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Catacomb Kids
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Nov 12, 2013 @ 5:18pm
Apr 3 @ 1:01pm
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Release date: Q4 2014
Descending Into The Catacombs...
Catacomb Kids is a procedurally generated platformer with an equal emphasis on quick reactions, tactical engagement, and strategic character growth. Wield swords, spears, axes, and daggers -- unleash powerful magicks to burn, freeze and poison foes with -- overcome traps and beasts both deadly and unrelenting. Enter into an underworld where death lurks around every corner...and just beyond that lies glory.

How This Blade Does Glisten Red
Within the Catacomb's many twists and turns there lie treasures untold: Swords able to freeze men solid, axes which can blast enemies far away with every strike, and armors that can ignite your foes by mere proximity. The equipment in the game is all randomly generated, bearing prefixes and suffixes that can have effects ranging from increased intelligence to teleportation.

The Blood In Us All
While you may be but a mere fragile human, be aware that your foes are all as mortal as you. The player and enemies are all a part of the same system and so have the same vulnerabilities. A spike pit will kill a Byat or Grumbul as easily as anything else, and by learning your own shortcomings you may learn to take advantage of the weaknesses of your foes.

Slayer of Men, Slayer of Friends

What Lies Ahead
The game is currently still in development but has many features already implemented, including fully procedural level and character generation, over a dozen spells, and the first of many minibosses. When the game is finished it will feature:
  • 20 floors of monsters and dismemberment
  • 4 themes, unique in visual style and gameplay elements
  • Dozens of enemies to slaughter or be slaughtered by
  • An arsenal of spells and weapon skills with which to cut down your foes
  • 6 starting classes plus more to unlock
  • Hundreds of combinations of prefixes and suffixes resulting in unique weapons
  • Several powerful minibosses and bosses
  • Local versus multiplayer
  • An arena mode in which you must progress by defeating increasingly challenging opponents
  • Plus much more!
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Toastman Jul 11 @ 2:53pm 
@Garbrant it's not out yet, it's still being made.
Gabrant Jul 9 @ 2:59pm 
i don t find a way to buy it
Please HELP!
MMOmaster35 Jun 14 @ 6:47pm 
If you want more info look here:
Angluca Jun 10 @ 11:14pm 
Nice game!
brokenninjaboy Jun 7 @ 3:49pm 
he said it was comeing out near this summer
Hacker77 May 31 @ 7:18am 
Release Date? Early access? New Video? News?
Pig Wizard May 20 @ 7:22pm 
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Godamnit when is this game coming out, Im getting all excited over it!
adleen Apr 19 @ 5:27pm 
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give me urly excess!