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Galactic Princess
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 13, 2014 @ 12:20pm
Oct 6, 2015 @ 11:27am
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5,3,2,1, Ignition ! – Stardate 20160129
Calling all backers - Galactic Princess Alpha 0.85 - Stardate 20160126
Dear Captains,

The time has come to send you an important message: happy new year to all!

Incidentally, we are ready to offer all backers access to the Galactic Princess Alpha from next weekend. All those who have given at least $ 16 / € 12 on Kickstarter. 1470 people will join the first 608 explorers (those with access to the game since last September).

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Space Survival Sandbox

Dive into an epic adventure through deep space.
Find the princess to restore peace, and rule the universe.
As the captain of your own smuggler spaceship, lead your crew to a life of glory!
How you do that is up to you!

The ways to achieve this aim are multiple. From trading merchandises, even illegal ones such as space drugs or slaves if you choose so, to using diplomatic solutions.
But never forget though, that the best option remains piracy, but with piracy often comes the price of blood.
So guard your treasures and beware your enviousopponents, especially of the corrupted members of the Spacecop alliance.

To survive in space you will need to earn the best equipment:

- powerful engines.
- mighty generators.
- deadly weapons.
- medic systems.
- research labs.
- control systems.

Crew vs. Crew

In the wilds of space, everyone does their best to survive: some use diplomacy, others prefer less shady methods such as theft, but most of them will find a far greater interest in fighting. Their purpose?
Steal your equipment and enslave your crew.

To bring your battle to a successful conclusion, you will need a clear understanding of your opponents’ capacities, and of course know the strengths and weaknesses of your crew like no other. But no victory is a coincidence: your decisions will affect the outcome of the battle.

The battle crew's role is to protect the ship from invasions, as well as invade the enemies’ ship in return.
You must take their races into consideration: equip your melee fighters with close range weapons and your gunners with long range weapons.

Equip your crew with the best equipment in the galaxy to increase their chances of survival.

External Ship Design

Build every aspect of your spaceship, define its shape and functions, and plan your strategy accordingly to your placement choices: engines, weapons, shields, sensors...

Build a heavy fighter, with many weapons and shields but only a few engines, creating a slow but very efficient battle cruiser; or create a blitz fighter, very maneuverable, allowing easy dodging and battle escape.

You can also opt for a more balanced configuration,or even create specific designs (canons only on the right side, and shields on the left)

Everything is possible! Just define the strategy that suits you the most.

Your ship’s physics will react to those choices!

Reach the speed of light to explore the galaxy.

Function Sample

• Weapons: There are numerous types of weapons to equip your ship with, their purpose: protect your fleet and destroy the enemy.
offensive: plasma lasers, laser beams, rockets,multi-directional explosives, anti-mattercharges, fusion sticking bombs, mines…
defensive: decoy, bait,cloaking device, electromagnetic charges, time-bender...

• Engines: Engines affect your movements speed and precision, they allow you to fly faster as well as to perform tricky maneuvers, crucial against an overpowered enemy or trapped inan asteroid field!
You can also reach the speed of light to explore the galaxy.

• Shields: Shields will cover specific area of your ship; choose wisely which to protect to assure the safety of your ship’s vital functions and crew.

• Sensors: Sensors will provide you information about the enemies and quests: distance, level, type...
They help for the comfort of your navigation and in your strategy planning.

Internal Ship Design

• Monitors: In Galactic Princess most of the feedbacks aren’t represented through a classic interface but through a diegetic interface, which means all the information will be integrated on your ship’s screens and panels.

• Engineering room: This room allows the engines and shields to function, and so to protect your ship. Adding more engineering rooms will boost their efficiency.

• Artificial intelligence room: This room concerns the support functions of the ship, and provides feedback such as: O² level, fire alert, enemy alert, door statuses…

• Medic systems: Used to heal your crew from space troubles. Further on, you will even be able to upgrade them with some cyber-implants while recovering..

• Prison: Capture a political prisoner? Keep them here and trade them for some needed supplies or information.

• Cargo hold: The place to keep your contraband goods. Cargo can also be used to store scout ships.

• Cockpit: Also known as the control room. It is the heart of the spaceship, so keep it safe!

• Research labs: Those little guns you start with aren'tgoing to cut it for long. Come here to upgrade and research new weapons.

• Docking ports: Allow you to dock and board the enemies’ ships.

Spaceship vs. Spaceship

The combat phases will take two forms: spaceship versus spaceship and crew versus crew, but keep in mind that whatever happens to your ship will affect your crew inside.

• Define your strategy according your enemy’sstrength and weakness points.

• Use your weapons to destroy the enemy’s vital functions and open a breach.

• Destroy their weapons or blur their sensor.

• Destroy their engines to incapacitate their moves.

• Maneuver to avoid taking damages, or to choose the impact area.

• Create hull breach to lower their oxygen level.

• Dock the enemy and launch your boarding operation. It’s time to scavenge them.


The galaxy is wide and surprisingly full of life!

During your journey you will encounter many species...

Will they become trusted allies to trade with?
Will they be deadly rivals to battle or enslave?
Will they join your crew as friends, or as slaves?

Main Story

Galactic Princess is a combination between retro-futurism and pop culture. The game plays with common clichés and well-known references, twisting them in an unexpected way.
Using satire, and parody, Galactic Princess toys with Humor and Drama throughout it.

A new government saw the light: the very controversial Unified Galaxy.
This illegitimate organization is ruled by an alliance of the most corrupted survivors, who took and keep the power by force, establishing legions of Spacecops to maintain the control of the resources.
Those who didn’t submitted to their tyranny are rebel factions, or simply independent crews, led by their trustworthy captain.

This is where you come into play. As a renowned pirate, proud smuggler and captain of your own vessel, your main desire is to remain free from the government abuses. To make your wish come true, you will have to build the strongest ship, and recruit the best crew you possibly can, composed of brighttravelers from all races of the galaxy.

But fate has reserved a much greater plan for you…
In your search for glory and power, a myth caught your ear; according to which somewhere in the galaxy laid a power that would bring the planets back to life. It is your destiny to travel through space looking for information that will lead you to this Power. The Myth has a name, and is known as “The legend of the Galactic Princess”.

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Oct 3, 2016 @ 12:41am
Feb 9 @ 5:49pm
This game is really special
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bergersbester Feb 20 @ 10:03pm 
Is there any way to get your money back???
Zothen Feb 18 @ 11:51am 
Dead game! Vaporware! And a Kickstarter scam!
NemesisZidar Feb 18 @ 5:44am 
@Damage: you should probably go to the forums of their website. Because apparently all the people over there are playing the game already.
WoolyBug Feb 1 @ 9:17am 
4 months since my last post on how this was dead, just checked there website, nothing since last year. Man I'm so tired of this.
AAA studios might pull some hard punches, but at least 90% of their games actually come out and people don't pay for anything if the game doesn't get released.
Petroph Jan 30 @ 8:08pm 
Man, I hope this comes out before Star Citizen.....
ChooChooTrain Jan 22 @ 3:10pm 
What's going on? No activity for months?
Damage Jan 1 @ 1:18pm 
You raised £35,000 from Kickstarter nearly three years ago, and have so far missed every single deadline you've posted, with very little in the way of explanation. You're required to provide updates under the terms of the Kickstarter agreement. Your last was TEN MONTHS ago.

You better have more than just "sad problems" to show your two thousand investors.
Beef Supreme Dec 10, 2016 @ 5:05pm 
love the old school feel.
Din0za Oct 12, 2016 @ 11:21am 
I hope that any problems will be resolved, so you can continue to develop and update this game properly.)
WoolyBug Oct 4, 2016 @ 7:37am 
Damn it. I wanted this one to be made.
I'm never funding another damn game on Kickstarter.
They need to rename Kickstarter to Scamstarter.