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(GDCW) Nikolai's WWII Swep Pack

I thought of putting my World War II SWEPS into a major pack, and I decided to do it. Perhaps I will update this pack with new weapons. Majorities of these sweps are ports from other games relating to the wor...
Created by Joey
This is the Assmod Admin Mode
It was deletet from Workshop i dont know why.
I reuploadet it because is really need it for my Servers. so i dont needed to have an ftp server (for fastload) its easyer for players to download it via workshop. otherwise its...
[C3] Apple Launcher SWEP!
Created by Cman3144
<><>Please Read Description<><>

This Comes With Two Launchers, A Small Apple Launcher Which Is Spawnable By None Admins, And A Large Apple Launcher Which Is Only Spawnable By Admins.

Controls: Left Mouse Button (Primary Fire) Shoots Red Apples, Righ...
Gesture Menu & Commands
Created by Tenrys
What's up?

This addon adds a new sub-menu available in the Context Menu, named ''Gestures''. Clicking any option will make you perform a Gesture, like dancing, or agreeing.

You can alternatively use chat commands to trigger them:

- /gmc_da...
Halo 4 Weapons
Created by Pillar
Hey everyone! Im back again with new Halo 4 Weapon series.

This pack contains:

-- Designated Marksman Rifle M-395 DMR.
-- MA5D Individual Assault rifle System. NOTE!!! (Right Click for Melee).
-- BR85HB SR Battle Rifle
-- BR85HB SR Battle Rifle A...
Suicide .357 Magnum Revolver
Created by maxnix3
A customized fix of the old Suicide gun from "Some old rp sweps" and now it has sound.
(Note: I am not claiming credit for the original swep)

The Golden Gun
Created by MangaBeats
Shoot and Turn things into gold...
X-8 Energy Pistol
Created by Big Beans
Hey guys, Big Bean. I've been tinkering around with a sci-fi version of GDCW's weapons base, and the result is a lot of fun.

The weapon is in the "Sci-fi" category. Possibly more "Sci-fi" category weapons to come.
Uses 357 for ammunition.
Aimbot Gun
Created by uacnix
So, here it is- the Aimbot Gun. Kill HUNDREDS of people with a single click!
Primary: Shoot heads
AFAIK it also locks onto other players, so I hope that there wont be silly admins giving it to players :D

As U know, I'm still new to LUA and although I...
Nuke Pack 4
Created by Techjar
I did not make this, I only fixed it for Garry's Mod 13. Credit goes to RayFan9876, Teta_bonita, Sgt. Napalm, Hamster, fehic and Doomsale. I also made the entities save Wiremod connections in dupes, and added Wiremod inputs to TNT. NOTE: You need Counter-...