok sounds good, just a suggestion though, i know it would take a wile lol, but if you could add some textures from the acctual game that would enhance the experiance. i am not expecting you to do it. it would just make it look better than it already is. IT IS BEAUTIFUL :D
DanRage47  [author] Jul 9 @ 10:37am 
Kinda already is, no quest available yet, and won't be for some time, its just a passtime dungeon region right now.
I got loads to finish before quests start to pop up.
arcanamue Jul 8 @ 11:29pm 
is the citadel a playerhome after you beat the quest?
DanRage47  [author] Jul 7 @ 4:41am 
Speeding through the mod all I can right now, navmeshing it is a pain, and with the constant objects I am adding, its only getting MORE horrible! But hey, I still think it's fun, so why stop half-arsed on the way? Careful though - there are a few icy chasms across Dragonblight, so when the next version is up on Nexus, please don't fall down and die? Hiehah.
►►►$◄◄◄ Jun 29 @ 9:26am 
hey im kareng but on my oda account i got dlc letz zee if it workz!
kareng Jun 29 @ 7:41am 
DanRage47  [author] Jun 29 @ 4:02am 
Without the DLC objects, the Citadel looked like FREAKING SH!T. Literally, it looked horrid.