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Castles of all types, Palaces, Great halls, Manors, Estates and Warehouses fit for a Dovahkiin. Only Modified castles here no other types of mod.
If you know of some that I have missed please let me know, especially if thery are realy good but were over looked for some reason at the time or have been improved.
PLEASE remember to rate the castles indivdually it's all the pay the modders get, a nice way to say nice one for your efforts and it's free to give ;)
I hope you like this list if you find something here you might otherwise have overlooked.
Items (76)
Palace of the Dovahkiin (Dawnguard Friendly) and more.
Created by G20
A player Castle guarded by three leveled dragons (the key is inside one). DLC friendly but NO DLC necessary.
There's too much to list here..
Hundereds of weapon racks and Male and female mannequins, items inside include playable giant clubs, greybeard,...
Seviseth Manor
Created by Elrathi
This is my first mod! Created as a study on the Creation Kit. The mod itself provides a very high detail player home in a calm location some way West of Falkreath. I am planning to expand this mod in the future with unannounced improvements!


Halls of Dovahndor
Created by Okiir
Halls of Dovahndor

Player Home by Okiir

Version 1.5 is now live!
Please inform me if you experience any issues.


Hamerok: An Orc Stronghold for a Dovahkiin
Created by G20
Orc or not, you can own this stronghold with thirty Orc followers, merchants and trainers of all types, Player owned Longhouse, mine, bar, armory, torture vics and more! But, first you must defeat the three leveled Trolls which seige the city and retreave...
Warchief Stronghold
Created by HSF
My first upload! Feel free to leave a comment!

Adds a medium-sized defensible stronghold to the tundra of whiterun for the dragonborn to claim as his/her own.

Wyvern Rock Castle
Created by Ayedail
Wyvern Rock is a large castle located on the mountain between Whiterun and Windhelm.
Many rumours claim the first owner had built secret rooms to hide treasure, can you find them all?

This castle is more like a town than an actual house, so it will ...
Bluecreek Estate
Created by Tom
Welcome to the remote grounds of Bluecreek Estate, a secluded player home situated on the north-eastern shore of lake Ilinalta. The estate includes a woodmill, goldmine, hot tub, treasure vault, hunter’s shack, servant quarters and the main residence. A...
Sjel Blad Castle
Created by sbrownx
Sjel Blad Castle - "Soul Blade" Castle in Norwegian, is an expansive player home mod with numerous character perks including an armory, forge, barracks, sanctuary, living quarters, vault, trophy hall, stables, guards, humanoid/creature companions, ...
The Reserve
Created by Lithxe
Reserve II

Located right outside the lovely Rorikstead, The ...
Kagrenac's Instant Fortress
Created by flatline42
Kagrenac's Instant Fortress - a Flatline Construct

Long ago, when the Red Mountain halls still echoed with the sound of Mer, there worked a great architect by the name of Kagrenac.
Fellheim Estate Dawnguard Free
Created by Metalwraith031
This is the Dawnguard free version of the original Fellheim mod
Welcome to the Fellheim fortified estate. A medium/large (not so lore friendly) player home situated near Ivarstead. To get to the estate you ha...
Dovahkiin Temple - Sanctuary
Created by Rustwood
An ancient temple & sanctuary used by each Dovahhkiin throughout the generations.

v2.0 is live on SkyrimNexus:
v2.0 will not be coming to the workshop.


Fast travel to Swindler's Den and t...
Woodland Sanctuary
Created by Gruul
Welcome to Woodland Sanctuary!

if you wish to donate to my modding cause as it takes alot of time to make these creations, then please Donate to: countercruel@gmail.com via paypal

This mod is a total combination of effort and knowledge from me previ...
Mountain Crest
Created by Gruul
Welcome to Mountain Crest!

MY ENB MOD http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/19002

if you wish to donate to my modding cause as it takes alot of time to make these creations, then please Donate to: countercruel@gmail.com via paypal

Dragonlord Castle 2.4
Created by eve.nacona
This is my a castle fit for a Dragon Lord!

I am constantly adding new content! Check out the change log :)

***Designed for use with the "Unlimited Bookshelf" Mod to use the storage room effectively****

Current Features:
- Massive Main Hall with ...
Domaine Alucard
Created by Disciplus
Domaine Alucard par Disciplus
important pour la motivation ^^

Version actuelle : 0.5.5 (14/09/12)


English version by LethalThreat :
The Dovahkiin Birthright
Created by Oηуχ
Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor, because this mod is truly epic.

***Must have the Dragonborn DLC and High Res Texture Pack to use this mod.***
Castle Strunmah
Created by yevic
Hey guys, Yevic here, just wanted you to know that I've read through some of your comments and will be working on an update in the next few days that should help fix some of the issues you're all experiencing

Castle Grey
Created by Holth2004
An enormous castle set high atop a mountain and overlooking the waterfalls and rivers flowing past Dragonbridge. Castle Grey has been designed to have everything a player could want; spectacular views, a bright sumptious interior and storage in abundance...
Vjarkell Castle
Created by PyHarmonic
Enter Vjarkell Castle! Due to an unfortunate series of events this castle has lost its rightful owner and has fallen into the hands of evil. It is up to the dragonborn to slay the evil that shadows over Vjarkell Castle and claim the castle for him or hers...
Castle Draco Imperial Outpost City
Created by Draco1122
To repeat for those who missed it this mod is broken. I have tried many fixes all have failed. two new Version that work are released posted on nexus and steam.. Castle draco Riverwood edition both on steam and the nexus. and Castle Draco High Rrothgar Ed...
My Own Castle
Created by yeti_uprising
This mod gives players their very own castle just west of Whiterun.

It comes complete with:

-Castle Guards
-Shooting Gallery (stationary targets and Live animal targets)
-Bow and arrow merchant
-Gateway to all player homes in other cities
Castle Orlok
Created by Rajti
This mod adds Castle Orlok - an immense and carefully furnished player owned vampire castle to the south of Falkreath. It can be reached via the Map Marker, or by taking the route past Angi's camp. The mod also features a mini quest, which lets you find o...
Castle Volkihar Redux - A Player Home
Created by DiGiTaL CLeaNeR
Now the size of a city, Castle Volkihar Redux is the ultimate vampire kingdom for the true overlord of Skyrim. All blocked portals now go to new places. New towers, quests, buffs, armors, weapons, followers, amenities, crafting and more. Dawnguard DLC req...
Greystone Castle
Created by Crim5on Duck
Note: If by some chance you have any missing exterior wall pieces this is a creation kit bug due to be fixed by bethesda in the future. Fast travelling fixes the issue temporarily! The greyface bug will also be fixed by bethesda in due time, and if you do...
Kaldar Keep
Created by Crim5on Duck
Note: Please read the description before posting a comment as some questions have been covered. NPC's will not be added at this time. And don't forget to hit the thumbs up button to rate it if you like my work! Thank you!

==== KALDAR KE...
Castle Draco Riverwood Edition 5.5
Created by Draco1122

Looking for someone to do a videos review.

[color=yellow]Updated to 5.5 Completed May 16, 2015[/color]


[color=yellow]---5.5 Fixed reported issues and cleaned esp an...
Country Castle
Created by Selesindrin
Have you ever cleared out a fort and wished you could take it over? Move in and settle down, with your own guards patrolling the ramparts, your own loyal servants at your beck and call, and generally living like royalty? But alas, every fort you clear rep...
Sovereign Castle
Created by SpiralDynasty

You guys can thank RKO for gifting Dawnguard for me. Otherwise I would not have bothered with it until the second expansion was released. Been playing through for building and bug testing purposes. Found one that affects the chara...
Castle Volkihar Revamped
Created by FuriousSimian
Castle Volkihar Revamped
Please Rate it if you like it!
New Mod Released! Rorikstead Castle: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=139916672
Rorikstead Castle
Created by FuriousSimian
Rorikstead Castle
Please Rate it if you like it!
New Content! Check out the brand new Greenhouse. Access it via the main hall.
Also, take a look at the new vaulted ce...
Fellheim Estate
Created by Metalwraith031
--Dawnguard required--

Welcome to the Fellheim fortified estate. A medium/large (not so lore friendly) player home situated near Ivarstead. To get to the estate you have to head north and follow the river until you come across a bridge which leads to t...
Dovahyol Castle
Created by cartman310


+Updated versions now on nexus+



Dovahyol Castle ...
Lakeview Manor Town And Fort Felglade
Created by isaiah1macneill
This mod adds a 3 part town to Lakeview Manor. The first part is the home district where your home is location. Leading down the mountains through tower access will bring you into the main town where most of the villagers will live and the market distri...
Universalism- The Sanctum
Created by Malpherian
Update 10/12/2014

As it is apparent I may not be able to work on this MOD for some time I am Giveing Full permission for other modders to use this as a Base for other Mods.

This does however come with a Condition, You must Cite My Steam name and giv...
Created by Zulu_uruK
A personal view of the Apocrypha realm Inspired by Hermaeus Mora.
Player House (Casa) in the highest tower, I recommend visiting it first.
In the treasure room follow the side passage and reached the relics room, the key to open the Repository...
Pocket Empire Builder v1.49
Created by splynter
This version of the Pocket Empire Builder v1.49 is no longer in development.
The new version called "Empire Builder v2.X" is now public and can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=292404497

Legend of the Eagles Nest
Created by Flaho Shi
Legend of the Eagles Nest
Eagles Nest is a lore friendly fortress, with passion for detail. It is located on the summit of a mountain between Riverwood and Whiterun.
The fortress is rather small, but the design offers everything you need.
Dragonbane Player Home v3
Created by Khyron
Dragonbane Player Home
by Knight_Phoenix

Requirements: none.

This mod adds a player home based on Dragonsreach, home of the Jarl of Whiterun. The home is located near Sundered Towers, which is Northeast of Markath. After trying out ...
Aezeal's Flying Fortress
Created by aezeal
Near the Whiterun Gates you can meet someone who will set you on the path that will lead to a Floating Dwemer Fortress. The Fortress is a suitable impressive living space for the Dragonborn.
A Floating Fortress, with large dwemer hallways in t...
Created by BartokTB
Crystalis is a player home added to the northern Winterhold region, north of Pilgrim's Trench.(See screenshots for exact location)


Crystalis' theme is more suitable for Mage type characters, but has all storage and craft...
Created by Maverick
Ebonvale is an established trading settlement located between Whiterun and Riverwood. The settlement is under the influence of Whiterun but due to Whiteruns Civil War and a dwindling economy , The Jarl was forced to ask successful independent merchants to...
Dynasty Manor
Created by SpiralDynasty
Because no one ever seems to read the mod notes. I will begin by ignoring questions that are already answered here. Read the notes, there may be important information in them about bugs/errors/progress. If you have suggestions or idea...
Talos Island - Reborn
Created by Gruul
Talos Island Reborn.

A mysterious island has appeared off the coast to Falkreath; its purpose for being there is unknown
but what is known is that this island somehow calls to the Dovakiin and reavealed itself through the mist
that was once there.
The Reserve II
Created by Lithxe

Located a short horseride east of Whiterun, The Reserve II is a player home meticulously designed for convenience and extravagant living. Featuring three main wings all branch...
Wolf Watch Overlook: House and much more!
Created by exodus1916

Originally an Imperial fort named Castra Praetoria, it once served as an outpost to resupply troops fighting the Madmen of the Reach. Shortly after The Great War against the Aldmeri Dominion began, the fort w...
Dragonius Tower
Created by wreznor
Combining the efficiency of a small home with the displaying capabilities of a large one. Dragonius Tower has the best of both worlds. Think of it as a comfortably-sized house that is attached to a couple of large museums. Watch the video!

Dova Strunmah Höll (Dragon Mountain Hall)(OLD Version 1.0)
Created by MurphyMurph

Located atop the throat of the world, this home for the Dragonborne brings an architecture normally sav...
Dragon Cliff Manor
Created by Spartanic17
Dragon Cliff Manor is a player home mod built near the base of the Throat of the World mountain. Probably the easiest way to get to the house is start at Hillgrund's Tomb and go South East up the mountain face. You should encounter a log bridged over a wa...
Dovahkiin's Warehouse and Bedroom
Created by Chokehold
Welcome to the Dovahkiin's Warehouse and Bedroom. The Warehouse is the ultimate storage and display property available in Skyrim, now combined with a mansion fit for the Dovahkiin and an Armory to display all of your treasures. Please come in and take a l...
Dova Strunmah Höll (Dragon Mountain Hall) v2.1
Created by MurphyMurph
Located atop the throat of the world, this home for the Dragonborn brings an architecture normally saved for a small portion of the gameplay into your day-to-day.

In addition to beautiful scenery and imagery this mod provides:

-all crafting stations...
The Collectors Crypt
Created by Dr. Creeper
The Collector's Crypt is a combination of Armory, Trophy Room, and Treasure Chamber. Aimed at the collector who likes to display his/her prized possessions. Yes there are other mods out there filled with display cases and mannequins - but none are as good...
The Museum
Created by soldyne
Finally, your own private museum. Tired of not having enough space to store your stuff? need another mannequin or two? If only you had just one more weapon rack, bookshelf or storage chest. Well now you have plenty. This long abandoned museum of Skyr...
Created by DanRage47

ANNOUNCEMENT: The mod must still be downloaded on Skyrim Nexus, BUT it will soon be fully made available here as well - via the Skyrim and Creation Kit BETAs - NO FILE SIZE LIMIT! LITERALLY!!! FÄCKING LITERAL...
Collector's Vault (Discontinued)
Created by FingersKFF


The Collector's Vault is a 'basement' mod for the standard player houses in Skryim. The Vault is accessibl...
The Evil Mansion - Dark Edition
Created by JP'TR
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Version 4 available now:
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=403267604
Nexus: [url]http://www.n...
The Sanctum
Created by Inhuman
The Sanctum was an oasis of solace built right off the main square of Whiterun. It served as a place of peace for the citizens of Tamriel right up until the day it was mysteriously transported. A magical gateway has been established to the Sanctum's ...
Falkreath Estate House
Created by armymen115
Version 1.4:

- Fixed breezehome door crash!
- Fixed Edwards voice
- Fixed gray heads
- Fixed minor things
- Added Khajiit follower

Version 1.3:

- Removed grass clipping
- Moved some weapon plaques
- Renamed some containers
- Removed a few ...
Skyrim Safehouse
Created by bLaCkShAd0w
Skyrim Safehouse

Version 1.4 March 31/2013


This mod adds an extensive abode featuring all the necesseties one could ask for.
The safehouse is on the larger scale in terms of abodes, but not too large that you fin...
Ryre Castle - (Damon's Mods)
Created by Dem0man687
--- Note ---

This is my second mod so far but I think that it is a major improvement from the first mod (The Villa). The entrance is in High Hrothgar. Please subscribe and give it a go! Please recommend and like this mod it really motivates me to make...
Dragon Rock Manor
Created by Sks NecroS
Dragon Rock Manor is a player home located by whiterun. no quest for key the key will be located in a bowl next to the talos statue by the house. all self bulid, interior is one of a kind! any issue let me know and i will try to fix them i hope you like i...
TES Arena Series- Skyrim Fortress- Sunguard
Created by Kaefie
A lorefriendly mod

"This coarse, uncivilized province is far from hospitable, but it is also a place of fierce, wild beauty, with grand vistas and inspiring natural wonders awaiting those with the will to seek them out and the refinement to truly...
Sutvaka Fortified Estate
Created by Metalwraith031
In the mountains between dragons, bandits, giants and the icy cold weather there is safety to be found. On a ridge defiantly stands the Sutvaka Fortified Estate between these dangers of the wilds. So drop the drawbridge and enter.

To get the key to ...
Dovahkiin's Warehouse and Bedroom - Hearthfire Edition
Created by Chokehold
Welcome to the Dovahkiin's Warehouse and Bedroom - Hearthfire Edition.

The Warehouse is the ultimate storage and display property available in Skyrim, now combined with a mansion fit for the Dovahkiin and an Armory to display all of your...
Created by G20
A tranquil and picturesque player home, armory and bar with great views near Solitude with everything you need.

Solace will suite most styles of play, espacially the mod collector, Plenty of room for ...
The Collectors House
Created by Whitecrow

Player house built for those who like to collect and display

Changed all the bookshelves script to work with Da5id2701's Unlimited Bookshelves Mod, he has been working on the item shelf concept alot longer than me and there is no point in reinven...
North Haven
Created by KillaSpade
North Haven is 2/3 the size of Skyrim, there are places to have battles, meet followers and a Player House Mo...
Palace of the Dovahkiin (Dawnguard Unfriendly)
Created by G20
A player Castle guarded by three leveled dragons (the key is inside one).
There's too much to list here..
Hundereds of weapon racks and Male and female mannequins, items insiude include playable giant clubs, greybeard, executioner, nocturnal and psyjjic...
Tel Arzul
Created by Anatron
A new Telvanni village has grown near Kolbjorn Barrow in the Island of Solstheim.
In the center of the village stands the player's tower.


-Enchanter room
-Alchemy lab
-Servant houses

Added 13 new spells t...
Niflheim - House of the Dark Mists
Created by hellcat5
8/22/2012 - NOTICE - ALL reported bugs fixed! UPDATED FOR DAWNGUARD COMPATIBILITY!

After the battle of Moesring, the Falmer took up refuge with the Dwemer. However, the Falmer sought to find something that they could use to get vengence for the Nords...
Stonewall Garden V3.00
Created by sandysan
Third version of Stonewall Garden.
House to expose or store all your items on 3 floors
Mannequins, display case, plaques weapons and shields, library, bedroom, kitchen and bar, garden, pool, crafting, chests, etc ... (See description of version 2)
The Tesseract
Created by Starfall Leyline

A Dwemer player-house based on the lore that the Dwarves could traverse the dimensions. As scholars of the Elder Scrolls games will attest, the Dwemer reportedly even visited the [url=http://www.imperial-library.info/content/...
Dragonborn Castle
Created by monstersock1
Requirements: None, just Skyrim :)

Location: Northwest of Solitude (next to Ravenscar Hollow)

UPDATE (April 1, 2015)
Spouses can now move into the castle! When you talk to your spouse you should see a new option "I'd like us to move to the D...
Mannequin Corner Club
Created by G20
An annomous benefactor has left you the use of his Mannequin Club.. Until he comes to collect...

A Player home/Club with Over 100 Mannequin's for Your use, plenty of storage and all facilities. With some fun dungeons attached and a storyline.

There ...
Dwemer Pyramid
Created by G20
Unlock the secrets of the Dwemer Pyramid
Find the passage underneath to gain access to a city and player home inside this extensive Dwemer Pyramid.
There's Shops and vendors
A prison complete with torture chamber. Have fun torturing the prisoners ...
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G20  [author] Jan 24 @ 10:17am 
The skulls are for collecting, there's a series of mods i'd made, here's a link:
Encurant Jan 24 @ 5:30am 
Awwright Lets see about how that will work :)
Btw whats up with the skulls in dova place?
I collected most of em
G20  [author] Jan 23 @ 11:29am 
haha, no way dude! But.. if you went through them one by one and made sure no two occupied the same world space and made a collection where you could subscribe to all and had as many castles as possible tha would be a collection worthy of Respect!, Most of them should work together.. like 90% or something.
Let me know how you get on?
Encurant Jan 23 @ 11:14am 
Can I have all the castles within my game?
Bratac Nov 4, 2014 @ 3:50am 
Does it gave a Table , Shelf or Something else , where i can place the Dragonclaws on ?
Ragnrok May 18, 2014 @ 9:27am 
have i ever mentioned that you find excellent artwork? i need that background pic haha