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Clanking Armor v1.2
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Mar 27, 2012 @ 2:28pm
Feb 12, 2013 @ 5:31am
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This mod changes footsteps sound when you or NPC wearing plate armor or armor with metal elements.
Just watch the video.

Sound changes when you or any NPC wearing:
Ancient Nord Armor - (Cuirass or Boots)
Iron Armor - (Cuirass or Boots)
Daedric Armor - (Cuirass)
Dwarven Armor - (Cuirass)
Blades Armor - (Cuirass)
Ebony Armor - (Cuirass)
Elven Armor - (Cuirass)
Imperial Heavy Armor - (Cuirass)
Orcish Armor - (Cuirass)
Steel Armor - (Cuirass or Boots)
Steel Plate Armor - (Cuirass or Boots)

Version 1.2
(Craftable) Added Clanking Armor Ring for use with custom armors.

SkyrimNexus - http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/24352/
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Dagoth Ur Sep 18 @ 6:37am 
does it work with other armors also for example bosmer armor , its a mod
Grenaders Aug 25 @ 8:52am 
Clankity Clang Clink
Destructech_01 Aug 25 @ 7:46am 
clunk clop clang
Lord Sane  [author] Aug 25 @ 4:38am 
Destructech_01 Aug 25 @ 1:17am 
clank clank
Grenaders Aug 4 @ 1:20pm 
Needs to be s little louder
Mike Shadow Jul 27 @ 7:25pm 
Maybe make different sounds based on the material?
WightKing Jul 24 @ 6:45am 
i think the sound is a little to light. make it heavier
Manus812 Jun 29 @ 10:29pm 
Oblivion had Clanking armor. wonder why Bethesda removed it in skyrim.
ying_ko13 Jun 25 @ 10:34am 
A very good idea. Well done.