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Palace of the Dovahkiin (Dawnguard Friendly) and more.
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Nov 9, 2013 @ 8:04am
Nov 19, 2013 @ 2:12am
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Palace of the Dovahkiin (Dawnguard Friendly) and more.

In 8 collections by G20
Unique Skulls Of Skyrim Ultimate Collection
25 items
Dragons Hoard
279 items
82 items
95 items
56 items
Ultimate Perfect Playthrough
125 items
71 items
39 items
A player Castle guarded by three leveled dragons (the key is inside one). DLC friendly but NO DLC necessary.
There's too much to list here..
Hundereds of weapon racks and Male and female mannequins, items inside include playable giant clubs, greybeard, executioner, nocturnal and psyjjic robes, rune shield and mace, i threw in some playable bandages just because. There are lots of crafting supplies inside too.
This castle is quite big and has everything a Dovahkiin might need but is laid out so that the essentials are at hand.
There is a return to Dovahkiin palace spell.

When you walk in the first time it takes a moment for the mannequins and weapons to get into place.. After that it's all good ;)

Use the mod Unlimited Bookshelves to get the most from the under-library.
Move your whole family and friends in using the mod Custom Family Home
For more on the skulls check out Unique Skulls Of Skyrim

This is in a different location to the first Palace of the Dovahkiin they can be used togerher! They both have return to palace spells for easy transfer of your gear, amongst other things I also added a dragon vault to this one. The Dragon Vault is for high leveh Characters, but a fun extra you might like to use when your up some levels or in need of some dragon souls.

Other features include named storage for kitchen, armor and workshop supplies, a full and functioning set of dragon priest busts to display the dragon priest busts.

There's a screenshot at the top with the location. It's in the far north west and has a map marker before you've been there but you can't fast travel there until you have been there the first time.

Especial Thanks and credit to jjb-54 for his aid in identifying areas which clash with Dawnguard ;)

Check it out, rate it and like it but mostly just use it :)
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May 19, 2014 @ 4:58pm
Dragon Room
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jfranson1 Aug 2 @ 7:08am 
creeperdroids Jun 14 @ 11:44am 
where in skyrim is the palace
♫♪ <Joulik> ♪♫ Jun 10 @ 12:38am 
I have never saw a mod so perfect, all is there for the player exigeant, large, practise, nice, in one word AWESOME ! Very good job, I love it ! Thank you very much :)
G20  [author] Apr 27 @ 8:31am 
Move your whole family and friends in using the mod Custom Family Home, link in description ;)
cglaiven Mar 22 @ 8:24pm 
i love this but can you maybe add more people im getting super lonely. This giant castle and only 2 people. Maybe like a wife and dog and stuff idk just an idea
graytonio Mar 21 @ 1:55pm 
THIS IS AN AMAZING MOD! But I think it could be better if you implement the items from the blacksmiths basement and the scholars library. I use these mods and it is kind of annoying to have to jump back and forth and not be able to enjoy the whole of the palace.
Balls'o'Steel Mar 21 @ 12:51am 
im finding it a bit difficult to find
Hol Horse Feb 28 @ 10:42pm 
A very nicely made mod, it's nice to feel the true pride and importance of being the Dragonborn for once (because you certainly don't get it from anyone in the rest of the game). It's cool to have a place that serves all purposes no matter you're play style. It also makes an excellent place to browse all the

My only complaint would be the unbalanced amount of resources that come with the place. It would have been better (in my opinion at least) if it had the same layout and named chests, but empty. It would have balanced the game alot more and would have been more satisfying to fill everything up myself.

Regardless, thank you for the cool mod!
Ravenyth Feb 11 @ 6:01pm 
I loved the library, the alchemy and forge area, and all the storage. Having a mine is extremely handy! Are the giant slaves in the mine supposed to be attacking me?
(ĐØŦŅ) Alaska Feb 11 @ 2:45pm 
i love this mod the entire castle but theres a billion weapon rooms and i got lost but pros are better than the cons