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Time Rifters
Genre: Shooter
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Dec 25, 2013 @ 12:12am
Jan 21 @ 1:09pm
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Time Rifters Replay Audio & Time Warping Clones
Time Rifters Let's Replay & NPlay Maintenance

Demo Available!

Ever wanted to play a multi-player game where you control all of your team mates? Now you can!

Time Rifters is a single player co-op shooter where 'time rifts' allow you to be your own team mates. Play as 4 independent time clones that work together to complete each level. For a visual of how this works, check out our What Is Single Player Co-Op? trailer.

You have the ability to customize each of your time clones by selecting and upgrading their weapon, allowing you to strategically plan your attack with yourself in the past and the future.

Time Rifters was built from the ground up for the Oculus Rift, and was a finalist in the Oculus/IndieCade 2013 VR Jam. We think indie games will be a big hit once the consumer Oculus Rift is released. Until then we are making sure that the game works great without a Rift too (but it's way more awesome in VR).

Time Rifters 0.5 - Windows
Time Rifters 0.5 - Mac
Time Rifters 0.5.1 - Linux

  • Single Player Co-op
  • Developed for the Oculus Rift (also works without the Rift)
  • Original Dubstep soundtrack
  • Upgradable Characters

Website []

  • You don't have to wait for your time clones before entering the arena
  • Weapon upgrades can be purchased in any order
  • Use Super Jump (Sprint + Jump) to get higher up pieces of gold
  • Gold turns to silver once collected, silver is worth less.

  • Are you planning on buying an Oculus Rift when the consumer version is released?
  • What was your favorite weapon? What was your least favorite?
  • What weapons and/or upgrades would you like to see?
  • Do you think the game is balanced? Was it too hard? Too easy?
  • Do you want to see more levels that require more team work with your time clones?

We're looking forward to all of the comments. Your feedback will help shape the future of Time Rifters.
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xCROWNx Cletus 4 hours ago 
This is still the best Oculus Rift game there is
Remagamer (PC Co-Op) Jul 15 @ 11:19pm 
Remagamer (PC Co-Op) Jul 15 @ 11:18pm 
A multiplayer fps would we A LOT more fun, like in this video:
Remagamer (PC Co-Op) Jul 15 @ 11:18pm 
I'll be honest: This looks interesting, but from the trailers you just shoot moving blocks until time runs out, and then you help shoot them again until you shoot them in the time allotted.
A great idea, work with yourself, but this is not an exciting thing to work with myself towards.
That said, when it comes out, I'll give it a go :)
tried the demo and WE NEED TO MAKE THIS A FULL GAME
has it cum out yet
FasukanNumberWahid Jun 21 @ 5:00pm 
Moar Weapon
Graf Fetti Jun 13 @ 11:40am 

Seriously though, this game is on the level of Portal of how mind-bending the new mechanics are. For Portal: portals. For this: Braid+Mirror's Edge+TF2.

I would pay about 10 bucks for it. The full version, I mean.
Proton Studio  [author] Jun 12 @ 9:18pm 
@Balthor glad you like it. We originally designed the weapons & upgrades for a long gameplay style where the player would continuously upgrade through all 3 episodes which is why they were more expensive and harder to get. We have now changed to a short gameplay style where weapons and upgrades reset at the end of each episode so upgrades will be less expensive allowing the player the ability to buy more.
Balthor Jun 12 @ 8:15pm 
This game is really cool, especially with Nvidia 3d conversion. Only problem I have with it is that the wapon upgrades are too expensive, especially for the first few levels. Plus the flak cannon fires too slow, and it would be easier to just get the faster pistol upgrade. The flak cannon would be better if it just fired faster.