Quest of the Demoknight Final Level Playthrough

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"Quest of the Demoknight" was a classic 1987 title from from Mann Co. Games that captivated the world with it's unique gameplay, simple controls, and straightforward story of a one-eyed black scotsman who got mad at evil, and decided to give it the business.

However, unbeknownst to most, the game had many secrets hidden within it's code, including two secret levels, twelve undocumented items, a "true ending," and history's first "Big Head Mode." In this playthrough, I'll be showing you the true ending accessible only by collecting all the games items before the final level, and defeating each of the level's sub-bosses with special kills.

Okay, time for real notes.

After three months of work crammed into one month, "Project: Bacon Fish" is complete. Based on adventure games like "Castlevania" and the "Legend of Zelda," "Quest of the Demoknight" is a product of my love for old-school, adventure video games and enemies that explode a hundred times before dying.

And although both the 5 minute time restriction and actual time restrictions made it a bit fast-paced and not as fleshed out or grandiose as I planned, it's still better than "One Step Ahead," so get off my case, mom.


Also, the spelling mistakes are on purpose. Old games from Japan usually had translation errors, so that's what that's all about.


Stills by Sync (

Everything else by me

Enhanced Demoman, Pyro, Engineer, and Soldier models by Maxxy and VeLlix

Face-poseable Merasmus model made by 1337gamer15 (
(Thanks to by Callegos Yavolitak ( for giving me the link to it)

TF2-textured sky cards by narrygewman

DOTA 2 Demon Edge Model by Diety Link (
Hexed by Toxic Flower (

Music by Kevin MacLeod (, are free for public use, and is as follows

Prelude to Action
Truth of Legend
Alchemist's Tower
Take a Chance
Laconic Granny
Movement Proposition
Ghostpocalypse - 7 Master
Dance Macabre

Puppet Script by NameIsDoc (

Assembly script by Revzin (

Dota2 rig by Yaron (

All other models, materials, maps, and sounds and scripts are from Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, Day of Defeat, Counter Strike: Source, Left for Dead 2, and Portal 2, and are all owned by Valve."
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