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Less Eternal Nocturnal Oath [SPOILER]
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Mar 27, 2012 @ 5:01pm
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Changes the "Trinity Restored" quest so that you no longer need to sign your eternal soul over to a Daedra in order to progress.

We've all been there. One moment you're stealing a ring in a marketplace, the next you're garbed in mythical armour and swearing your eternal soul over to a Daedra. What happened? Where did it all go wrong? Will you at least be able to ogle Karliah when you're wandering the dusty halls of the Twilight Sepulchre forever with nothing else to do?

To put it simply, I thought it was stupid that you need to pledge eternal ghostly servitude to Nocturnal in order to progress in the Thieves' Guild questline. So stupid that I threw this little plugin together.

What this plugin does:
* Changes the dialogue that takes place within the Nightingales' Cave to remove references to posthumous/spiritual servitude. (This was achieved solely by truncating existing dialogue and, in one case, changing a player's available response in a conversation.)

What this plugin DOES NOT do:
* Allow you to skip the "Trinity Restored" quest.
* Allow you to get through the Thieves' Guild questline without making an oath of any kind to Nocturnal. (You still have to pledge to defend the Sepulchre when it's attacked, just not after your death.)
* Make any changes to the game other than altering dialogue strings and replacing one audio file with a truncated version.

Ultimately, this plugin is pretty pointless. I made it to alter something that irked me personally. That's literally all. It just changes the fluff of the quest, that's it. You will get absolutely nothing out of this unless you too are annoyed by the assumption that your character is prepared to spend the rest of time as some ghost in a temple just because you're a thief.

MOD CONFLICTS: Anything else that alters the quest "Trinity Restored", presumably.

***From what I could tell, there are no other references to you having signed your soul over to Thief Jesus in the rest of the game. I'm pretty sure it's only referenced in this one quest. If anyone finds otherwise, point me to the offending dialogue and I'll release a new version.***
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I don't really think the Dragonborn can be held to any of thier many eternal contracts they make throughout the game. They're just too powerful for any of the Daedra, or even the divines, to enforce their contracts.
majesticmanatees Jul 24 @ 12:38pm 
@malcomy: get rekted.
Good mod for it being so simple, I was less than enthused at the prospect so I'm glad there's a simple fix. ^_^ thanks!
ExcitableQuagsire Jul 15 @ 9:08am 
I'm a khajit and eternal mead-drinking doesn't sound too good to me. But then again, neither does speulcher-guarding. But neither does eternal hunting! (Werewolf) And my khajit even worships Hircine! I'd say he'd sneak off to the non-alcoholic section of Sovngarde, if there is one. "Milk drinker!" "Yes. Yes I am."
Sunnyko Jul 12 @ 12:08pm 
Hahahaha, and I would just like to say for the record I do care about this, there is a long enough list of people waiting for your soul at the end of the game, one less is nice.
Kotommi Jul 12 @ 11:46am 
a duck named bill Jul 12 @ 11:31am 
@Kyle Hyde

Raiden『夫』  [author] Jul 12 @ 11:29am 
Everyone, I have an important announcement to make.

TWO YEARS AND FOUR MONTHS AGO I made a fatal error. When making this mod, I didn't anticipate malcolmy's specific needs and preferences when he was looking for a Skyrim mod that met his preferences in July 2014.

You have my unreserved, deepest apologies regarding that.

malcolmy, I sincerely hope you can forgive me. What I have done - taking 30 minutes of my life to make a mod that fixed something that bothered me personally, and then uploading it to Steam Workshop just in case someone else would ever find it useful - is inexcusable. Next time, I will learn to 3D model, and painstakingly craft subtle, architecturally sound and staggeringly beautiful improvements to in-game areas, on the off chance that 28 months down the line, you stumble upon my work again expecting more than I have offered you.

Your devoted servant, sincerely and eternally,

-Kyle Hyde
malcolmy Jul 9 @ 12:24am 
no offence im sure a wonderful modder but mabey try making a mod that does something people care about. i mean it doesnt change anything but a few bits of dialogue so whats the point?
mabey if you do something like this again at least make Nightingale Hall a bit cooler.
Kotommi Jul 8 @ 1:02am 
@Achenar, I think that is there by default.
a duck named bill Jun 27 @ 9:50pm 
Yeah Karliahs a fucking bitch. The only real reason she brought both you and Brynjolf was as payment to Nocturnal just to find fucking Mercer.